My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 7

However, Chuck Cannon took out Yvette Jordan’s mobile phone, opened her WeChat, and added himself to it. Chuck’s current WeChat account was a blank slate with no friends added ever since he opened this account. Yvette would never know that it was Chuck’s WeChat account.
There must’ve been something wrong with Yvette’s training company, otherwise, she would not have come here to drink. If she needed money, Chuck would not mind transferring it to her.
After helping her accept his WeChat friend request, Chuck left.
Chuck took a shower and wanted to sleep after returning to his room. When dawn broke, he had already checked out early. He had to go to the real estate agency to settle the house procedures today.
“My head hurts!”
She tried hard and recalled someone shouting loudly. Yes, that’s it, someone must’ve saved her, right?
It must be so!
Yvette gave a sigh of relief. She put on her clothes and sat on the bed. Sighing again, she thought it was probably time to transfer the ownership of her company to someone else. She didn’t want to go through last night’s incident again.
Yvette turned on her phone as she received a WeChat message. It was actually a stranger’s WeChat account, whose name was “Baller”.
Is it really a baller?
“Are you awake?”
After seeing this message, Yvette was surprised. This person must have saved her last night and then added her on WeChat.
She immediately replied, “Hey, did you save me last night?”
“Well, sort of”
“Thank you. Do I know you?” Yvette asked.
“Then how do I thank you? If it weren’t for you last night, I would have been…. (Three crying face emojis)”
“You don’t have to thank me, but I have to remind you not to stay over with others in a hotel. It’s too dangerous!”
“Thank you. There was something wrong with my company. That’s why…” Yvette replied.
The man didn’t reply for twenty seconds and Yvette sighed. He probably thought that she was an easy woman, so he ignored her. However, she still thanked him in her heart and wanted to see this man. Yvette put down her mobile phone, but!
The baller transferred one hundred thousand dollars. Yvette was dumbfounded. “This guy actually transferred 100,000 dollars to me?”
She was stunned and replied in a hurry, “What are you doing, baller?”
“Isn’t your company facing difficulties? Then I will transfer the money to you so you don’t have to drink with others anymore”.
Yvette double confirmed that she did not mistakenly read the message. She took a deep breath and replied, “Thank you, Baller, but you saved me last night and I haven’t even thanked you, how can I take your money?”
The other party did not respond! But! Ten seconds! Ding!
The baller transferred one hundred thousand dollars! Again!
Yvette was completely shocked. Is this guy really a baller? If so, when did she ever know a guy like this?
Yvette felt puzzled and clicked on his profile. She wanted to see his album, but didn’t find anything. Who was this guy?
“Thank you, but really it’s fine. I will solve my own problems”. Yvette finally replied after some thinking. This man gave her two hundred thousand dollars all of a sudden. She couldn’t accept it, and didn’t dare to accept it.
“Well, if you are in trouble, you can contact me”
Seeing the message, Yvette put down her phone in bewilderment after replying a “Thanks”. Who is this guy? Why is he helping her? She was full of doubts.
She thought about it for a while and decided to sell out her own house and buy a smaller house and use the remaining money to see if she could revive her training company.
After all, she only managed to buy her current house and car thanks to the money earned by this training company! She would not be contented to give up just like this!
She made up her mind to pack up her things and check out. Then, she would contact the real estate agency to sell her house…..
Chuck looked at his mobile phone and gave a wry smile. Yvette didn’t accept the money transferred to her? At least, he finally managed to “become friends” with Yvette, and even managed to chat with her so casually. Unfortunately, it was not a face-to-face conversation.
Chuck thought to himself, if Yvette was really facing problems, she would definitely ask him for help. Then, he could help her.
Soon, he got to the real estate agency. When the employee saw Chuck coming, he immediately served him tea and gave him a seat. He had made a lot of money this month. Chuck was definitely his god of prosperity!
“Mr Cannon, please wait a moment. The owner will come soon”, the employee said politely.
Chuck nodded. There was nothing to worry about. After all, it was almost the holidays and there was no class this morning. However, after playing with his mobile phone for a while, he suddenly saw Yvette’s car at the door. He was shocked. No way, was WeChat already so high-tech for her to be able to track him down?
Don’t panic, it’s impossible. But why is Yvette here? Is she selling her house?
Chuck took a deep breath and hurriedly said he needed to go to the washroom before dashing inside. He carefully looked out and saw Yvette coming in with a bag. The other employees immediately served her politely. Her clothes were not cheap so everyone could see that Yvette had purchasing power.
With only a few words, the employee had Yvette sign some documents before driving off in her car.
Chuck walked out and said, “What was the pretty lady doing?”
“She wanted to sell her house!”
He was speechless. Was Yvette really selling her house? Is her company facing that much hardship? They didn’t talk much before, so Chuck naturally did not know her situation. He didn’t expect it to be like this!
Soon, the owner of the house Chuck wanted to buy dropped by. He went out with the real estate middleman to complete some paperwork documents until late afternoon. Finally, Chuck had his own house! Mind him, a few days ago, he was still fretting over what to eat, but now it felt so good having a baller as a mom!
Back at the agency, Chuck asked the staff who had just returned from Yvette’s house. The staff said, “The pretty lady just now was selling her house, three rooms, 130 square meters. According to market price, it would cost about 1.2 million dollars. She said if she could be paid all the money at once, there could be a discount of fifty thousand dollars!”
“That means it can be taken care of with 1.2 million dollars!” Chuck’s eyes flashed.
“Are you interested, Mr Cannon?” The employee’s eye lit up. It was not a big deal for a person who could pay up three million dollars at once to buy another house.
“Wait, I’ll make a phone call and ask”. Chuck took out his mobile phone to call his mother and it was quickly connected. “Chucky!”
“Mom, I still want some money….” He said.
“Okay, Mom will transfer ten million dollars to you now!” His mother chuckled.
“Mom, I’m using it to buy a house. I didn’t have enough money, that’s why…” Chuck explained hesitantly.
“No need to give any reasons. If my son wants to spend money, just spend it. Remember I’m your mom, I’ll give you as much as you want!”
Chuck’s eyes reddened. He had never felt the warmth of parents since young, but now that he had, Chuck felt warm inside. Although it was normal for moms to be like this, he still felt like he was dreaming.
“Thank you, mom”
“Silly child, I’ll transfer it to you now”.
The call ended in less than ten minutes, Chuck received a text message on his mobile phone, indicating that he had just received ten million dollars! Together with the remaining money in his account, he now had about 11.3 million dollars. Chuck took a deep breath and walked up to the employee before announcing, “Call her now and say that someone wants to buy her house!”

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