My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 62

Chuck Cannon was confused when he heard mother’s words. “Mother, do you mean……”
“I don’t mean anything else. Just do what you think is right. I won’t restrict you about it.” Chuck’s mother said.
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, and they continued to chat. But his mother didn’t mention anything about what she had been doing for so many years abroad. Chuck didn’t know how to ask. When it was almost time, Chuck was ready to go back. After all, Yolanda Lane was still waiting downstairs.
Since his mother was here, he could see her at any time.
Chuck walked out of the room and Betty Bemard sent him down. Then she returned to the room after that.
After closing the door, Karen Lee sat on the chair and looked at the documents. Betty didn’t speak and just stood there quietly. At this time, Karen asked Betty, “What do you think of my son?”
“You mean…..” Betty was surprised. Betty felt that Chuck had a good character. He was rich but he was not arrogant or bragged about it. She had never seen such a humble young master before.
“Very good.” Betty said
“I also think he’s very good. After all, he’s my son.” Karen said proudly.
Karen covered the document on the table. When she looked up, her face turned cold. “How is the project going on?”
“Richard has three companies under his name, one of them is a construction company, one is a renovation company, and the other one is an entertainment company. Their annual income is 300 million. The assets….” Betty said.
“With only three companies and yet he is so arrogant? They almost hurt my son. I don’t want to see Richard ever again!” Karen said coldly.
“Yes, do you need me to get rid of him?” Betty asked. “He’s currently in the Central Hospital. I can send someone to deal with him now!” Betty said.
“No, I don’t want them to think Chucky is such a cruel person yet. It’s not good for Chucky to know this,” Karen shook her head.
“Then you mean…..” Betty was not sure what Karen wanted.
”Tonight, we’ll shut down all of his three companies! Then give him three days time to leave this place! if he doesn’t leave in three days, then he’ll stay here forever.” Karen’s eyes were cold, and no one would dare to stare at the killing intention in her eyes.
“Yes! Please wait for a moment. I’ll do it now…..” Betty bowed her head and turned around respectfully.
“Wait!” Karen raised her hand and stopped her again.
“Yes,” Betty stopped, turned around, and bowed her head once again.
“Remember, his whole family must get out of here! If any of them dares to stay here and shows up in front of my son again, wherever they go, I will kill them.” Karen said angrily.
“Understood!” Betty nodded, but hesitated to ask, “Do you need me to ask someone protect the young master?”
“Protect him secretly. If necessary, don’t care about the family killing order. Whoever hurts my son, no matter who it is, I want their whole family to die!” Karen said coldly.
“Yes!” Betty nodded.
Karen hesitated and raised her hand again.
Betty stopped and asked subconsciously, “You seem to be very hesitant?”
Betty had been following Karen for so many years, she had never seen her in such a dilemma. When Karen said about killing someone, she would never go back on her words. But now she was a little hesitant… Was it all because of Mr Cannon?
“That’s right. I’m in a dilemma, Karen admitted.
Karen nodded and sat down again. “Chucky is still young, and I hope that he can slowly take charge of his own business. Therefore, there will inevitably be a process of growth. If I arranged everything for him, it would be unfair to him. So, listen to Chucky, and you can solve the problem in whatever ways he wants,” Karen said.
Betty nodded and went out. She went downstairs and took out her cell phone and called someone. “Seal all three companies of Richard! Deal with it right now!” She said.
Then, she hung up the phone.
At the Central Hospital.
Richard Yuri looked worriedly at his son who was at the intensive care unit. His heart was bleeding. How could this be? His son had been rescued for nearly an hour and had not come out.
Richard was nervous. He had really offended a person who shouldn’t be offended!
When he was pacing back and forth, his cell phone rang all of a sudden. He looked at his phone and answered it……
Five seconds later, Richard’s eyes widened and he roared in the corridor, “Who did it? Who dares to close down my company? Find it out immediately! How dare he provoke me, I’ll kill him!”
After hanging up the phone, Richard was furious! He was in a bad mood today.
However, when he saw that Betty was actually walking towards him as if she was locking on a target, he felt that something was wrong.
The anger on his face disappeared and asked politely, “Are you lookng for me?”
“Yes! In three days time, get out of this place! Or else, you will stay here forever!” After saying this coldly, Betty turned and left.
Richard froze. A trace of fear spread across his face. He struggled, was furious, and finally, he was in despair. His face was as pale as death and he collapsed onto the ground. He was regretful…..
Chuck was still in his mother’s room. Time flies and almost all the people at the banquet were gone. However, Yolanda Lane’s face was still red and swollen, and the palm print was still very obvious. Of course, she could not go back to school now.
Chuck was ernbarrassed to ask her to go to his house, so he just asked her to stay in the hotel for a night. Yolanda lowered her head and did not refuse. So, he went to the reception desk to book a room for her.
When the beauty at the reception desk saw that it was Chuck, she immediately booked the best presidential suite politely for him.
“It’s too expensive.” Yolanda shook her head and said.
“It’s okay. I know the boss here. It’s free.” Chuck smiled.
“Well, thank you.” Yolanda thanked him, but she was surprised in her heart. How did Chuck know so many people. He even knew Madam Lee, the hotel owner. Yolanda found it hard to believe.
“You’re welcome.” Chuck shook his head and said.
Soon after the receptionist handed over the room card, Chuck brought Yolanda upstairs to the room. “You can live in the hotel first. I’ll bring over your clothes to you tomorrrow morning.” Chuck said.
“Thank you,” Yolanda thanked him and closed the door.
After that, Chuck turned around and took the elevator down. He hoped that Yolanda would have a good sleep at night and feel better tomorrow. Atter all, she was slapped twice, which was hurtful for a woman.
However, when the elevator door opened, three beautiful women came out together. They wore short skirts which revealed their long legs. Their top was even sexier and it showed their thin waist. Anyway, it made men feel good.
Chuck took a few more glances at them. What were these women doing?
“What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen any women before?” One of the women said.
“Gve me 5,000 dollars. I’ll let you watch as much as you want!” Another woman said.
“Look at dirty clothing, he definitely would not have 5,000 dollars on him.” The third woman said. The three women were full of contempt.
Chuck looked down at his clothes. He had a fight just now, and his clothes were really dirty and torn.
When they came out of the elevator, they didn’t even bother to Iook at Chuck. Chuck saw that there seemed to be something in these beautiful women’s pockets. Was it a card? He frowned. “What are you three doing here?” Chuck asked.
“It’s none of your business!” They replied in urison.
The yellow-haired beauty glared at Chuck.
“That’s disgusting. Where are you staring at? You pervert!” Another beautiful woman also stared at Chuck angrily.
”What’s in your pant?” Chuck saw the card. “Are they giving out their “business cards” in his mother’s hotel? Doesn’t it affect the reputation of the hotel?” Chuck suspected.
“Are you out of your mind? Mind your own business!” The women shouted.
“Don’t pay attention to him. He talked to us on purpose. Look at him, he’s really dirty.” Another woman said.
“Yes, just ignore him. Let’s contnue to give out the card. This hotel is new and there must be a lot of big bosses coming here. It’s no problem for us to earn a 5-figure revenue today!” The woman said.
The three beautiful women took out the colorful cards from their pockets. They put it from door to door rapidly. Chuck came over angrily and said, “Stop this immediately, I’ll kick you out of the hotel if you continue!”
”Who the hell are you?” The yellow-haired woman walked over angrily. “What does It have to do with you? Is this hotel yours? How dare you try to drive us out!” The yellow-haired woman said.
”What a lunatic! I’ve never seen such a shameless person!” The other woman too commented.
“Don’t talk to him anymore! He just wants to chat with us. What a lousy method! It’s annoying! If you want to have fun with us, just give us 5,000 dollars. If you want sleep with us, then the price is different. If you don’t have the money, then get out of here!” The yellow-haired woman said arrogantly.
“He doesn’t look he has! It’s a waste of our time to talk with him!” The three of them walked away.
They continued sliding the cards to every room. Chuck glanced at them and took out his phone to call Betty. “Betty, call the security guards to the 26th floor!” Chuck said.
When Chuck put away his phone, the three beauties looked at each other and became more disdainful.
“Did I hear it wrongly? Who did he call?” The yellow-haired woman asked her friends.

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