My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 586

Chuck thinks, my mother should not be as simple as the bright one, because the mother said, there are bright and dark.
This does not mean that the money that the mother knows is what the woman said. What can all her family earn in one year? ?
What about in the dark?
“Mother, did you hide a lot of money?” Chuck lowered his voice, fearing someone nearby.
“Yes, the money is hidden, but no matter how much money, it will be yours in the future.” Karen li smiled slightly.
Chucksong was relieved, and it seemed that the mother was not as simple as the woman said.
“The Hidden Family, when I was a killer, I came into contact with them, and I learned something from them, and my wealth is not exposed,” Karen li said.
Yes, Karen li is not as simple as it seems.
“So, mom, you have a lot of property that their secret family doesn’t know about?” Chuck was a little excited. After all, the woman’s tone really made Chuck feel uncomfortable.
It also made Chuck feel a sense of oppression. That kind of feeling was very bad, and Chuck didn’t want to feel it anymore.
“Of course,”
Karen li smiled, “Anyway, I will tell you, don’t be afraid of anyone. Just do something, mother, I will help you.”
Chuck was relieved. The mother said so, the meaning was simple. She said that her mother’s money may not be as much as that of the secret family. Chuck must know that after all, the mother has only developed for more than 20 years.
The secret family of others, but it has been passed down for dozens of generations. The accumulation of wealth is really terrifying.
Karen li can’t compare, it’s too normal.
Not as rich as the hidden family, but the money will not be less.
“What the hell are you doing here?” Chuck was curious.
“The girl you said asked me to come.”
“She? What did she ask your mother to do?” Chuck was confused. What did it mean to let her come? ?
“This is about to ask her.” Karen li’s eyes flickered.
“Then I will go with your mother,” Chuck wanted to see what the woman wanted to do.
“No, you and Logan are waiting for me here,” Karen li looked at Logan intentionally or unintentionally.
In such a moment, Logan bowed her head, and her pretty face suddenly turned a little shy.
Karen li is not interesting, but this glance makes Logan think of the embarrassing thing just now.
“Okay.” Mom must be able to handle such a thing.
Chuck looked at that kind of woman.
“Betty, let’s go.” Karen li said, and of course Betty went out.
“Aunt Logan, what’s wrong with you?” Chuck found Logan was a little wrong.
“It’s okay, Ce’er, you’re going to sleep well,” Logan is a little supportive.
Chuck knew just now that Yvette also came out to find himself. Of course he wanted to call Yvette and let her come here.
“Aunt Logan, please call Yvette,”
“Okay.” Logan took out his phone…

“Miss, Karen li is here,” the man said respectfully.
The woman opened her eyes and looked outside calmly.
“What does it look like?” The woman had a little interest.
“Miss Hui, she brought a man, and then she looked particularly capable.” The man said.
“Ability?” The woman shook her head, moving gently.
Someone knocked on the door.
“She’s coming,”
“Let her come in,” the woman’s lazy back seat leaned on the sofa.
“Miss Hui, she is not yet qualified to see your true face, Miss,” the man shook his head, a respectful reminder.
“It’s not qualified, but forget it, I also want to see face to face what she looks like,”
“Yes.” The man walked to the door and opened the door.
There were two people standing at the door, Karen li and Betty.
“Check!” the man said coldly.
“How to check?” Karen li was plain, her eyes saw the inside, inside the large and luxurious presidential suite, a beautiful girl with a little laziness.
The woman’s eyes brightened Karen li standing at the door, so a little surprised People in their forties are better than their mothers in terms of maintenance…
How to maintain it?
“Search.” The man was indifferent.
Betty frowned and searched her body, but she had to touch her hand, not to mention a man, even a woman, she couldn’t touch Karen li’s body casually.
Still searching? ?
Karen li glanced at him, “What are you afraid of? You are the one who called me, you are full of gas, you are also a master of fighting, afraid of me? I am not in the eyes of you?”
“You still have a little self-knowledge.” The corner of the man’s mouth curled up, which was a bit of mocking arrogance.
Betty is very angry!
But Karen li has no other expressions!
“Let her come in,” the woman said.
“Yes, come in,” the man said.
Karen li walked in with her legs in, but when Betty followed, the man reached out to stop her,
“You are not qualified to come near my lady!!”
Yes, a small follower, still eligible to see a secret family, future heirs? !
This is simply an insult to his young lady! ?
Karen li stopped, “What qualifications do you have?”
“Karen li, it seems that you have no self-knowledge. Our 10,000 families, even a maid, are richer than you, you know?! Not to mention me?” the man mocked.
“How about you?! A housekeeper and bodyguard, amazing? Not yet called by someone?” Karen li retorted.
“You!” The man’s eyes shot cold light!
Out of the secret family, no one dared to speak to him like this!
This is really death!
If the woman is not there, he has already killed Karen li himself.
Karen li pulled Betty in.
“Give me a dismounted horse, Karen li, what do you want to do?” The woman remained lazy.
In her view, no one can make her fluctuate.
“I don’t want to do anything. It’s you who let me come over. Now that I’m here, I still won’t let my people in. This is the hospitality of your secret family!?” Karen li said.
“No, no, no, you said the wrong thing,”
The woman stretched out a finger, shaking lazily, “Guest, please, and you, I’m called, talking and obedient, this difference is so big, you are not qualified to be my guest.”
The man ridiculed that among the hidden families, there are ten thousand of them. Apart from the other two families, who else in the world can be a guest of women? !
Not to mention your little Karen li.
Betty was particularly angry, and Karen li was insulted.
But what scene did Karen li never see? Her expression didn’t change, “So?”
“So, if I let you come, you have to come! This is what your son asked me to tell you,” the woman said.
“My son is simple, he won’t do it.” Of course Karen li knew what the woman was going to do.
“Simple is not simple, let’s not talk about this, as long as it is a normal man, there is no simple!
Your son missed the person he will regret in his life, I am reminding him now.” The woman is lazy.
The voices are all at their extreme.
The man ridiculed that Chuck didn’t know what to do, and was taken by her own family. This was the last time that the galaxy was saved. The eighteen generations of the ancestors had accumulated virtue before they could encounter it in this life.
But this Chuck didn’t cherish it? Not grateful? !
“So, do you really like my son? To be my son’s wife?” Karen li smiled a little.
“No, no, no, you are wrong again.”
The woman lazily shook her finger, “No one is eligible to marry me, including your son, he… I will be taken for granted. I will give you a sum of money. ”
“Into the burden? You let my son into the burden?” Karen li was stunned, even Betty was a little shocked.
She knows, does the child born actually have the surname of the woman? How can even her husband have the surname? !
What logic is this?
“No, you are wrong again, he was not in trouble, I bought him with money,” the woman shook her finger, yes, entered Wanjia, then everything is Wanjia!
Karen li’s face was serious, “You…”
“Sit, because you are his mother’s sake, you can sit down in front of me, but don’t look at Erlang’s legs, I hate someone like this in front of me.” The woman pointed a spot in the corner.
In her view, Karen li is only qualified to sit in the corner. As for the sofa beside her, Karen li is not qualified to sit! !

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