My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 61

Soon enough, those ten people came the room and there were no expressions on their faces.
Richard Yuri sighed and went out immediately. Chuck then heard the sound of the car leaving. They must be sending his son to the hospital now.
The whole place was quiet!
The woman in a suit snapped her fingers. Then, the well-trained personnel arranged the tables and chairs of the banquet back to the original place and left when they were done.
The place returned to normal, as if nothing had happen just now. No one spoke even when the personnel were arranging the tables and chairs. The place was literally dead silent.
At this time, the waiters served the dishes, and the banquet began.
The onlookers then began to find their seat and sat down. Everyone was only talking about the same thing in a low voice, that was, what exactly was Chuck Cannon’s background and who he was!
Wilbur Wendel had been completely shocked. If he were one who had beaten William Yuri today, he would definitely be the one going to the hospital. However, Chuck actually managed to be the one sending William to the hospital.
“Dad, who is he?” Wilbur whispered to his father, Harold Wendel.
Harold shook his head helplessly and said, “I don’t really know the details, but what we should do is to befriend Chuck. We wouldn’t want to offend him. Never!”
‘Well, dad, I know what I should do now,” Wilbur nodded. He was scared. If his father didn’t show up that day, he wondered if he would end up like William.
Zelda Maine sat down and looked at Chuck. Even though she still had her doubts on whether the new owner of the plaza was Chuck or not previously, but she had no more doubts when she saw how Chuck easily called such a powerful person over a phone call and solved the problem of Richard.
The new owner of the plaza was definitely him!
Zelda was full of curiosity in her heart. She wondered who Chuck really was and why he gave the fifth floor of his plaza to Yvette Jordan instead of her. Zelda was not happy about it.
“Please come over here with me!” The woman in the suit said to Chuck.
Chuck nodded his head and followed after the woman, but when he passed by Yolanda Lane’s side, he saw her reddened cheeks with palm print on them. It made Yolanda, who was usually confident and cheerful, look like a fragile and delicate flower, which was very lovable but also made people sympathize about her.
Chuck sighed. Yolanda was indeed an unbending woman. She didn’t cry or make a fuss when faced with a situation like this. She really had the potential to be a successful businesswoman.
“Go ahead and have your meal. I’ll go and meet with someone first.” Chuck said.
“Alright, thank you.” Yolanda was really grateful. If it weren’t for Chuck, she would have been in a bad state today, and her virginity would have been taken away by William. She had sworn in her heart that she would definitely work hard to repay Chuck.
“No problem.” Chuck shook his head and followed the woman in a suit to a place.
Yolanda sat down and had a strange feeling in her heart. She touched her painful cheek and thought, “Will Chuck laugh at me for being ugly today?”
“Young Master, you can cal me Betty!” Betty Bernard, the woman in the suit said respectfully.
She took Chuck up to the top floor of the hotel by elevator. Chuck was a little surprised. Was his mother at the hotel’s penthouse?
“Well, is my mother… at the penthouse?” Chuck couldn’t help but ask.
“Yes.” Betty nodded.
Ding! The elevator door opened.
They arrived at the top floor of the hotel. When Chuck went out from the elevator, he saw the luxurious decoration. It was really a place where only rich people could afford.
“But since my mother is so rich, what is wrong with booking a room here? She can afford it anyway.” Chuck thought in his heart.
“Young Master, please!” Betty led Chuck to the door of a room.
Chuck knocked on the door doubtfully and whispered, “Mom, are you in there?”
Chuck was very nervous. He had never seen his parents before. He was brought up all by his own grandfather. This year, when he was almost 20 years old, his rich mother suddenly appeared, which made Chuck a little confused.
“Yes, come in!” A light and doting voice came from the room.
Chuck was thrilled. This was his mother’s voice from his phone!
Chuck pushed the door open and entered the room. Betty was standing at the door, waiting for him.
Inside the room, it was a working place. A woman, who looked to be in her early thirties, was looking at Chuck with a smile. The smile was faint, but full of motherly love.
Chuck was shocked!
He did not expect his mother to look so young. Her facial features were so beautiful and she was elegant and graceful. People would know she was rich at a first glance. Was she really his mother?
Chuck found it hard to believe because he had not inherited his mother’s genes at all. Only his eyebrows were somewhat like hers. If he could completely inherit her facial features, then Chuck would definitely be a handsome man.
“Mom, mom….” Chuck tentatively called her.
“Silly child, don’t you remember me?” Chuck’s mother smiled and walked over. “Are you okay just now?”
“I’m fine,” Chuck shook his head.
Seeing his mother worried about him, Chuck’s dreamy feeling disappeared. He felt real and excited. He was so excited to see his family members who he had not seen for nearly 20 years.
Chuck cried, and his eyes were red.
“Why are you crying? You are such a big boy already but yet you still cry?” Chuck’s mother shook her head.
Chuck wiped away his tears, saying that he was too excited.
Chuck’s mother’s eyes were red too. “Don’t cry, you should be happy.”
“Yes. Alright.” Chuck nodded.
“Let’s sit down.” said his mother.
Chuck followed and sat down. He felt comfortable sitting on the big sofa, but he suddenly had a question that he wanted to ask his mother.
“Mom, what’s your name?. Chuck asked subconsciously.
“Remember, my surname is Lee, and my real name is Karen.” said his mother.
“What!” Chuck realized something.
Chuck jumped up from the sofa. He just found that the room was an office place and it was also on the top floor. Who would have this kind of treatment except for the boss?
In this way, the person who spent billions of dollars buying this five-star hotel, invited him to the banquet, and prepared clothes for him is Madam Lee, his mother?
His mother always loved spending money and the first thing that she bought was a five-star hotel?
Chuck was shocked!
“Is it fun?” Karen smiled.
“Mother, did you buy this building just for fun?” Chuck asked. His mother was too rich!
“No, I’m asking you if it’s fun,” Chuck’s mother shook her head.
“It’s fun.” Chuck sat down and smiled. He was really surprised and he was even more curious about his mother’s second purchase.
“What was the item she’s going to buy?” He wondered.
“It’s good that you have fun. Are you hungry? What do you want to eat? I’ll cook for you.” Chuck’s mother walked to the side and made Chuck realised how big the room was. There was a kitchen and a bedroom inside the room too.
Chuck was moved. He had never eaten anything made by his mother. He really wanted to eat a meal that was made by her today. “I will have whatever you are making,” Chuck said.
“Okay, I’ll cook for you now. Wait for me,” Chuck’s mother put on an apron and began cooking in the kitchen. Soon, three dishes and one soup were prepared skillfully. It looked perfect.
One of the dishes was stir-fried tomato and egg, one was minced meat with eggplant, one was braised beef, and the other one was seaweed soup. All of the dishes were commonly seen but Chuck was almost crying when he saw it. It turned out that mother’s cooking was the best.
“Why are you crying again? If you wish to eat something in the future, you can come here at any time,” said his mother.
“Well…. Has dad come back yet?” Chuck asked.
“I came back earlier. He’s still abroad,” Chuck’s mother said.
Chuck also wanted to see his father. After all, he had never seen his father before. Maybe his father was still working abroad. After the meal, his mother washed the dishes. Chuck was curious. “Mother, since you are so rich, you don’t need to do the washing by yourself, right?”
“We should wash our own plate. This way, we don’t have to worry if others wash the plates properly or not. You can watch the TV while waiting for me. I’ll talk to you after I’m done washing,” said Chuck’s mother.
Chuck sat down on the couch. But at this time, mother’s cell phone rang on the table. Chuck picked it up and placed it gently beside his mother’s ear.
Chuck seemed to have heard voice in the tone of briefing from the phone. His mother frowned and said in a dignified voice, “Remember, don’t tell me any project that is less than three billion dollars in the future. I’ll give you about three days to take down the eight billion dollars project. I only want to hear one result, that is they want to sell it and I’ll buy it!”
Chuck was stunned. His mother was so domineering. How many things did she want to buy?
“Okay, I have finished talking.” The phone was hung up. Chuck’s mother, who was serious just now, smiled instantly and said softly to him.
The successful businesswoman turned into a kind mother in a blink of an eye.
Chuck put his mother’s mobile phone on the table. After a while, his mother finished washing the dishes, she took off her apron and sat down on the sofa. She looked at Chuck and said, “I have prepared the outfit for you but you gave it to the little girl named Yolanda. Why did you do that?”
This question confused Chuck. “Mother, please, don’t think too much. I just have no partner to bring, so I brought her here…. Mother, what do you mean? Who did you prepare this outfit for?” Chuck asked.

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