My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 576

Chuck looked at her indifferently, grabbed her and continued to walk. This must wait for him to walk out of this deep forest.
It is safe to leave here.
“Let me go, let me go!” The blue-eyed beauty is angry!
When Chuck was inside, she tore her clothes, and now she is ashamed! Chuck has been holding his neck.
Chuck let go of him, he was also hot.
In the virgin forest, this sultry heat was extremely uncomfortable, damp, and the clothes on the body were soaked with sweat, tightly clinging to your skin and not breathable.
Especially uncomfortable.
“Go!” Chuck asked coldly.
“I don’t go, don’t go!” The blue-eyed beauty refused in exasperation. She was afraid that she couldn’t find how to go back here. There were many poisonous snakes nearby and spiders bigger than their heads, so terrifying.
Chuck slapped her.
Hitting her face heavily, the blue-eyed beauty immediately covered her cheek and stared at Chuck, “Are you hitting me again?”
Chuck slapped her again, the blue-eyed beauty dared not look at Chuck, because Chuck was a beast!
Beating a woman like this.
“Go!” Chuck was indifferent.
The blue-eyed beauty hated Chuck in her heart, but she could only follow Chuck.
After walking for a long time, she was tired, panting, and didn’t want to go at all. When she was aggrieved and said she was tired, Chuck slammed it and hit her in the face.
The blue-eyed beauty grieved and cried, “You killed me,”
“Do you think I don’t want to kill?” Chuck mobilized.
If it were not for her, she had already started to open a casino in the United States. By the way, I forgot that Du Peixin was still at the airport.
All of Chuck’s plans were destroyed by this woman.
“Don’t kill me, don’t,” the blue-eyed beauty shook her head.
“Go!” Chuck had to leave here quickly, he also felt the danger.
This place is perilous! !
The blue-eyed beauty was afraid. The cry of the animals around her had made her afraid. She took Chuck’s hand and Chuck turned around and slapped her face.
The blue-eyed beauty cried, “I’m afraid, go away, take me out of here.”
“Is she all you, if not you, I will be here?” Chuck said indifferently.
“Me, take me out of here,” the blue-eyed beauty begged.
“Go!” Chuck only left by his own feelings.
Suddenly, the blue-eyed beauty saw a viper, “Ah, snake, snake!”
The snake is very thick and scared to death.
Chuck saw it and immediately took a tree branch to kill the snake. To be honest, he was also hungry and nothing particular about it. He cut the snake’s head and tore the snake skin to roast himself.
After walking for so long, the blue-eyed beauty became hungry and smelled the scent. She swallowed, “Give me some food.”
Chuck looked at her, how could it be for her? ?
Almost all he had finished eating, feeling that his energy was restored, he was ready to continue walking.
The blue-eyed beauty was angry. She ate a little bit of meat near Chuck. Chuck slapped her. The blue-eyed beauty cried while eating.
Where did she do such a thing, immediately felt ashamed! ?
“Give me a bit, I’m hungry, I can’t walk,” the blue-eyed beauty cried.
I was tortured, so painful, how could this be? !
She grabbed the food and swallowed it all, Chuck stared at her.
“Go,” Chuck stood up.
“I’m tired, take a break.” The blue-eyed beauty was sore all over.
“How to rest?” Chuck stared at her body.
The blue-eyed beauty was angry, “What do you see? Shameless! Dirty!”
She covered herself and got up and left.
Chuck continues to walk, he must go out quickly. At this time, he has no other thoughts, this woman, Chuck will not touch her!
Because Chuck wants her to regret it! !
In other parts of the virgin forest, Yvette, Logan, and Black Rose were all looking for Chuck.
They didn’t stop to rest. Yvette was exhausted, his face was pale, and the sweat of the bean was constantly flowing.
In this kind of place, she has little experience of survival.
But even without experience, you should find Chuck.
Black Rose and Logan have a lot of experience, they are tired, and they have not stopped.
Black Rose glanced around, her big blue eyes were speechless, “How did you escape so fast when you escaped? Well, such a thing will definitely happen again,”
Black Rose has no confidence, what if he found Chuck himself? Will it be a bit embarrassing?
After all, he didn’t protect Chuck!
She continued to search.
Loganmei looked at her, and she was worried in her heart. She knew that Chuck grew up, but she couldn’t help worrying.
You must find Chuck yourself.
None of the three stopped.
But who will find Chuck first? ?

Jiang Ran saw two girls. She had been in the country for more than ten days. She was very lost because she called Chuck and turned off.
Did Chuck deliberately ignore himself?
She was very disappointed. In fact, she wanted to live where Chuck said, but no, how could Chuck live in that kind of place?
When she sighed, she was prepared to go back.
But the last time the two girls came over, it’s been fifteen days. Chuck hasn’t found them yet. The two of them are very nervous. Did Chuck forget?
Both of them planned to show up to Chuck to pay back the money, but Chuck didn’t show up and must have forgotten.
“Jiang Ran, what about Chuck? He didn’t come to find us two.” The two girls said.
“I didn’t find him, his phone was turned off.” Jiang Ran sighed.
“Really, what happened to him?” The two girls were happy.
If Chuck had an accident, the two of them would not have to pay back the money! There is no need to serve Chuck with two people!
So not the best?
They don’t want to be ruined by Chuck.
“Don’t talk nonsense, Chuck has his own business, so he shut down.” Jiang Ran shook his head.
Certainly it was not Chuck.
“The best, he has the best things,” The two girls are happy, is Chuck dead?
It’s best to die.
Two girls proud, hum, let you bully our two girls, you deserve something! !

An airport in the United States! Du Peixin has been making calls to Chuck for more than ten days in a row. She turned off and she was speechless.
Is Chuck playing himself!
It shouldn’t be. What should Chuck do with himself? ?
But he didn’t have any cell phones to shut down, and he just couldn’t pick himself up?
You know, Du Peixin has been staying in a hotel near the airport for more than ten days. She came to work. She has no thoughts about playing. She is helpless.
When does Chuck answer the phone? !

“What did you say? My daughter was caught? Who caught it?” Luo Fu’s family.
The mother of blue-eyed beauty Emily, the young charming woman yelled in exasperation.
She found out that a base on the Amazon side had been destroyed. You need to know that her daughter was inside.
“The young lady caught a man before, and this man caught the young lady and fled with the young lady,” said a man kneeling on the ground.
I’m especially scared because this charming young woman is already angry!
“Who is this guy?”
“Chuck, a Chinese man!”
“Why should my daughter catch him?!”
“This Chuck hit the lady.”
“What, dare to beat my daughter?” The young Fengyun woman was so angry that she dared to beat her daughter?
“Send me someone immediately! Immediately! If something goes wrong with my daughter, all of you will die!!” Feng Yun said angrily.
“Yes Yes!”
The man got up and ran out. The young woman was surrounded by anger.
“Don’t worry, Emily’s smart girl should be fine,” the young woman in jeans came, and she was worried too.
Such a thing would happen.
“Emily was actually caught by a Chinese person. I hate Chinese men the most in my life!” Feng Yun said coldly.
“I hate it too, Chinese men, timid, weak, I hate the most, but what should I do now?”
“Sister, you help me find out Chuck’s family. I want to catch his whole family and see if he dares to catch my daughter!”
“Okay, I’ll check it immediately! Dare to catch Emily and kill his family!”
The charming young woman’s beautiful eyes shoot out a tremendous coldness, and she decides to seize this Chuck, torture him, and make him feel fear! !

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