My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 599

“Daughter, what are you talking about?”
In a flash, Feng Yun’s young woman was shocked. She was stunned and her chin was shocked.
What did your daughter say?
Chuck said to be yourself? !
She is incredible!
What she actually thought just now, maybe Chuck’s request was for something like money, then she gave it, as long as she didn’t ask for the Luofu family, then she could give anything!
She had a little psychological preparation in her heart. But what is the situation?
What did your daughter say?
“Mom, I said, he said before. To sleep in front of me?” The blue-eyed beauty was scared.
My mother said absolutely nothing, and promised to ask, no matter what. Will definitely agree.
Then? Chuck made this request, will his mother agree?
The blue-eyed beauty dare not think about it anymore! !
“Daughter, you’re right!” The young Fengyun woman was completely stunned. impossible?
Chuck will make such a request? Sleeping?? yourself? how can that be possible?
The charming young woman was very angry just now, even angry!
That kind of request? !
However, I said absolutely promised, what should I do?
The charming young woman panicked at once.
“No, mother, why did you promise him!” The blue-eyed beauty cried.
She fainted just now, but she didn’t expect this result. She wished she was killed by Chuck just now!
And don’t see that happen.
Now that Chuck saved herself, she collapsed to the bottom, and the thoughts in her heart made her suffer.
Because she also decided to repay the mysterious man who saved herself with her own body!
But how can I repay? ? thump!
The charming young woman slumped on the ground.
She is very beautiful and has a charming charm. She gave birth to a daughter at the age of sixteen and is now thirty-four.
She likes sports and maintains her figure. Beautiful face, especially well-maintained, like the kind of early 20s, many people don’t believe that blue-eyed beauties are her daughters. When they walk together, they say they are sisters??
The mood of the young woman in a moment is beyond description! !
She was dazed, tangled, pained, struggling, angry. Finally there is despair?
If Chuckzhen made that request?
What I should do if I just said that I can do it absolutely, and I have always done it. ?
At this time, the charming young woman has fallen into pain!
The Luofu family destroyed ten bases overnight. This matter was spread in the United States.
Everyone was talking about it. Who actually did it?
It stands to reason that the Luofu family is one of the four big families. In the face of such insults, then it will definitely initiate revenge immediately!
But as the day passed, nothing happened. Shouldn’t the city be full of wind and rain, bloody winds, crazy revenge, and upset? ?
To highlight the reputation of the four major families?
But, the bird is silent!
No response at all!
Quiet to the extreme!
What does this look like? ?
Like someone slaps the Luofu family in public, but the Luofu family didn’t resist, and they silently endured it!
What is going on here?
What happened?
What can be said, the people of the United States are all forced. Because it is not right, the Luofu family is too quiet.
Who is this man who destroyed the ten bases of the Luofu family?
Everyone discusses this after dinner.
There is a lot of discussion about who this is.
“Miss, the Luo Fu family did that for Karen li, in order to avenge Chuck,”
Ten thousand hidden families!
The woman reads lazily.
“Oh, what did she do?” The woman was plain.
“Yes, she did it.” When this happened, how could it be secret, how could it be hidden from the eyes and ears of the secret family?
It can be said that there is nothing that the secret family does not know all over the world.
“It’s kind of interesting, this Karen li really surprised me!” The woman put down her book.
Being able to destroy the ten bases of the Luofu family overnight, her secret family can certainly do so easily.
Not to waste any effort yet.
But this easy to use four-character word is only suitable for the secret family. Now, this Karen li has actually done this, so, I really look at her first.
“By the way, I asked you to check Karen li. How is it going?” the woman asked with interest.
“This??” The man is a bit hard to say.
“What’s the matter? Zhiwuwuwu, say something directly.” said the woman.
“Yes, I found a little bit. Karen li really has some other things. They are hidden deep. I spent a little time to find out.” The man said.
He passed some clues and found something. It was a few companies. The boss behind the scene was Karen li!
He was also very surprised when he knew this!
Their secret family knows the world well! !
Now, for Karen li, does the secret family actually know anything?
“Oh? What is it?” The woman was lazy.
“A pharmaceutical factory, a network, and…” said the man.
“It’s kind of interesting, this Karen li actually learned from our hidden family.”
“Where is Karen li eligible to learn the secret family?” The man disdains, even if he finds out several companies, what about?
Compared with the secret family. It was also a sky, a land, the difference between ants and elephants.
“This Karen li is clever and high-key on the surface. Actually low-key, what we see now should be what she wants us to see, and the real her. It was actually hidden by her, which is a bit interesting,” the woman said.
“Miss, what are you saying is true?” The man was stunned and could actually do such a thing in the sight of the three secret families?
How can it be done? After all, the simplest, but the whole world has been divided by the secret family!
Karen li actually did such a thing under the tiger’s eyelids, is it possible? ?
“It should be, try my best to find out, how many things Karen li still hides,” the cold light flashed inside the woman’s beautiful eyes!
She was a little angry, Karen li could actually do this?
“Yes, I will check immediately.” The man nodded. Of course he saw it, and the woman was angry.
This is not a good sign!
The man was about to leave, but the woman suddenly thought of something and became lazy again. “Oh, what happened to the matter I asked you to check yesterday?”
“Chuck’s father, Zhang Qingyang? This man??” The man stopped.
“What’s wrong?” The woman was lazy.
“A bit mysterious.”
“Oh, of course it’s mysterious. A woman like Karen li can see him. You said there is no mystery.
How could it be worthy of Karen li?” The woman thought of this yesterday.
Leaving aside the rest, the woman admits that Karen li can compare with herself in terms of IQ.
How can someone with a high IQ find an unknown person? ?
This is too unreasonable.
“Where is the mystery?” the woman asked.
“I can’t find where Zhang Qingyang is, nor his family background, everything seems to be empty.”
The man said it, to the extent that surprised him, as much as the discovery of Karen li’s hiding.
I couldn’t find it, but this is a situation rarely encountered by the hidden family before!
“Oh, this is normal. No matter when, the door is always checked. Give me this Zhang Qingyang to check it out! It is estimated that it is also a person with a background similar to Karen li.” The woman picked up the book.
“Yes! That Chuck, do you still need to be monitored?” The man felt that his lady seemed to be more interested in Chuck, did she really like Chuck? ?
“Why not?” the woman asked.
“Miss, can I ask?” The man was careful.
“Do you really want to marry Chuck?” The man thinks, what is that to marry Chuck? That is why Chuck’s toad ate the lady’s swan meat? !
“Yes, he is the only man I am interested in now.” The laziness of the woman’s pretty face was gone.
“So what should Karen li disagree with?” the man asked.
“Disagree? I haven’t done what I want to do, she disagrees, I let her agree, force her to agree, not agree, then only let her disappear forever!!” Inside the woman’s beautiful eyes, suddenly There is a cold light!

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