My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 60

Richard walked in. He came in alone.
Just now when he was outside, he asked Damian to bring some people over first. He would arrive soon as he wanted to see who had the guts to hit his son!
When he came, he brought along plenty of people here. But just as he was about to depart, someone suddenly called him. He had never received this call before, because the number was very strange to him. He didn’t want to answer it at first, but when he saw this rare number, he answered it in confusion. There was a woman’s voice in the phone, and she first said her surname was Logan….
Richard thought about it over and over again. Who else could have such a rare number? There seemed to be no one else other than that so-called Logan.
He was suddenly shocked and hurriedly asked her what she wanted courteously. The coldness and calmness from the phone was one he would never forget in his life ever.
“Richard, you’ve offended my friend’s precious son. Let’s see what you’re going to do about that!” She said.
With a simple sentence, the phone ended.
Richard was so frightened that he almost dropped his phone on the ground. When did he offend someone’s precious son? He thought for a while and finally thought of what he was going to do. He was going to see who hit his son!
Could it be that the man who beat his son was a friend of Logan? He drove over at once. He was nervous throughout the journey. He kept telling himself that it couldn’t be so coincidental. But when he saw Damian’s car was whacked at the door, he knew something was wrong. It was really his son who had caused trouble.
Logan could not be messed with no matter what! If one did, he could disappear at any time. His heart sank!
The entire hall was silent because he had entered. Everyone in the hall looked at Richard. There were many people that knew him, and some were already prepared to watch the show to begin.
“Haha, I don’t know how Richard is going to deal with this matter!” Someone muttered.
“There’s no way to deal with it. This young man’s background is obviously not ordinary, but is sure pale in comparison to Richard’s!” Another gossipped.
“I personally think highly of Richard. He knows every gangsters’ club in the city and that’s beyond counting. You can see that Richard has come here alone since he has the guts and confidence!” A person laughed.
“I think so too. No matter what, Richard is a real estate tycoon. He is rich and has a strong background. No one present here is comparable to him. We have seen all kinds of situations before. If he dares to come alone, then the result is already decided.” A randorn person said.
“Yeah! I don’t know who this young man is. I’ve never seen him before. I’m really curious about how he called so many well-trained people over for a phone call. But the real contest is not about the number of people. After all, the older, the wiser!”
Everyone present knew Richard Yuri. Who had never heard of this name? Most of the people present were shocked by his arrival alone. They all thought that Richard would be able to resolve this matter in a few words.
After all, he had a reputation.
Harold knew Richard as well, but he could tell that something was wrong from his expression. “It was as if he had received a call from Logan. Did he receive the phone call?” Harold wondered.
Harold was then shocked by the action of Richard.
“Dad!” William ran over in surprise.
“Dad, he’s the man who hit me. He even called so many people over. Hmph, he is threatening the name of our family. Dad, call everyone now and let this kid see what the real meaning of strength and background is! We’ll make a phone call and call ten trucks of people come!” William sneered proudly.
He was really a little scared when he was surrounded by so many people just now, but now he was not afraid anymore, because his father had arrived.
He stared at the hundreds of people who surrounded him just now and sneered. “Do y’all regret it now? Who told y’all to force me make this call? Now that my dad is here. Are you ready to kneel down and beg for your lives?” He thought.
But…. William was puzzled, “Dad, why are you not looking well? Is it….”
Richard glanced at his son. The anger in his stomach finally erupted. He raised his large hand and flung it out.
The sound of slapping could be heard clearly throughout the main hall!
What happened?
The onlookers in the grand hall were stunned. What’s wrong? Did Richard actually hit his own son in public?
“Dad, why did you hit me?” After being shocked, William touched his cheek with grievance.
“Hell, how many times did I tell you? Be a good boy and don’t fucking cause trouble for me all day long!”
Richard kicked him, causing him to fall to the ground with a cry of pain. He found it had to believe that his father had actually hit him.
Everyone present was dumbfounded. Was he admitting defeat?
Didn’t Richard come here to negotiate with the young man? “Why has he admitted defeat before a fight?” They were confused and focused their eyes on Richard again.
What exactly is the background of this young man?
Zelda’s face was full of shock. She thought that if Richard came, things would only become more complicated. But she was wrong. After Richard came, things only became more simple….
Yolanda was already shocked to the core. She clearly knew how powerful Richard’s background was. If he came in person, it meant that there would be a bloody scene here. But she had never thought that Richard would deal with it like this. Her eyes turned to Chuck. She wondered what was her boss’s background?
“Oh, dad, don’t hit me, don’t!” William screamed on the ground.
The whole hall was filled with the sound of him begging for mercy.
Chuck touched his nose, and the woman in the suit came over. “Your mother wanted you to make the decision!”
“Me?” Chuck was surprised.
The woman in the suit nodded. ”Yes, by the way, your mother thought that he should be taught a lesson, so your mother suggested that he should take a vacation in the hospital….”
Chuck thought for a moment and nodded. William really made Chuck very angry and uncomfortable today.
“Then let’s do it according to my mother’s wishes!” Chuck said.
“Alright! Just a moment.” She said. The woman in the suit nodded and turned around. She raised her hand and snapped her fingers. The hundreds of people she brought over immediately surrounded Richard and his son. The suppression immediately shrouded the scene again.
William was shocked. He got up in horror and hid behind his father. “Dad, save me!”
The muscles on Richard’s face twitched. “My son already knew that he was wrong. Please…”
“What did you say?” The woman in the suit said in a low voice.
“I said, my son already knew that he was wrong….” Richard took a deep breath. There were so many people surrounding him, and their gazes were so cold that they made him feel an oppressive pressure that he had never felt before. His heart began to beat faster.
“Say it again!” The voice of the suited woman was still faint, as if a real estate tycoon in the city was not worth mentioning in her eyes.
“I….” Richard’s face was as pale as death. The words that he was about to speak were unable to utter at the moment.
“Dad, you have to save me, you have to save me!” William screamed in horror, but his father sighed and remained the same.
Everyone present was completely shocked!
Richard hit his own son when he came in. This was enough to shock them. Now, he still wanted to send his son to be beaten without saying a word. This…..
The whole place was as silent as a graveyard! Because no one had expected this!
“Dad, do something. Dad, I am your son. There’s too many of them. I will certainly be beaten to death. Ah….” William looked at Chuck in honor. He crawled over with all his hands and feet. With a plop, William knelt down. He knelt to Chuck Cannon!
William was frightened by the amount of people. If he was beaten up like this, he would definitely die. He still wanted to live.
He begged for mercy. “I know I was wrong. I won’t dare to do it again!”
Chuck looked down at him calmly, which made William even more frightened, “Who have I offended!”
The woman in the suit raised her hand and snapped her fingers. “Don’t dirty this place, drag him out!”
Out of over one hundred people, ten of them came out and dragged him out. William struggled and shouted, “No, I’m Richard Yuri’s son. Please don’t…..”
The woman in the suit frowned and kicked him in the face. William passed out with a scream, and his face was still full of fear.
“Take this outside!” said the woman in the suit.
Ten people dragged the unconscious William out of the hall. The sound of violent beating came from outside, and the hall was dead silent!

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