My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 617

“If you look at her, then of course I agree to marry. After all, there are not many women with good genes in the world today. How can that inferior gene be worthy of my home visit?”
“Yes, but… she really lost her memory?” You Tianle looked back at Logan who was resting on the bed.
“Well, didn’t you just say it well?”
You Tianle smiled a little, and this kind of bubble girl’s trick came in handy.
Just casually said just now.
“But she doesn’t seem to trust me,” You Tianle said. When she touched Logan’s hand, Logan’s subconscious reaction was to pull it back, and when she said, “Don’t touch me,” the tone was subconsciously cold.
This woman is very resistant! !
But the more you resist, the more interesting You Tianle becomes.
What do you mean by cheating casually? ?
Such a situation as Logan is the most interesting time. After all, let the smarter step by step believe that the person she likes is herself. This process is particularly interesting.
This is a juggling process and a bit challenging.
“You say this? It’s not like what you say when you go out and play with women every day.” The old man asked indifferently.
“Dad, didn’t I learn from you? When you were young, did you play less?” You Tianle smiled.
“It’s getting bigger and bigger.” The old man didn’t get angry, who called this his own favorite son? ?
“Fuck dad, this time you made this decision, I like it, I agree.” You Tianle continued to see Logan on the bed. it’s beautiful! !
The pale lips are so pitiful that You Tianle actually has a feeling of first love. This is not the feeling that ordinary women can give themselves!
“Since you said that, then okay, I agree with the biggest purpose of this matter, you should know?” The old man calmed down.
“What is it? Do you want this Logan, Pheasant to become a Phoenix?” You Tianle was confused.
“Don’t pretend, grandson. In a year’s time, I can’t hold a grandson. She, I will blow her out!” The old man turned and left.
Yes, when he saw Logan in a coma in the deep forest, he was “fancy”.
These old people like them believe this. Logan is tall, one meter seven two, and looks beautiful, so the children born will not be genetically bad.
At least height, looks certainly not bad?
Youjia is a huge hidden family, and the more offspring, the better.
This Logan, just happens to be this tool.
“Hey, rest assured, Dad, I won’t let you down,” You Tianle smiled.
He snapped his fingers.
Someone came in a hurry and respectfully, “Master, what do you ask?”
“Let the porridge best come over,”
“Mr. Wen is out, he also has his own shop to deal with.” The man said cautiously.
You Tianle slapped this man in the face, “Say it again? His shop??”
The man knelt in fear, “Master, wait a moment, I will immediately call this man back.”
“Well, let him come back in ten minutes, otherwise I will die him! Let him come and look for me after cooking. I want to tell her that this porridge is my love porridge.” You Tianle laughed.
“Yes,” the man retreated.
You Tianle looked at Logan through the glass, and he smiled, “Beauty, I am not lying to you, but give you a chance to fly to the branch and become a phoenix. You have to take hold…”

Logan is actually not sleeping. She is thinking about this. This Tianle is too strange. She is a person she likes. Why doesn’t she feel anything at all? ?
The only feeling is strange!
Logan sighed. He had a headache. This person he likes should be particularly simple. He should be very young. He may still be studying. Maybe… How can he be sad and lost? ?
Could it be that someone he likes has someone he likes? This is yourself? ? Crush?
Logan in her heart, silently put together the look of this favorite person, but it is particularly vague…
Suddenly, a scent came in, and she opened her eyes.
“Logan, this is the porridge I made for you personally. You drink a little. In the past, you like to drink the porridge that I boiled the most. Look, this is still not the previous taste.” You Tianle loved to bring the porridge over It’s time to feed Logan.
Logan shook her head hurriedly, “Thank you, I will come by myself.”
“It’s okay, I’ll feed you, good boy.” You Tianle smiled and scooped a little porridge with a spoon, and delivered it to Logan’s mouth.
“No! I’ll do it myself!”
Logan retreated, she felt particularly disgusted.
How can you force someone you like? ?
You Tianle frowned, but his expression quickly recovered and smiled, “Well, you come by yourself.”
Logan feels that he hasn’t eaten for a long time, he is really hungry, he still wants to eat something, otherwise he has no energy.
After she drank the porridge, she was considered strong.
“I help you down and walk around,” You Tianle reached out.
“Don’t you touch me?? I come by myself. I don’t like people touching me,” Logan shook her head, and she got out of bed.
Her physical fitness is particularly good, so when she wakes up, she can move around reluctantly. She thinks of herself well, and quickly remembers what she likes.
“But I used to hug you often, you didn’t refuse, now… do you really forget me?” You Tianle sighed, full of sadness.
“I… I don’t have you in my memory at all,” Logan was at a loss. There were many people in her memory, but the man in front of her, she had a little impression, even if it was not even a little.
Is this too much memory loss, or what is the reason?
“Alas, the doctor said that your head was seriously injured, causing your short-term memory loss, making you forget the days with me… I’m honest, it’s sad, but the most important thing you survive, the lost memory, we You can make up again.” You Tianle said softly.
“Make up?” Logan was at a loss, he really lost his memory, and really forgot him? ?
“Yes, make up,” You Tianle approached Logan, reaching out to hug Logan for comfort.
“Don’t touch me!!” Logan stepped back and nearly fell to the ground. “You give me time, I will remember.”
“Okay, I’ll give you time, don’t fall,” You Tianle was annoyed. This Logan’s character is so strong? ?
Fortunately, such a woman has a more conquering feeling.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be angry with you, but please leave me alone,” Logan said in a low voice.
How to say this is also my life-saving benefactor. I am angry with him, and I am not right about reason.
“Well, you have a good rest,” You Tianle sighed and left.
“You, I really like the person?” Logan asked blankly.
“Ah, not anymore,”
“Can you tell me what happened to me and you?” Logan asked painfully, really having no memory at all.
“Of course, I met you at a party. At that time, I saw you alone, so I used to make friends with you, but you refused me, hehe, you slapped me at that time, just like before. , I was so excited to beat me… But I was embarrassed at that time? But, okay, you apologized to me later, the two of us became friends…”
“I remember that when I kissed you for the first time, it was on the rooftop. At that time, the moon was huge. You were so beautiful that day. I couldn’t help but kiss you. You didn’t refuse,”
You Tianle said with a smile. Memories”.
“I… on the rooftop? No, no, I remember on the lawn, yes, outside the bar, someone kissed me, yes… It feels amazing, like a dragonfly’s water, that’s my first kiss.” Logan self-mumbling.
It’s watery poplar! !
You Tianle was angry, but forget it, he sighed, “Do you still remember your ex boyfriend?”
“This person who wants me to kiss first is my ex-boyfriend?” Logan was at a loss.
“Yes, you don’t remember how this person dealt with you? Beat you, abuse you, scold you…
Forgetting you as a person, you have forgotten all this? The person who took your first kiss is rubbish!!!” You Tianle said.
Logan was even more at a loss, but he felt that the kiss, which he liked very much, was deeply imprinted in his heart…

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