My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 59

Damian’s face turned pale. He could hear the sound of someone smashing the car. Dozens of people behind him looked at each other nervously.
Another sound came.
“Get out there and look at what’s going on!” Damian ordered coldly.
A yellow haired man immediately ran out, but the sound of the car being smashed was still there. People in the hall looked at each other. What happened? Who was smashing the car? Who could it be?
“Boss, someone is smashing our car!” The yellow haired man who had just ran out, returned with anger. Damian’s face turned really angry. How dare someone smash his car!?
That person must be looking for death!
The sound was still there, and then.. footsteps came in. Someone walked in.
Chuck looked over as the others did. He saw woman in a black suit entering. She was not very old, as she was only in her early twenties, but her face looked very cold. She was carrying a steel pipe in her hand. It seemed that she was the one who smashed the car just now
“Who is this?”
“I don’t know. Is this who the young man called?”
“Maybe, but why is there only one person here?”
“This young man obviously doesn’t have enough power. He can only summon one person here! He can’t call anyone else over.”
The voices of discussion at the scene rose one after another, but many of them were disdainful and scornful.
“Who are you? How dare you smash my car?” Damian stared at the woman in the suit. His voice was so cold and full of anger that was about to erupt.
The woman in the suit didn’t even look at Damian and walked up to Chuck.
“She really did come for Chuck!”
“What’s the use of calling a single person here?”
“They’re going to die together.”
Chuck was surprised. This woman was so young. What was her relationship to his mother?
“Please wait for a moment.” She said.
The woman in the suit said and then walked to Damian.
He stared at her. “Who the hell are you? How dare you smash…”
The woman in the suit didn’t speak. After shaking her head slightly, she just walked to the side and moved the table and chars away as if she didn’t want anyone to break it. Soon, she cleared up a space. It was empty.
Everyone looked at each other with disdain and ridicule. What was she going to do? Was she afraid that she would fall too hard when she was beaten?
Damian felt insulted. How dare a woman ignore him like this?
When he raised his hand, more than 30 people behind him stared at the woman in the suit, they clenched their fists, and surrounded her with a killing intent.
The woman in the suit didn’t even flinch. Instead, she just walked over and raised her hand to grab Damian’s collar. He was furious, but he was pushed to the ground by the woman in just a split second, and then…..
He was dragged to Chuck’s side by the woman in the suit. He had never thought that this woman would dare to do anything to him, nor did he expect her strength to be so huge!
The woman in the suit raised the iron stick in her hand and hit his knee.
“Ah!!!” He screamed in pain. Damian knelt down in pain. He knelt down in front of Chuck!
“Boss!” Someone screamed.
“How dare you beat our boss! We’ll kill you!” Another of them threatened.
More than 30 people brought by Damian immediately flew into a rage and rushed over.
Clap! Clap! Clap!
The sound of footsteps came in in an abnormally orderly way, as if there were hundreds of people coming in from outside. This was…..
Everyone in the hall widened their eyes. What was going on? Who’s coming?
Damian’s group of more than 30 people stopped all of a sudden.
As the sound of footsteps approached, many people walked in through the door of the hotel from the outside. They were carrying an oppressive feeling that is beyond description!
There were more than a hundred people in suits! All of them looked cold and stern!
In an instant, the large hall was enveloped by a cold aura that everyone’s blood literally ran cold at an instant!
They walked in and didn’t touch any table or chairs in the hotel. According to the space that the woman in the suit made just now, they surrounded Damian and his men!
The one hundred people surrounded the group of more than thirty people. Their eyes were like an eagles, which gave out a kind of deterrence.
The facial expression of these dozens of people brought by Damian suddenly changed. Some of them were trembling, and fear appeared on their faces. They leaned against each other like frightened wild dogs, they didn’t dare to take a single move. In an instant, the situation changed dramatically!
“Wow, there are so many people, but all of them are wearing the same clothes. Are they mercenaries?”
“Absolutely. Richard called Damian over. But there are only a few dozen of them. I didn’t expect this young man to have brought so many mercenaries here. This is really terrifying!”
They were talking about it, and there was no longer a single trace of sarcasm in their tone, they were rather shocked.
Their strong oppression made Damian widen his eyes. “l am Damian Wills. Who we you?”
The woman in the suit raised her hand and slapped him hard, which made his face red and swollen.
“Kneel!” She ordered. Her tone did not change at all.
“Who are you? I am Damian….” He was furious. Who in this city didn’t know him? How dare someone even try to hit him?
The woman in the suit slapped him again, and he spat out blood and became even angrier. “Don’t you f*cking know me?”
However, before he could finish his words, his anger disappeared in an instant. In fact, he was shocked!
The woman in the suit raised her hand and snapped her fingers.
Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!
Hundreds of people attacked at once. They stuck out their well-trained fists at the same time, which rained down like steel. Damian’s men were all too terrified to resist.
“No!” One of Damian’s men wailed.
“Don’t beat us! Don’t!” Another man joined him.
“We know we were wrong. Please don’t, we’ll die…” One more man begged.
They screamed, and the cries of agony and the cries for mercy were heard. They tried to resist, but they couldn’t. They were no match for the mercenaries at all. A hundred people versus around 30 people. In less than a minute, they all fell to the ground one by one like garbage, whining constantly.
This scene made all the people present open their eyes wide. The people brought by Damian were defeated, and they looked miserable!
It happened so fast that they hadn’t returned to their senses yet.
Harold’s eyes widened. He could not believe it. Were these people called over by Logan?
Zelda’s eyes went blank. The people he had summoned….. “Chuck, who exactly are you?” Zelda is a little terrified.
Yolanda couldn’t speak anymore. It all happened too fast. She thought that Chuck would be defeated, but he didn’t….
“You…..” Damian was speechless.
Damian was shocked. He was the one who had the most followers in the city. He could summon more than one hundred people at once, but it was useless. These men in suits were too strong. They were just like mercenaries. Each of them was able to take out seven or eight of Damian’s men. Even if he called all his men here, they would probably still be defeated.
These people were too horrifying!
The woman in the suit slapped him again, and her voice was still cold. “Kneel!”
Damian was shocked and hurriedly did as she commanded. ”Bang, bang, bang,”
He bowed and slammed his head into the ground towards Chuck over and over again!
Everyone at the scene was dumbfounded. Did Damian, the biggest baddie in the city, just admit to defeat like that?
“Spare my life, spare my life!” Damian pleaded!
Chuck glanced at him and ignored him. Damian stopped, but the eyes of the woman in the suit tumed cold. She hit Damian on the back with the iron stick in her hand. He screamed and continued like a pug. He did not dare to stop.
Chuck locked his sight at one person, that is William.
William was so shocked that his mouth was wide open.
The shock in his heart rose within these three minutes and could not be described with words. He thought that if Damian was called here, Chuck would definitely be finished today. But he didn’t expect that Chuck would call in so many people. The appearance of these people overturned William’s view of strength!
“Get over here!” The woman in the suit said in a cold tone.
William’s legs were shaking as he collapsed to the ground. The woman in the suit snapped her fingers and more than a hundred people walked up to him. The pressure made William’s face pale and his whole body trembled. “What are you doing? What are you doing? My father is Richard Yuri. Don’t you dare to touch me!”
“You wait. I will call my dad. You are all finished, finished!” William took out his mobile phone. None of the people around him stopped him, they were just looking at him silently.
The phone was connected.
“Dad, call someone over quickly, dad!” William shouted, but suddenly he was stunned because he heard a van outside. He got up and looked at it, and immediately he was surprised. ”Haha, my dad is here! Dad, I’m here! Dad!”
William ran over, but he was stunned. It was because his father, Richard, had come alone, and he looked flustered. “What had happened to dad?”
He wanted to know why.

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