My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 587

Betty was particularly angry. Really, Karen li had never encountered such a thing. It was really annoying! !
Actually let Karen li sit in the corner?
“What’s the matter? Don’t sit? I looked at Chuck’s face before I let you sit. Of course, the chair doesn’t sit, you are on the ground, but you don’t need to be close to me for ten meters. The other ground, you are casual Sit, but when you sit, remember to pad paper towels, because, I hate people staining my floor.” The woman said lazily.
“To make a long story short, my son doesn’t like you, so you don’t have to face my son, and I don’t have to sit because I will leave after I finish speaking.” Karen li shook his head.
“No, no, you are wrong again,”
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The woman is extremely lazy. “It doesn’t matter whether I like it or not. I like it. Then I won’t care whether you like it or not. No one can run.”
“You… well, I’m really…” Karen li was speechless, really speechless.
She has lived for more than forty years and has never met such a person.
“Don’t talk to my lady in this tone.” The man stared at Karen li with a voice like ice cubes, with majesty? !
“Don’t talk to me in this tone.” Karen li frowned.
“Miss, do you want to slap her?” the man asked, because the woman was here.
If the woman is not there, then he must have hit him with a slap at the moment Karen li spoke.
“Forget it, give her a chance!!”
The woman shook her finger lazily, “Karen li, it seems that you don’t know much about my Wanjia.”
“You don’t know me well.” Karen li narrowed his eyes! ?
“Really? Ha ha ha, as long as I want to, anyone in front of me is invisible, don’t you believe it? It seems that you really don’t believe it!” The woman had such a smile.
Karen li looked at the woman.
The woman raised her hand, beauty eyes wandered around Karen li, he suddenly smiled, “Since you don’t believe it, then I prove to you that you are doing good maintenance, the facial features are also good, there are definitely many men who like you, and there is more temptation, Then you must be difficult to control, check, check with me how many people she derailed…”
The man nodded, looked at Karen li for a few moments, and made a mocking call.
Betty’s annoyed, is this woman abnormal? !
However, Karen li’s eyes were calm! The body is not afraid of the shadow!
A minute later, the man received the phone call, frowned, and walked to the woman, saying,
The woman had such a little consternation and surprise, and looked at Karen li again, “Did you not?”
“You can find the women in the world?” Karen li asked.
“Yes, it’s okay, as long as I am willing, but you, there is a little surprise to me, is it not? It’s a bit like me, I won’t leave after I get married.” The woman said lazily.
“Then you should check if your mother has been derailed. For you, it should be simple.” Karen li said calmly.
Snapped! !
The man came in front of Karen li, his eyes were as vicious as a snake!
With just one order, he will kill Karen li!
Regardless of being close, Karen li’s eyes didn’t jump, and even her eyelashes didn’t move, she was calm!
Taishan collapsed without surprise! !
The woman’s lazy expression solidified, and slowly, indifferently appeared on her face, “Karen li, do you know what you are talking about?!”
“Yes, you said it yourself,” Karen li shrugged.
Betty is so funny in her heart that she can find out, so check if your mother can do it? !
“Miss, do you want me to solve her immediately?” the man asked.
“Karen li, you are a little emboldened. I don’t know where you are emboldened?” The woman stood up from the sofa, indifferently, as if the emperor walked around.
“You can check, my words have been finished, my son doesn’t like you, so don’t force him, and, your butler bodyguard has a bad temper, you should take care of it!” Karen li Shao Shook his head.
The man’s fist suddenly came out like a gust of wind, and hit Karen li’s face! !
Horrifying so suffocating, Betty was shocked! ?
But Karen li had no expression at all, and let this fist suddenly stop only a few millimeters across his face.
The man frowned, so calm!
You know, the strength of one punch, but you can kill a person, not to mention in the case of your anger, what masters on the surface today, under three strokes will die! !
The beauty of women fluctuates.
Karen li looked at the man, “Did your master not speak, dare you?”
Man twitching!
Yes, the woman didn’t speak, he didn’t dare to fight, because this punch is to kill people! !
“Betty, let’s go.” Karen li said.
Bettyxin went out with Karen li with a lingering fear.
The man scolded, “Slow down! My lady hasn’t let you go yet.”
“You are really a good dog, your master will like you.” Karen li has gone out.
The man is extremely angry! dog! ?
This woman actually said she was a dog?
It really makes him out of control! !
“Miss, she…” The man wanted to kill Karen li. Is this an insult?
The woman sat down and lay back, “It’s kind of interesting. I haven’t met this kind of person in a long time. For the sake of being a woman, I actually admire her so much. It seems that she has done it in just 20 years. It’s not too bad…Nu San, you are a good combat master of my family, what is her strength? Do you feel it?”
“This? She is very calm, but according to her strength, just that punch, I was enough to kill her!”
The man was confident.
That punch, so close, Karen li can’t hide it! !
The woman nodded lazily, “Well,”
“What should I do now, Miss?” the man asked.
“I asked you, did you find out just now? She hasn’t been derailed?” The woman raised the question again.
“No,” the man shook his head.
“That’s not bad, since she is so confident, so simple, too simple, she must have something in the dark, check her, I want to know what she has done in the past two decades!”
“Yes… but what about Chuck?” The man nodded. This is too simple. Take a moment and it will come out after a check.
“He? I said it, and let him know what he missed, then…” said the woman lazily.
The man nodded respectfully…

“Huh, President Li, that woman is really wonderful.” Betty Tucao.
I have never seen a woman like that. It’s so strange. I checked that kind of thing just now.
“Well, the man beside him just now, if you meet, don’t deal with him alone.” Karen li said.
“Well, I also felt that the man was very powerful. The speed and explosiveness of the moment were very strong and strong!” Betty felt a little worried.
If she was replaced by her just now, she would definitely not face so calmly with Karen li, she would definitely back away, or even resist!
“Yes, this man, it’s not simple,” Karen li’s eyes flickered finely? !
“Then, President Li, can you solve him?” Betty told the truth, after so many years, Karen li hasn’t seen her full efforts.
Because Karen li hasn’t met the person who gave her all her strength.
“I won’t know if this is a fight. I won’t underestimate the enemy, not at all! Being able to be a bodyguard of such an important person in the Hidden Family is definitely not bad. In the Hidden Family, it’s a real crouching tiger, hidden dragon! “Karen li shook her head.”
“Well, but I think, your strength, Mr. Li, if the man just wrestled with you, then maybe two moves, you can kill him.” Betty said his thoughts.
Karen li smiled slightly, “Maybe, he just shot a lot of explosive force just now, but there is a loophole. Just shot, you can really kill him with one move.”
Betty was surprised, Karen li admitted this? !
“Mr. Li, what the hell are you?” Betty was confused.
Karen li smiled, “You can achieve it with your efforts. I have already carried a hundred kilos of things in my hands, and a chain on my legs, which is also one hundred kilos…I will lift ten kilos next month, and then next year, I will lift another ten kilograms…”
Betty was stunned, she knew this, but did not know that Karen li could continue to add, what is this concept?

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