My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 594

The charming young woman answered the phone. Both the blue-eyed beauty and the jeans young woman were frightened!
Obviously, this 18th base was burned again.
However, the base is strictly monitored! how did you do that.
Ten seconds later, Feng Yun’s young woman’s face was ugly. “Check it for me. I can’t find it.
Your family will die!!”
The phone hangs up!
“Sister. Base 18 was burnt?” the young woman in jeans asked weakly.
“Well.” Feng Yun young woman said.
The two looked at each other! ?
“Who the hell? These people simply can’t do it by ordinary means,” the young woman in jeans analyzed.
This question is too big!
“It really shouldn’t be possible to find the base, but successfully traversed a lot of surveillance. In the armed of hundreds of people, the base was burned. How difficult is this, we all know!” Feng Yun young woman analyzed.
“Yes. I know, but there are few people in the world who can do this!” The young woman in jeans shook her head.
“Is it a killer?” The blue-eyed beauty analyzed, there are still a few killers in the world that can do this!
I heard that Black Rose can do that number one female killer.
“Killer? Emily, what do you mean, what kind of black rose?” said the young woman in jeans.
“This should not be the case. The boss of the killer organization, I know, what we do, she knows it. It irritated me, I let a bomb pass, so that her body could not be found.” Feng Yun young woman shook her head.
The behind-the-scenes boss of the killer organization should not be involved in such a thing, because she is angry with the Luofu family, which she can’t bear! !
“Then they are not black roses, who else? Can this be done?” The young woman in jeans thought it made sense, but who else?
“Emily, you have to close the door.” The young Fengyun woman suddenly became serious.
“Well,” the blue-eyed beauty immediately went to close the doors and windows.
The three women looked at each other.
“Sister, what do you want to say?” the young woman in jeans asked.
“Hidden family, did I tell you?” The young woman of Fengyun feels that the other three families have no time to deal with themselves, even if it is dealt with, they will not be so blatant!
So they can be ruled out! !
As for other families, dare? ?
Have that kind of strength? ? How many bases do you destroy yourself in a row?
No other family!
“Sister, do you mean that the secret family has shot us?? But sister, don’t you say that they don’t show their heads at all and only make money silently? Shouldn’t they do such a high-profile thing?” Jeans young woman Shakes his head late. I think it’s unlikely.
She was surprised when she heard Fengyun young woman say this before!
Because his family is already one of the four strongest families in the world, now? ?
There are three more powerful secret families, which makes her unacceptable!
“Yes, mom, the hidden family won’t do this. I asked them without offending them.” The blueeyed beauty is no.
Is there a reason for anything?
Plain and unexplained. River water does not violate well water, why do you do that? !
The blue-eyed beauty cannot understand!
“But only the secret family, with this strength can do it, I heard that their family’s bodyguard, that is the most powerful person in the world, it is not difficult to get in and out of our base!”
There is a flash of light in the beauty of the young woman .
What she thought about just now, denied other families, so only the secret family has this strength.
This spearhead has to point to the hidden family!
The young women in jeans and the beautiful blue-eyed women are all stunned.
“If it is really a person from the secret family, what should we do?”
“This is difficult. I don’t know what they want to do.” Feng Yun’s young woman has a headache.
It’s really a secret family, so what should she do?
This is a big problem!
The raven is silent!
All three women are in trouble!
Overnight passed. The three women did not sleep for the simple reason that they received five more calls halfway.
Represents the time of day. Ten bases were destroyed and hundreds of billions of dollars were lost! !
This is only a trivial matter. The key is that his family’s face has been beaten so hard, and ten bases have been destroyed. Then ten slaps hit his family’s face!
Overnight, the Luo Fu family boiled in the rice country.
The news could not be blocked at all.
Everyone is talking about this. Is anyone going to deal with the Luofu family!
The Luofu family was destroyed so many bases overnight, is it going to be bankrupt!
“Too much, if this secret family did it!” The young woman in jeans was extremely angry!
This face, she herself feels hot! !
The young woman’s face was ugly. Overnight, the majesty of the Luofu family was greatly challenged!
The three women were overwhelmed with anger! at the same time!
Ok family!
The core members of these families are dumbfounded! I don’t even know what happened.
“What’s going on? This Luofu family base was destroyed. Who did this?”
“Who knows, is it Li family or…”
“Li family? You’re almost over, you can’t see it, and dare to provoke the Luofu family? Looking for death?”
“Yeah, who did that?”
The Ok family is full of doubts. This is so sudden that there is no sign at all!

“What do you think about the Luofu family?”
The Li family, the main eyes of the Li family, are flashing.
“Isn’t it made by the Ok family?” someone analyzed.
They didn’t even know this news overnight, they were all surprised!
After all, the Li family is tired now!
Knowing this is undoubtedly big news.
“It shouldn’t be. Is the Ok family not fighting Li Qing? How can there be time to disperse and deal with the Luofu family suddenly?”
None of the Li family knew how to say this, too suddenly.
After being quiet for more than ten minutes, the head of the Li family suddenly spoke, “Where is Karen now?”
“Unclear, what do she do?” Someone pouted.
“That’s what she does?”
The Li family was immediately dissatisfied.
The last time Karen li attacked the Li family during this time, they became the laughing stock of others after tea and dinner. Isn’t that enough? ?
“Is Karen still in the country of rice?” The head of the Li family repeated this remark.
“Yes. Isn’t she looking for her son? I don’t know if I found it. Anyway, someone saw her a few days ago. Dad, why are you asking her?” She’s not our Li family anymore. …”
“Shut up! If Karen is in the US, then she should have done it,” the head of the Li family scolded.
“She did it? Is it possible?”
No one in the Li family believes that she has this strength. Challenge the Luofu family?
“Maybe, the quiet personal strength can do this… I will tell you what I said today. If it passes, no matter who it is, I will drive him out! Did you hear me?” Blame!
The Li family looked at each other, they would not dare! !
But did Karen li really do it? Then she is too brave!
Dare to provoke the Luofu family, die?
Luo Fu family here!
The three women fell silent, and no one spoke. suddenly! !
The phone rang again, and the young woman’s face was gloomy. Was another base destroyed? !
She took a look at the base 3 just now!
“Say!?” Answered, the young woman was expressionless!
“I found it. A monitor saw a person…”
“send to me!!”
The phone hung up.
“Mom. How is it?”
Both the blue-eyed beauty and the young jeans woman asked, nervous.
“There is a result, it’s photographed.” Fengyun young woman is also nervous. If it is really a secret family, what should I do?
After all, the secret family is particularly terrifying. The whole world is divided by three families. The so-called four families are just eating leftovers from others.
This gap is huge!
Ding, here comes the message.
The charming young woman opened it and looked at it. In the night, a person passed by, and the picture was frozen. It was a woman!
The charming young woman was furious, “It’s you!!!”

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