My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 578

The blue-eyed beauty reminded Chuck that he had watched movies in this area, but he felt that in this era, how could such a thing happen? ?
Not believable!
But the anti-human heart is indispensable. During the past three days, Chuck had already made some self-defense weapons. He picked up a broken bone the day before yesterday, and he simply grinded it into a bone knife. This knife Chuck Hiding himself.
“Hey, I talk to you, have you heard? Look at them, so primitive,” the blue-eyed beauty was nervous.
If you have a fine skin and tender meat, if you meet a cannibal, then you will definitely die.
“Shut up!” Chuck scolded.
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At this time, those people have rowed over, the clothes are a bit primitive, but shouldn’t they be cannibals?
“You want to protect me, I’m in trouble, and your whole family will die,” the blue-eyed beauty pulled Chuck away.
This is too scary.
“Go away!” Chuck kicked her.
The blue-eyed beauty shed tears, but she still held Chuck, “I don’t want to die, I’m only eighteen, I don’t want to die.”
“It’s annoying,” Chuck was annoyed.
Isn’t this woman’s previous courage so big? ? Is it like this when you encounter this?
At this time, someone else had rowed over, and Chuck saw two people, what was on his face.
“Look at their eyes and stare at me all the time,” the blue-eyed beauty was afraid. She was torn by Chuck when her coat was at the base, and her pants were cut by barbed branches. She had never been like this. .
“Protect me, I’m dead, and they will kill you too, please protect me,”
Chuck considered that this was still a bit correct. If they started to deal with blue-eyed beauties, they would suffer too.
These people have been in the deep forest all year round and have fought against various wild beasts. This combat power cannot be underestimated.
Chuck took off her jacket and gave her, “Hurry up.”
The blue-eyed beauty was put on immediately, and she felt a little safe.
But still holding Chuck’s hand.
“Wow wow,” these two people said that Chuck didn’t understand. How could he even understand English, and how could he understand these indigenous languages? ?
“What did they say?” Chuck asked.
“I’m scared, I don’t know,” the blue-eyed beauty really doesn’t know, and she doesn’t understand this, “you have to protect me, you have to…”
“Shut up and hear?” Chuck was angry.
The beautiful blue-eyed woman bit her lips and shut up.
“Release!” Chuck scolded.
“Not loose, not loose.” The blue-eyed beauty did not leave the group, pulling Chuck tightly.
“Wow wow,” the two men were making a gesture, Chuck understood a little, they were going to take themselves out of here.
Of course Chuck agreed.
“Let’s go,” Chuck went up, but the shabby woman didn’t go, and still pulled herself.
“I’m afraid, they don’t have good eyesight, they are really not good people, look at yourself, I would rather be tortured by you, touched by you, you can beat me every day, and don’t be eaten by them.” The blue-eyed beauty shed tears, this For a few days, she felt that she had eaten all the hardships of her life. She had been raised since childhood and had never survived in such a harsh environment.
Psychological pressure, physical torture, and Chuck’s constant beatings have pushed her to the brink of collapse of her defenses.
What’s more, she really felt the fear.
Chuck frowned, and he looked at the two men again, but at this time, how important a boat is, Chuck knew that going out along this river would always meet people, always meet the city, then he found someone himself , Call your mother, then your dangerous life is over.
Chuck was hesitant, but suddenly saw one of them carrying a bracelet with Huaxia characters on it!
Could it be that there are Chinese people there?
Chuck has the feeling of meeting his fellow countryman. If this Chinese has a cell phone, then he can call his mother directly. Isn’t it enough for my mother to send a helicopter?
“Come up,” Chuck said, his voice stern.
“Woo,” the blue-eyed beauty came up crying, leaning against Chuck to let go.
“Wow wow,” the two people on the boat were saying, and they started rowing.
“Push them down and we will go boating,” the blue-eyed beauty whispered.
“Who told you to us?” Chuck kept staring at one of the bracelets. Are there any Chinese people on their side? ?
“You, you just wait to be eaten by them, and I will commit suicide!” The blue-eyed beauty is angry, but still unwilling to let go.
Chuck didn’t pay attention to her. At this time, these two people kept talking, and kept looking at themselves and the blue-eyed beauty. Of course Chuck was wary, he was not a fool.
Maybe after an hour, Chuck saw someone on the shore and Chuck stared.
“Protect me, I’ll give you money, a lot, a lot,” the blue-eyed beauty almost cried.
“Shut up!” Chuck now especially wants to understand some other languages. It would be nice if he knew what they were talking about.
But if the mother is here, she will definitely understand.
Unfortunately, there is no time to learn now.
The boat docked, and the two invited Chuck and the blue-eyed beauty to get up. Chuck got off the boat, and the blue-eyed beauty didn’t release Chuck for a moment. Although, Chuck’s hand touched her, but this time, she Don’t mind, she just wants to live, not to be eaten by others.
Still saying something, there were ten people coming, all very tall people, Chuck faced a little pressure.
Not to mention the blue-eyed beauty that has collapsed.
“Wow wow.”
A man said something and motioned for Chuck to follow.
Chuck didn’t hesitate to follow. After a while, he went to a village with old buildings in it. It was as if he had arrived at the primitive tribe, but the clothes still had modern clothes.
Chuck has seen this documentary, and it should not be a cannibal.
Chuck is watching, are there any Huaxia people here, so you can ask for directions yourself, in case there are any Huaxia people traveling here? ?
Can you understand the language here?
Chuck looked, but didn’t find it, but he was brought in by these men. Chuck had been observing all around. If something went wrong, how should he escape?
This is Chuck’s first thing to consider.
“No, no, protect me, they will take me away, Chuck,” the blue-eyed beauty cried and pulled Chuck.
Chuck turned to look at her and saw several women whispering about blue-eyed beauties. Chuck didn’t understand it, but heard it and wanted blue-eyed beauties to go elsewhere.
“Please, protect me, I don’t want to die,” the blue-eyed beauty pleaded.
“Ah, don’t,” the blue-eyed beauty grabbed Chuck’s hand and was broken apart by several women.
The blue-eyed beauty with crying fear went elsewhere. The blue-eyed beauty cried in despair.
“No, please. , I’m wrong, you save me, I don’t want to be eaten.”
Chuck didn’t make sense.
“Wow wow,” someone was saying, Chuck hesitated for a few seconds. The man was pointing at a room. This one was made of mud, and his feet could be kicked apart. Chuck discovered that the eyes of these people were really true. Not quite right.
If there is a problem, Chuck decides to leave by himself. As for the blue-eyed beauty, she is destined.
Fortunately, all of these people are big and big, thinking that Chuck is weak, Chuck really wants to leave, it is not difficult, after all, Chuck is now a master of fighting, not to mention that he has a stock knife hidden in him!
However, Chuck wanted to see if other Chinese people were caught in it? If yes, then how can you see that people of the same skin color are trapped without saving?
Chuck is not a Virgin bitch, but they are all Chinese people. This is enough, and it is enough for Chuck to take this risk. After all, that person had a bracelet with Chinese people in the hands just now, it is impossible to get it for nothing. ?
“Wow wow,” several people scolded.
Chuck was pushed by himself, and then an earth door was closed. The door was full of wooden slats and could be kicked with one foot. The key is that there were so many people outside. This is a problem!
Chuck was locked up, it was very dark inside, Chuck didn’t see clearly, but whispered, “Hey, are there Chinese people?”
Chuck asked clearly, if not, then he was ready to escape now, but after Chuck called a few times, a weak voice rang out in the dark, “You… have you also been caught in?”

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