My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 593

“Mom, they will extinguish the fire. It’s just a base. There are few bases in our house?”
There was a fire before, and it’s enough to extinguish the fire. Even if all of them are burnt, it doesn’t matter!
Anyway, there is something in my own family. What about one or two bases?
“The key is that everything is burned out. It exploded.” The young Fengyun woman shook her head. This can be a bit serious, a serious mistake!
This is simply not allowed at the base.
“That’s okay, our family doesn’t lack one or two bases, just ask someone to come back,” the blueeyed beauty commented.
“Well, it’s okay, continue.” Fengyun young woman smiled again.
My daughter has grown up and can handle things without surprise, this is very good!
It will also be beneficial to inherit the family in the future.
Because the family is like this, don’t panic!
Then it’s easy to handle things!
“Well, mom, let’s go to the bar, by the way, the man over there seems to be watching you.” The blue-eyed beauty said, a handsome old man from the United States.
“Don’t think about it, I have no thoughts.” Fengyun young woman shook her head, but she managed the Luofu family. Be careful in this regard.
“Well, I know, drinking, I’m depressed too!” The blue-eyed beauty wanted to get drunk, so when you woke up, did those mercenaries have any results!
The mother and daughter went to drink.
But at this time, the young woman’s mobile phone rang again, her beautiful brow furrowed, took it out, and answered.
“What’s the matter?” Feng Yun said indifferently!
She is the patriarch of the family, and speaking to her opponents, then she must be indifferent and majestic!
“It’s not good, it’s not good.” Inside the phone, there was a trembling and fearful voice.
“What’s wrong?”
“Number three, base number three…”
“What happened to Base No. 3?” The young woman’s face sank suddenly.
“There is a fire, all the arms will be burned, and ten newly-developed helicopters have also been…” This voice dare not go on.
Just now, the bald head caught fire, followed by an explosion. They did not have time to fight the fire, and the fire spread at an alarming rate.
Along with the explosion, all the most valuable weapons research results of this base have been completely dissipated.
“Do you want to die, right?” The young woman Yunfeng became somber.
This value is great, but billions of dollars, what is more important? ?
Research results!
It was actually burned.
“Me, me, Rao Ming. I’ve seen it very closely, but suddenly it caught fire, and I’m too late.” The people inside the phone were almost crying scared,
“Check, if the check is not clear, I want your whole family to die!!!” Feng Yun young woman hung up the phone.
“Mom, what’s wrong with you?” The blue-eyed beauty was stunned. Why was her mother’s face so ugly at this time? !
What is the situation?
“Base 3 caught fire, a helicopter worth 150 million US dollars, ten of them were burned, and all others were burned.”
“What?!” The blue-eyed beauty was stunned. Why did it catch fire again? What happened?
Is there any relationship between the two fires? The difference is so short.
“Someone may have to adjust our Luofu family!!!” The young Fengyun woman had to think about this aspect.
If only one base caught fire, it was the base’s management personnel. I neglected and left my post.
However, two bases caught fire and everything was burned. Then this seriousness is great! ?
Where is there such a coincidence in the world?
“Mom, is it impossible? Who dares to deal with our Luofu family?” The blue-eyed beauty immediately shook her head in denial.
My family is one of the four major families, and the world can compare. Just a few, how could anyone dare to do this? ?
Not afraid of doing so, the whole family will die?
“There may also be some fatalities,” Feng Yun young woman analyzed.
This is still possible. The four big families will not do this kind of blatantly. After all, if you did it, wouldn’t you do it yourself?
At this level, the overall situation is very important, so sometimes something like this happens. The other four major families can be directly excluded.
“What should I do?” The blue-eyed beauty was angry.
This loss is nothing to their family.
However, this is openly challenging the majesty of the Luofu family! !
This is intolerable.
The majesty of a family is particularly important. If it is said that someone dared to do so, then it must be severely punished, otherwise others would think that their family is bullying.
“I let the other bases be fully monitored!” said Feng Yun’s young woman. In fact, it is the same as usual.
She is also a bit strange. The guards at the base are so tight that it can’t be said that it is true that a fly can’t fly in!
Even if you fly in, you know.
But in this case, how do you get in? ?
This is a particularly big problem!
But as soon as the young woman’s mobile phone came out, she rang herself and called. Shown above is Base No. 6.
The blue-eyed beauty was stunned.
The charming young woman’s eyes were cold, and she answered.
“No, it’s not good. Base No. 6 was attacked and caught fire…” The voice in the phone was frightened!
“What?!” The young Fengyun woman was so angry that she fell on her phone. How long did it take.
The three bases of my own home caught fire after such a short period of time? this is? ?
“sorry, I……”
“Check. It’s unclear, you’re all going to die!” Fengyun young woman stayed here without any thought.
She hung up the phone.
“Daughter, we will not attend today’s reception, go back.” Feng Yun young woman knew this matter was a bit serious.
You may have encountered a madman who is not afraid of death.
The blue-eyed beauty must know the importance. In this case, the obvious problem is big.
It must be dealt with immediately!
The mother and daughter left quickly.
The other people at the reception looked at each other! !
“What happened? What happened to the Luofu family?”
“I don’t know, maybe something happened,”
“I just saw that their mother and daughter were particularly angry. What might have happened to them.”
“What can they do, they are from the four big families…”
“Hush, I just got a call, her base 3 is on fire…”
“What? Artificial or something else?”
“How do you know this? But looking at their mother-girl looks, more than one base should be on fire!”
“Someone has to deal with the Luofu family?”
“Who dares this?”
“Anyway. I have a good show!”
One sentence for these people, and one sentence for me to express my thoughts, but all agree that there is a good show.
After all!
Such a thing. Not always seen!

“It’s all waste!”
After arriving home, the charming young woman was extremely angry, and it was only twenty minutes on the road. She actually received a call again and said that the base 11 was on fire.
This is serious! !
So how could a tight base catch fire?
How did other people get in?
“Mom, what the hell is going on? How do I feel that this is done by three other families.” The blue-eyed beauty was angry.
This is totally trampling the majesty of her Luofu family!
This is a shame!
“The other three families?” The beautiful young woman’s eyes are cold.
“It is impossible for the Li family, they were attacked by Karen li, self-confident, and have the courage to provoke me? As for the Ok family, he is also fighting with Karen li in secret, and there is no time to provoke me, as for…” Feng Yun The young woman stopped.
Because at this time, her sister came back, a young woman in jeans.
“Sister, Emily, what the hell is going on? I just received the call, and all four bases were on fire.
What happened?” The young woman in jeans was extremely angry!
“There is no news from the four bases yet,” said Feng Yun young woman. This is the most serious problem.
The loss of these four bases has exceeded 30 billion US dollars!
Those research results are worth tens of billions!
“Asshole! Dare to provoke our Luofu family! Wait to die!” The young jeans woman was furious!
“Sure!” Feng Yun young woman still wanted to speak.
Ding Ding Ding!
The phone actually rang again, and the young woman’s eyes were twitching. She looked at it.

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