My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 598

“What are you talking about?” The blue-eyed beauty sneered.
She even found it ridiculous!
“You Chuck saved me? Maybe? It was because that person saved me. I ran out and gave you a chance to escape!” The blue-eyed beauty mocked.
This person is really shameless.
Actually saying this, how shameful is this thing done? !
The charming young woman was stunned.
Yvette, Logan, and Betty were all a little surprised.
Silent! !
“Do you think so?” Chuck expressionless.
“Of course it is. The mysterious man saved me. How could it be you?!” The blue-eyed beauty hated it.
Actually saying this, this is to thank him himself? !
It’s disgusting!
“Then explain why he didn’t show up?” Chuck asked.
“People save me like you are so disgusting. I never thought about rewarding.” The blue-eyed beauty sneered.
“According to what you mean, or did you save me?”
“Yes, it wasn’t my leaving that caused confusion. You have a chance to run?” The blue-eyed beauties didn’t believe it.
“That’s what you mean. It’s impossible for me to know your situation at that time?” Chuck asked again.
“Yes, how could you know?” Blue-eyed beauty sneered? may? ! impossible!
See how you edit it! ?
“Okay, you said something wrong just now, not because you didn’t want to show up, but because you were so entangled at that time. You were crying inside, saying don’t move you, I had already run away, I heard your pleading voice, I came back, I felt You should be rescued, so I picked up a rock and hit three people inside, all of which were in the back of the head. I think one of them should be killed by me. In the process, did I say anything wrong???” Chuck said .
In an instant, the expression of the blue-eyed beauty went from stunned, to surprise, to shock, and finally it was incredible! !
Because Chuck said this process is true, nothing wrong!
How could he know the detailed process? ! how could it be possible!
Is he really saving himself? ! impossible!
The blue-eyed beauty was confused at once, but the American people fantasized in her heart.
Because the American people are brave, how could a timid Chinese save them?
She couldn’t believe it and couldn’t accept this fact!
However, Chuck was right, did he really save himself?
I still intend to repay him, and I also like to like it??
The blue-eyed beauty collapsed at this moment, and what she thought was completely different from the reality.
She can’t accept it!
Why didn’t you save yourself? If yes, then you can fall in love and you can get married, but??
She felt a burning pain on her face!
“I regret saving you.” Chuck said indifferently.
At that time, I should leave directly. What should I do to save her?
I’m still in a trace of indifferent heart!
The charming young woman was stunned. She looked at Chuck, but she did not expect that Chuck actually saved her daughter? he?
Actually in that situation. I did it and gave my daughter another life, this? !
In a flash, the charming young woman felt a little emboldened.
Just when Karen li said that her daughter was the one who caught Chuck, she was a little shocked, and she was a bit emboldened, but she couldn’t let her face down.
But this matter is indeed that his daughter did something wrong.
However, Karen li grabbed herself like this and stunned her sister, and she felt that her daughter was doing right, but now?
This Chuck actually saved her daughter, she didn’t know what to say? !
I just feel, I feel no confidence.
“Daughter, is it real?! He saved you?” Feng Yun asked the young woman.
A huge contrast. The blue-eyed beauty burst into tears, “Yes??”
The charming young woman is even more emboldened. This is because her daughter did something wrong.
She looked at Chuck again. Suddenly, Chuck glanced a little.
She said that one is one, Chuck saved her daughter, she still has to thank for this matter.
Without Chuck, his daughter died.
She manages such a big family. The rewards and penalties must be clear.
“But why did you save me?” There is still a little luck in the blue-eyed beauty, you are lying to me, right?
Correct? !
“I don’t want you to die in the hands of those people, be forced, be killed, you should be dealt with by me!” Chuck said.
The blue-eyed beauty is sad, “You should say earlier, you should show up at that time, which makes me happy??”
She stopped.
“You fight, I let you fight.” The blue-eyed beauty said, “I was wrong, you saved me, and I can give it back to you.”
Chuck slapped her in the face.
The blue-eyed beauty didn’t hum, but got up on the ground and Chuck kicked her.
The blue-eyed beauty fell out clutching her stomach and vomited blood.
“Don’t fight, don’t fight my daughter.” Feng Yun young woman is distressed.
She did not scream out.
“Mom, don’t say it, I was wrong.” The blue-eyed beauty climbed up and Chuck walked past.
Yvette saw this, she felt relieved, how to say, in exchange for her, this blue-eyed beauty, absolutely dead!
Because she almost killed Chuck, Chuck’s head still hurts.
How should this hatred be reported? !
“Karen li, what do you want, I’ll give it to you, don’t let your son beat my daughter.” Of course, the young woman of Fengyun can’t see it anymore. If you fight like this, her daughter will definitely be seriously injured! !
“You thought your daughter was beaten, and this matter was over? My son was almost dead.
How about this account?” Karen li asked, expressionless.
In a flash, the charming young woman was speechless!
Yeah, if her daughter encountered such a thing, what would she do? Absolutely destroy this family!
“Karen li, things have reached this point, what do you want?” Feng Yun young woman sighed.
“My son has the final say.” Karen li said.
The charming young woman looks at Chuck.
Chuck has beaten the blue-eyed beauties five or six times in a row, and the blue-eyed beauties can’t get up. It looks like they’re going to pass out, Chuck didn’t keep his hands!
The charming young woman can’t stand it anymore, “Hey, don’t fight, my daughter is wrong, you have any requirements, I agree, you don’t fight!”
Yes, this time. Her daughter is everything to her!
She is willing to do anything for her daughter, as long as her daughter is no longer tortured.
“What can you promise me?” Chuck looked over expressionlessly.
“What do you say, apart from asking me for the Luofu family, I promise you everything, absolutely no words!!! As long as you agree! Don’t beat my daughter! Let her go. She knows wrong, she really knows!” Feng Yun Young woman sighs.
She has no confidence.
Chuck rescued his daughter, but his daughter still did that, that is, she complained with virtue.
How can it look like this? !
Chuck slapped on the face of the blue-eyed beauty, who fell to the ground. She choked, confused, “Why did you save me? Why??” thump!
Before she finished speaking, she passed out.
Her face was swollen, and there was blood in her mouth.
“Okay, you said it!” Chuck looked at the young woman.
“Yes, I said, you can ask your mother, I will speak, and I will never go back on my words!!”
Feng Yun young woman got serious.
Karen li nodded. As Chuck’s mother, she felt that this thing was not enough. Chuck played not enough. Although, the blue-eyed beauty was seriously injured. But his son Chuck almost died!
“Then you remember your words, I will contact you!” Chuck said.
“Okay, come and contact at any time! I said it!” The young woman nodded, her face dignified! !
“Mom. Let’s go!” Chuck said.
Karen li let go of the young woman, and a few people went outside. hall. Silent!
The charming young woman hurried over and scolded, “Don’t go to prepare a doctor yet?”
Someone will prepare.
“How about Chuck?” The blue-eyed beauty woke up confused.
“He left, I promised him a request.” Feng Yun young woman worried, she would really do it!
But what requirements will Chuck mention?
But she already said that she couldn’t ask her Luofu family, she felt at ease.
“Mom??” The blue-eyed beauty suddenly panicked.
“What’s wrong with my daughter?” Fengyun young woman was stunned.
The blue-eyed beauty was busy in her ear and said, “Mom, why do you agree? Do you know?
When I was with Amazon, he once told me that he was going to sleep with you??”

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