My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 596

Fengyun young woman and jeans young woman laughed at once! “Karen li, Karen li, are you really a bereavement dog, or a mad dog, biting people on the blind man’s head?
? ”
Fengyun young woman laughed! “That is, the last time you attacked the Li family just to tell the people who arrested your son to pay attention, and now there is no result, actually want to take me and our Luofu family to operate? what do you think?
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Do you have this qualification? ”
The young woman in jeans is about to laugh.
This is really crazy dog behavior! Attacking the Li family has no warning effect, so the trick is used on his own Luofu family?
“Karen li, I am very dissatisfied with this explanation!”
The charming young woman sneered, “You said, you destroyed my ten bases overnight, what are you going to do?
I also give you a chance to say it yourself! ”
“It seems that my warning has no effect on you, Emily!!”
Karen li’s eyes have been staring at the blue-eyed beauty.
The blue-eyed beauty was stunned.
The young woman of charm and the young woman of jeans suddenly froze.
“You stunned my son with a stick and grabbed my son to go to Amazon. Did you forget this?
? ”
Karen li’s voices are all cold! “what?
? ”
The blue-eyed beauty was stunned, and a nasty Chinese came out of her head.
She understood why when Karen li came in just now, she felt a little bit familiar with herself.
“Chuck is your son?”
The blue-eyed beauty talked.
“Yes, he is my son, what did you do?
Use me to say more? ”
Karen li’s expression is cold.
“You, you let him out.”
Blue-eyed beauty is angry.
At this time, behind Karen li, Chuck, Yvette, Logan, and Betty all appeared.
Several people are expressionless.
The blue-eyed beauty stared at Chuck, and at this moment she was extremely angry.
Seeing this expression of her daughter, the young woman in style is stunned, as is the young woman in jeans.
“Emily, the fun you said before, is Karen li’s son?”
The charming young woman asked subconsciously.
Because it was so unexpected! His daughter caught Karen li’s son and went to Amazon! This one! ?
In a flash, the young woman in jeans disappeared a little bit, and she lost her breath.
This is also Emily’s mistake. If you don’t catch someone’s son, why are they coming?
! “Well, I didn’t expect that he never said.”
Blue-eyed beauty is angry.
After the young woman was surprised, she didn’t know what to say for a while.
She knew what had happened.
Her daughter provokes Chuck, and then defeated by Chuck, but her daughter was angry, so she found someone around Chuck, hitting Chuck’s head with an iron rod, stunned him, and took him to Amazon.
Then let Chuck teach his daughter, and was eventually killed, grabbing his daughter and fled.
It seems that his daughter did something wrong.
Silent! The young woman who was still domineering just now was speechless at this time! ! “What if I catch your son?
I didn’t give him anything, didn’t I give him something to drink?
I said, as long as he fights me and loses, I let him go and give him money. He actually caught me and almost killed me. How to calculate this account?
? ”
For a moment, the despair that the blue-eyed beauty encountered in Amazon made her scream.
“Why are you so straightforward?”
Karen li shook her head.
I hate you Chinese people, why did he hit me? why?
Why don’t you ask this?
? ”
Beautiful blue eyes vent.
“Because you provoked him, you lost,” Karen li said.
“I provoked him, but should I beat me if I lose?
? ”
The blue-eyed beauty was annoyed, as if she had returned to the day, and she had been slapped before she started playing with Chuck.
“Yes, you should fight if you lose. You don’t provoke my son. There is nothing. Besides, you are not qualified to provoke my son,” Karen li said coldly.
“I am not qualified? mom! ! I want to catch a few of them today, I want to catch them! ! ”
The blue-eyed beauty was startled and angry, snarling like a lunatic.
The charming young woman is stunned.
“Do you think I should?
? ”
Karen li asked.
The young woman of Fengyun and the young woman of jeans glanced at each other, and the face of young woman of Fengyun regained cold. “Well, even if this is my daughter’s fault, but you ruined my base. Isn’t this what you can do?
! ”
“You think I destroyed your base, this matter is over?
? ”
Karen li asked coldly.
“Hehehe! So, do you want to continue?
What else can you do?
? ”
The charming young woman sneered! This joke is so nice! “You forgot, are you still in our house?
Do you know how many guns are at you at this time? ”
Young woman in jeans taunts.
Since several people in Karen li entered the door, many guns were directed at them.
As long as the order is given, then these people will become Ma Honeycomb! ! “I’m going to do it, how many guns are useless!”
Karen li shook her head.
“is it?
Ha ha, I really thought that I ruined ten bases in my house like a ghost, do you think you are invulnerable?
? ”
Young woman in jeans mocks.
“It seems that there is no need to say some things, really.”
Karen li shook her head and stepped forward.
The charming young woman’s eyes narrowed, “Karen li, if you step forward, I will let you become a horse honeycomb!!”
This voice echoed coldly in the hall! The cold muzzle seemed to stretch out.
“Can I not bring people in, how can I do without a little skill?
? ”
Karen li took out a thing, a bead.
Suddenly, she let go of the bead and dropped it to the ground. At the moment of landing, the sound of popping and harsh sound came out. boom! Fengyun young women, jeans young women, including blue-eyed beauties, and other people with guns in the hall, subconsciously covered their ears! Because this sound is too harsh! It’s an invisible attack! ! Woo! Everyone didn’t see what was happening, just a blurry shadow was moving. Suddenly, the young woman’s body stiffened because… There was one more person beside her, Karen li! ?
The young woman in jeans and the blue-eyed woman was shocked! “mom?
! ”
“More guns are useless, and more than your guns, mine hasn’t come out yet, you know?”
Karen li said.
“Karen li, what do you want to do?”
The charming young woman is angry.
She was shocked and horrified! Why is Karen li so fast?
She came over at once, and she understood why her tight base would be easily destroyed! Because, Karen li is too scary.
Chuck was also shocked, his mother’s speed is too fast! This is just the case of her body bearing weight. If you do not carry weight, the speed is unimaginable.
Logan and Betty’s complexion are normal, this is just Karen li’s normal play.
Only after Yvette was stunned, he felt deeper in his heart. Can he kill himself at this speed?
! When can I surpass her?
“I said, do you think I destroyed your base?
If your daughter was caught and tortured, would you end so simple? ”
Karen li asked.
“You are wrong, I will not end easily, but why do you compare with me?
I belong to the four big families, and you, who were kicked out by the Li family, you are not even a second-rate family,” the young woman said calmly.
But the me of the second-rate family in your mouth is by your side and can always kill you. Is this irony? ”
Karen li said with a shrug.
You’re just a little capable, and a real family depends on overall strength! ”
The charming young woman laughed.
“Release my mother! Almost!”
Blue-eyed beauties! Her eyes are blood red! Karen li’s speed just shocked her completely. Is this the limit of human speed?
Was it actually done by a Chinese person?
How is this possible?
! “You think I don’t blame you, but as I said just now, I didn’t end so easily. Your daughter arrested my son and tortured him, ruining your ten bases. Is it finished?
Impossible, you know?
I have to tell you that your daughter is not qualified to compare with my son! ”
Karen li said coldly. The genius remembers the first three and five first

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