My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 577

“After a break, my clothes were cut by branches,” the blue-eyed beauty cried, and Chuck had never let her hear it. This was really painful and painful.
She was almost bitten by a viper just now. After all, she was wearing denim shorts and her long legs were bitten by mosquitoes in the Amazon. Has she encountered such a thing?
She felt particularly insulted!
She hated Chuck to the extreme in her heart, and she was still very good to Chuck before. She also planned to give him money and give a fart! !
After grabbing him, you should torture him, just look at his pain. What else do you learn from him? The blue-eyed beauty regrets what she has done? !
“Take it off!” Chuck said indifferently.
He was caught in a difficult problem, and had been walking for almost two days without stopping, which actually gave Chuck a sense of loss.
This Amazon forest is too scary. If you continue this way, your confidence will be greatly affected.
Chuck must find a way.
Otherwise, it may be a dead end.
“You bastards, you Chinese are all perverts!!!” The blue-eyed beauty was exasperated.
“Shut up!” Chuck said coldly.
It’s still so loud in the middle of the night, are you looking for death?
“I’m tired. Are you tired of me?” the blue-eyed beauty cried.
Too tired, her feet are about to break, so she will break down!
Chuck wiped his sweat, and felt that he should take a rest, so he could not bear it. Chuck glanced alertly and found a stone, he went over there, and the blue-eyed beauty wiped tears and followed.
Chuck sat down to sleep on his own. The blue-eyed beauty was afraid. There are so many monsters in this forest. What if you get into your body?
“Hey, hello.” The blue-eyed beauty called.
“Another word, I killed you!” Chuck said directly.
This kind of dangerous situation was caused by her. Otherwise, at this time, she would have slept with Yvette.
“Don’t, I’m afraid,” the blue-eyed beauty no matter what, she is afraid of poisonous insects, and she is afraid of Chuck, even more she is tired.
She closed her eyes and slept with Chuck in her arms. She also got her head into Chuck’s arms and wanted Chuck to protect her.
Chuck opened her eyes and slammed her face against the blue-eyed beauty. A slap mark appeared on her beautiful face.
“Go away,” Chuck scolded.
“Woo, don’t hit me,” the blue-eyed beauty cried, still holding Chuck, “I’m scared.”
Chuck pushed her away with his hand, and he was also tired. What if the woman fell asleep while she fell asleep?
Chuck didn’t want to die in vain.
The blue-eyed beauty wiped her tears, “Don’t do this, I am a woman…”
“You are reminding me what I should do to you?” Chuck eyes stared at her.
“No, don’t think about it.” The blue-eyed beauty shook her head. Of course she didn’t mean that.
If she did something with a Huaxia man, she would feel sick, especially sick. She is a big family, and Huaxia deserves it Get yourself? ?
“Don’t make me think about it, you shut up!” Chuck closed his eyes.
“I’m afraid, you see there are venomous snakes over there, and a lot of mosquitoes bite me,” the blue-eyed beauty cried.
Chuck didn’t care about her, what’s his business? ?
The blue-eyed beauty gritted her teeth and found a few vines, “Hey, you tied me up and let me sleep next to you,”
Chuck ignored her.
Chuck opened his eyes and shot cold light.
“Don’t do this. I’m not good for you if I die. My mother will kill your whole family. You have to guarantee me to live!” said the blue-eyed beauty.
“You are wrong. After I go out, I will let you see for yourself how your home was destroyed because of you!” Chuck moved a strong murderous heart.
“You? It’s not that I underestimate you. The family of people like you can’t be regarded as a family, in front of my house,” the blue-eyed beauty was proud.
You are four big families, but you are not.
This gap is different.
“Look at it,” Chuck ignored it.
This is waiting to be seen!
“What to see? Do you know who my family is? I tell you now, I belong to the Luofu family of four big families. What do you show me?” The blue-eyed beauty was proud.
This matter, she must speak out, scaring you to death.
Otherwise, you still abuse me like that.
“Are you from the Luofu family?” Chuck was surprised.
Regarding the four major families in the world, Chuck certainly knows that his mother’s Li family is just that, and there is the Luofu family. This family is an arms dealer.
This is a super family.
Chuck looked at her again. Unexpectedly, this woman with a pen is actually a member of this family. No wonder, you can establish a base on Amazon. This is really not something the average family can do.
“Yes, are you afraid? I told you a long time ago, I am not easy!” The blue-eyed beauty sat down and looked at Chuck proudly.
“My family can destroy your house a hundred times, it’s all my words,” the blue-eyed beauty said tauntingly.
“So, if you don’t guarantee me to survive, will your family be miserable? All your loved ones, including all the people you know are going to die! So, you obediently, take me out here, I will let you go, otherwise I let my mother kill you!” The blue-eyed beauty leaned on Chuck’s body.
Chuck looked at her and slapped her on the smug face.
Snapped! !
The blue-eyed beauty was stunned. She sat upright. “Dare you dare to beat me?”
She felt incredible.
Chuck’s courage is too big, obviously knowing that he belongs to the Luofu family, he still fights? !
“Why not dare?” Chuck asked. “Your mother is amazing?”
“Yes, my mother is the most powerful woman in the world,” the blue-eyed beauty said angrily.
“Then I will you,” Chuck said.
“You?!” The blue-eyed beauty froze. She felt that she had heard it wrong. What did the Chinese man say? ?
“What are you talking about? You want c…” The blue-eyed beauty is incredible.
This Chinese person does not know what he is talking about?
My mother, but the world’s largest army, fire, business, whoever you want to kill your mother, but was insulted by this Chinese man?
“Don’t you say your mother is good?” Chuck asked.
“You are going to die!” The blue-eyed beauty stretched her hand to slap Chuck.
But how could it be possible?
Chuck grabbed his hand, Chuck’s eyes chilled, “I said it! You look good,”
“You are going to die, my mother is going to kill your whole family,” the blue-eyed beauty was exasperated.
This insult is too big. If you tell your mother, then your mother will be furious! !
Chuck slapped her. The blue-eyed beauty was annoyed. She dared not speak and shed tears. She had been slapped a lot by Chuck along the way. Her beautiful face was red and swollen.
“Speak again, I killed you.” Chuck said.
The blue-eyed beauty didn’t dare to speak anymore. She hated it. She must make Chuck regret it.
She regretted saying what she just said, but she dared to insult her mother.
However, there are a lot of poisonous insects around. She is afraid that she can’t sleep at all. The only thing she can do is to get closer to Chuck, Chuckzhuang, all mosquitoes bit him, and all insects bit him.
Don’t come over and bite yourself.
The blue-eyed beauty fell asleep. In the morning, Chuck found that this woman with a pen in her arms hugged herself. Chuck slapped her with a slap.
The blue-eyed beauty woke up and found Chuck’s cold eyes. She lowered her head and was angry, “Don’t hit me,”
Chuck stood up. Today, he must look for the right direction. If he stays in this place for too long, it is really not a good thing.
“Go!” Chuck scolded.
The blue-eyed beauty crawled up, “Go grab a snake and roast it like you did yesterday, share it with me,”
Chuck didn’t care about her, even if he caught it, he wouldn’t give it to her. He was thinking about how to get out, he continued to walk, but Chuck’s luck seemed to be there, he walked in the Amazon forest with the blue-eyed beauty for three days It was three nights, and finally I saw a boat by a river. Chuck immediately waved his hand. This should be the indigenous people of Amazon. Chuck can let them lead the way and get out of here, so they can contact their mother.
Blue-eyed beauty, fear, “Don’t call it, what if these people are cannibals?”

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