My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 616

The old man said so, the youth immediately nodded respectfully and said, “Yes, how can Karen li let our secret family inform us?”
The old man said indifferently, with a natural sense of superiority in his voice, “You know, Karen li is a good talent in recent decades, but compared with our three secret families, it is still too much worse. , Let me personally send someone to inform her? Is she qualified?…”
The young man nodded in a hurry. After all, he was a member of the secret family. Of course he should be respectful.
He was trembling just now, afraid to say the wrong thing.
“Then, what are you going to do with Logan?” the young man asked with his head bowed.
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After all, when Logan woke up did not know.
“Now that I am saved, then it’s my wanderer.” The old man looked at Logan on the hospital bed.
“What do you mean?” The youth was stunned and unexpectedly looked at the unconscious Logan.
“You have followed me from childhood to the present, and it has been almost twenty years, and you don’t know what I am thinking?” The old man turned his head to look at him, his eyes high.
The voice is unquestionable, it seems to be an inquiry, and it seems to be a teaching.
The young man hurriedly lowered his head, “I am dumb, please speak clearly.”
“My son has always been disappointed, and there are flowers and grass everywhere. Listening to his meaning is that I didn’t find a favorite. This Logan is good in facial features. I can barely be a pair with my son…” The old man said lightly .
“What? Do you mean to make Logan and Young Master get married?” The young man was shocked.
“Yes, with this idea, Logan looks more comfortable. I have a husband and wife with my son.
According to what you said, the personality should also be good. Just be my daughter-in-law. It should also be good, otherwise what should I do to save her back??” The old man’s eyes calmed down.
Like an ice cube, there is no mood swing.
“But her status is low, this belongs to Gao Pan.” The youth said quickly.
How much is Logan’s net worth? How do you fit into the family of the hidden family? ?
It is safe to let the sparrow like Logan fly to the branch and become a phoenix!
“Although it is Gao Pan, but there is no way. The girl of Wanjia disagrees, and the other daughters of Wanjia don’t work, so it’s okay, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter what my son means, it’s a big dislike, let this Logan gave me a grandson to come out and just blasted her away…” said the old man.
“Yes, if there is a young master, then the young master will definitely be relieved,” the youth nodded.
It seems this matter is relatively simple.
With Master’s character, this Logan will definitely be dumped.
But giving birth to a child can be regarded as your reward for Logan’s best efforts.
“So, need to discuss with the young master?” asked the youth.
“Consultation? Why should we discuss?” the old man said lightly.
“You…” The youth was stunned again.
“I don’t know my son’s character yet? The Logan sign that he can’t move when he sees a woman.
He must like… Hey, she seems to be awake.” The old man suddenly saw Logan moving in bed.
The youth also saw, “Master, then shall we go in?”
“Wait a minute, you said that Logan, whose head is so hurt, does it really affect memory?” said the old man.
“should be.”
“Well, you can call the young master over to see.” The old man ordered.
“Yes!” The youth retreated and left.
The old man looked at Logan inside, and he pushed the door in.
Logan in the hospital bed felt very painful and painful. She had a long dream and dreamed a lot of people, but she felt that some people were a little strange, she could not remember the names of some people, and wanted to talk to some people. Bit by bit, like a young man named Chuck in his dream…
“Me, where am I?” Logan opened her eyes and sat up with difficulty. She felt her head and felt pain.
She looked at the surrounding environment, so strange! !
“You woke up?” The old man came in with a smile.
Logan was stunned, “Well, woke up, are you?”
“My name is Yu?” said the old man.
“You? I don’t know you, did you save me?” Logan touched his stinging head and felt that there was a place where he could not remember.
“Yes, don’t you remember anything?” The old man came to care.
“I, I just remember, my name is Logan, and then I don’t remember many things, my head hurts.”
Logan felt pain.
Why is this happening? Why don’t you remember?
Is it because of my stinging head? She felt awkward in her heart. She seemed to have a person in her heart, and she especially wanted to meet her.
Who is this person? ?
I can’t remember the person’s appearance, I can’t remember it at all.
Logan shook his head, what did the person he really wanted to see look like?
“I don’t remember a lot of things?” The old man had a light in his eyes.
“Well, I don’t remember, I just remember, there is a person in my heart. I like this person very much, but I like it very much, but I don’t remember the name of this person, nor the appearance of this person, my head hurts,” Logan sad.
When I think about it, my head hurt terribly.
How can I forget the person I like? ?
Logan thought of it desperately, but the person he wanted to meet couldn’t remember it.
“Ah, don’t remember? So, you forgot Tianle?” The old man sighed suddenly.
“Tianle? Who is Tianle?” Logan was at a loss.
The name is so strange that she has no name in her memory.
“Ah, Tianle is my son, and the one you like. Have you forgotten this?” The old man sighed.
“I like Tianle?!” Logan was even more confused.
Is it like this? Why can’t I remember at all?
“Yes, you are all ready to get married, you know? But at this juncture, you have forgotten him. If Tianle knows, how sad?” The old man sighed, his face sad.
Logan is in pain, getting married? ?
Are you going to marry this Tianle?
I don’t have any memory of this!
“Wait, this Tianle, I don’t remember the very strange name, I think about it, the person I like in my heart seems to be called Ce…” Logan thought painfully, splitting his headache.
At this time, a gentle, worried voice came in, “Logan, are you awake?”
Logan was stunned. A handsome man came in, with blue eyes and a Chinese face, which was mixed.
“Are you?” Logan was at a loss, why is this person so strange? Have you seen it yourself? !
“Ah, I am Tianle, did you forget me?” You Tianle sighed.
“You are Tianle?” Logan was at a loss, the old man said, the person he likes is Tianle, then this person?
But it doesn’t seem to be. What does the person you like look like? ?
Can’t remember.
“Yes, alas, I’m wrong, I shouldn’t take you to play and let you fall from the mountain, Logan, forgive me?” You Tianle came over, all with love in her eyes.
“You mean I fell from the mountain?” Logan touched his stinging head.
“Well, it’s too sudden. Even if I catch you, I can’t catch it. I can only watch you fall. I’m sorry, forgive me.” You Tianle reached out and grabbed Logan’s hand, especially gentle.
Logan felt that the temperature at this moment was too unfamiliar, and she hurriedly pulled out,
“Don’t touch me.”
“Um, sorry, I miss you so much,” You Tianle said.
“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Logan shook his head. “My head hurts, and I want to sleep, is it okay?”
“Of course, you should rest well.” You Tianle said with a sigh of relief.
Logan closed her eyes.
You Tianle glanced at the old man, and the two came out.
“Dad…” You Tianle smiled.
“Looking at you, quite satisfied?” The old man was indifferent.
“Of course, I have heard the name Logan, but she has been in China. I’m too lazy to go over, otherwise I’ll catch her long ago, Dad, what do you mean now, is that I want to marry her?” You Tianle was a little excited.
He was born and has been on the side of the United States. He has never been to Huaxia, but he still knows the name of Logan.
Beautiful and intellectual!
This was the woman he had taken a fancy to. The young man had just come to him and said that Logan was here, so he got excited immediately. At first glance, it was Logan.

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