My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 595

I saw that the people on this screen were wearing black clothes and had their hair tied up, especially capable, that was Karen li! ! Such a moment of anger, the young woman of charm is beyond description! She always thought it was a secret family, because only the secret family can do this, and under her strict base guard, she can also intersperse easily! Is this something ordinary people can do?
Unexpectedly, it wasn’t made by the secret family, but by a funeral dog! To be honest, after the young woman of Feng Yun confirmed that her family was attacked yesterday, she denied Karen li at once! why?
First, Karen li’s strength is not good! Second, Karen li was kicked out by the Li family! Third, Karen li, regardless of family friendship, actually attacked his Li family, this is a pig dog! Fourth, Karen li is looking for her son, and has no time to provoke herself, dare to provoke herself?
But it was just such a person who denied it! The young woman’s anger at this time is no less than that of a volcano! ! “Mom, this is…” The blue-eyed beauty saw the stop-frame photo of the monitoring screen and felt a bit familiar.
Because she rarely sees Karen li! “Actually she! Is this Karen li going to die?
How dare you provoke our Luofu family?
! ”
The young woman in jeans was shocked and angry! She didn’t think Karen li was actually, why didn’t the secret family do it?
! “what?
Is she Karen li? ”
The blue-eyed beauty was stunned. what happened?
Why did Karen li deal with his Luofu family! Looking for death?
Impatient of living?
In a flash, the blue-eyed beauty couldn’t understand it! What a brave dog for a family dog! “Sister, why did she attack us?
Do you want to attack the Li family last time?
Tell others that she is looking for her son?
? ”
The young woman in jeans is too cold.
“Possibly! Karen li, I didn’t trouble you, but you took the initiative to provoke me!”
The charming young woman’s eyes are cold! ! Yesterday to today, ten bases were actually destroyed by Karen li, and the face of his Luo Fu family was slapped by Karen li fiercely! How does this count?
“Well, no matter what she means, dare to do so to our Luofu family, let our Luofu family lose face overnight, this matter, we must let her pay back ten times! Sister, let me clean up her company , Also made her company catch fire!!”
The young woman in jeans was extremely angry.
This thing, fire! The majesty of the Luofu family was actually destroyed by a dog who lost his family! This anger is so high! “Okay, you arrange people to do it now. Remember to be more beautiful. My Luofu family will not be as obscured as her. It will burn to the ground. I want to let everyone in the United States know that it offends my Luofu family. What is it?”
The charming young woman’s eyes are full of coldness! This anger must be scrubbed with blood! “Okay, sister, I will do beautiful!”
The young woman in jeans sneered coldly, she went outside! But at this time, suddenly the phone rang.
It’s a young woman.
The young woman in jeans who came to the door stopped, and she was angry, “Could another base be destroyed?”
The charming young woman stares at her mobile phone with her home number on it.
The blue-eyed beauty was stunned, “Mom, take it!”
The charming young woman answered, “Say!!”
“Karen li said he wants to see you!”
This is the voice of the captain of his own family guard.
The charming young woman became extremely hot all at once.
Is this self-launching?
Not even looking for a place to hide, but dare to come home?
! The charming young woman sneered, “How many of them?
Should they bring a lot of people? ”
This is necessary to reapply the old tricks. Like the Li family, attacking yourself?
It is a pity that she is an arms dealer, and her annual investment in the family escort team is inestimable.
Want to sneak attack? is it possible?
The blue-eyed beauty and the jeans young woman looked at each other for three seconds, they were stunned, and then it was cold, and they took the initiative to send them to the door! This is death! “Just a few people! A car!”
The captain of the family escort team was also stunned. He did not know if the base was destroyed by Karen li.
So I was surprised! Why did Karen li come here suddenly?
After all, at the very least, there is no intersection between the Luo Fu family and Karen li. Why should I drive to visit?
“a car?”
The young woman who was still sneering was stunned.
She thought it was a lot of cars, plus planes and the like came over! Actually not, what is the situation?
Do you come to guilt?
The sneer on the young woman’s face appeared again.
“Do you want to let them in?”
The captain of the family guard asked carefully.
He heard the sneer of the charming young woman, what’s the situation?
“Release, why not?
! Let them in! ”
The phone hung up.
“Karen li brought a few people over.”
The charming young woman smiled slightly, like a spring breeze.
“How many people?
Haha, I know, she must know, we know she did it, so she came to her knees and apologized! ! ”
Young woman in jeans laughs.
So much simpler?
Karen li is delivered to the door, so what are you going to do?
Fengyun young woman sneered, “It is estimated that she has only one car after all!”
“But isn’t Karen li very powerful?
Fighting? ”
The blue-eyed beauty thought of this problem.
“Daughter, it is useless to fight fiercely. In this world, there is no one who can withstand bullets.
Even if she is even more powerful, there is no place to use it in our house!”
The charming young woman laughed at the fact that she was in a strict guard! There are guns everywhere, what if she comes in?
“Yes,” the blue-eyed beauty sighed with relief.
How safe is her home, she grew up here since childhood, still don’t know?
Karen li is useless when he comes in.
“Fortunately, this is Karen li. If it is a secret family, then…” The young woman in jeans was so worried.
The hidden family is really not comparable to their Luofu family, this difference is big! If it is a secret family, then all they can do is open their eyes and close their eyes.
Is it still fighting with the strong hidden family?
That’s too dangerous.
“Yes, the hidden family should not do this to us.”
The charming young woman told the truth, she was relieved.
Now Karen li has taken the initiative, this is still very good! Now, she wants to vent all her anger last night.
This Karen li mad dog destroys his base, this hatred must be reported! “Karen li brought people in.”
The phone rang again.
The charming young women, the young jeans women, and the blue-eyed women all look out.
The first thing to come in is Karen li.
Indifferent look.
The charming young woman’s beautiful eyes shoot out cold.
“Karen li, give me an explanation?
Why ruin my base! ! ”
“Say! Actually, I tell you, you are looking for death!”
Young woman in jeans scolded! The blue-eyed beauty saw Karen li, she was a little surprised, what was it?
She is very rare in this Karen li, but how do you feel that she is a bit like a person today?
Did you read it wrong?
Well, it should be wrong.
Are you asking me why? ”
Karen li’s eyes narrowed.
This kind of security is still so indifferent.
“Yes, I give you a chance to say the reason! Otherwise, I will make your whole family die!”
The charming young woman spoke.
She was very angry when she saw Karen li. This man was the one who embarrassed her Luofu family last night! At this time, she felt that her face was hot.
Because I was beaten by Karen li last night, this hatred must be reported today! ! “My reason is simple, because your daughter!!”
Karen li stared at the blue-eyed beauty.
At this moment, the killer came out.
“My daughter?
What are you talking about? ”
Charm young woman scolded! “Yes, because Emily?
Karen li, what reason do you want to find?
Kneel! ! ”
The young woman in jeans sneered.
“Karen li, make it clear?
! ”
The charming young woman stared coldly at Karen li! The blue-eyed beauty was stunned and then angry because of herself?
I didn’t do anything by myself, why was it because of myself?
“Your daughter caught my son and tortured my son.
You said I should not destroy your base? ”
Karen li said.

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