My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 620

“Logan, here,” You Tianle led the way.
As a traveler, he walks on a private passage. Those rich people are not worthy of seeing themselves. Everything in the secret family is secret and will not be seen by others.
Even if it is accidentally seen, then the people of the hidden family will solve it.
Since it is secret, it must be completely secret.
Logan came in at a loss, she had never been to this place before, everything was strange.
She sat down blankly.
You Tianle snapped her fingers. Someone brought food and wine. This is a routine. You Tianle did not know how many women were conquered by him.
Since Logan is a woman, it will be a matter of conquering herself sooner or later. Then you can enjoy the process of conquering her.
“Logan? What did you think of?” You Tianle sat over.
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“No,” Logan couldn’t tell the feeling.
She has a sort of deja vu, but this deja vu loves you not here, she hasn’t been here, how could she be acquainted.
Just think, does this place have someone you know? ?
Logan thought so.
However, where is such a coincidence? Logan was sad in his heart.
This is in the United States, but not China.
When Logan was found blank, You Tianle sneered. He had asked the doctor carefully. The trauma on Logan’s head was permanent for her. That is to say, Logan could never restore her memory.
What does this stand for? Logan can’t remember who she likes, so it doesn’t matter, the window period is over, and the person she likes in the end is definitely yourself!
You Tianle smiled proudly, “Come and have something to eat.”
“No, I don’t want to eat,” Logan shook his head in confusion.
For You Tianle, she has always been unfamiliar. Logan thought very much of everything. Did she really like You Tianle in the past? ?
But why don’t you feel at all?
“It’s okay, then you’ll see what you want, just say it, I’ll buy it for you,” You Tianle smiled slightly, and his manners were still there.
The more Logan refused, the stronger his desire to conquer was in his heart. This process is interesting and interesting! !
At this time, the auction began.
You Tianle has participated in too many auctions, how can he see these things? ?
He lazily admired the beautiful and dazed Logan.
Beautiful and perfect.
You Tianle regretted it a bit. At that time, she should go to China to catch this big beauty.
Unfortunately, Logan is so beautiful, and there are people she likes. It must not be intact.
This is more regrettable!
But nothing is wrong, Logan’s beauty can make up for this.
The auctioneer leaves the factory, is a temperamental beauty, slim dress, like a model, suddenly attracted the attention of many people.
The Ballers who came to this place were quiet.
The temperamental beauty smiled slightly, “Welcome everyone to participate in today’s auction, today’s auction product is particularly unexpected for everyone!!”
“Really? I don’t know who you are, auction?” a Baller smiled.
Yes, the auction was originally not very interesting, many people came to relax, not to mention there is such a beautiful auctioneer? ?
“Me? Ha ha, I can’t sell, but Mr. Liu, you can ask me alone, I will not refuse,” the beauty smiled slightly.
The scene laughed, and the atmosphere became active. As an auctioneer, she should do the lively scene, of course, it must be sacrificed.
“The first auction item starts below. This is an oil painting three hundred years ago…”
The beauty introduced, interested people, of course, listened, but the absent-minded Chuck did not have much thought, he wanted to go out for a walk.
However, Yvette has been watching carefully, this is for himself, Chuck did not go out.
However, these auction items are not interesting, even oil paintings, statues, antiques, Chuck feel bored.
After all, Chuck doesn’t play with it at all. What oil paintings does he really want? Just talk to his mother. Is there any real oil painting? ?
It’s just that Chuck has no interest in these.
Half of the auction went on, and the Chinese medicine Karen li said finally came on stage.
“Oh, there are a few Chinese people on the scene, so our organizer specially prepared a Chinese medicine material, which is a millennium ginseng, which has the effect of calming and sleeping.
The millennium ginseng has a starting price of 5 million US dollars! Now, let’s get started!” The beauty is finished.
Several Chinese people at the scene also bid.
“Six million!”
“Eight million!”
“Ten million!!”
The price quickly climbed, and Yvette breathed a sigh of relief. The price should be taken at the end.
It should be tens of millions of dollars.
After all, Chinese medicine is still not popular in places like the United States! !
Sure enough, Yvette was not disappointed. The Americans were really not interested in this. The real bidders were a few Huaxia people. After all, only Huaxia people know about millennium ginseng. How rare is this? ?
“50 million?” Yvette made a bid!
The scene was suddenly silent!
This price is so high. After all, the Ballers are all billions of dollars, and they are considered rich people. But when they suddenly paid 50 million dollars, some people still have the feeling of watching fairy fights.
“Her husband, you can rest assured that this millennium ginseng must be photographed for you to completely heal the wound on your head.” Yvette said.
Chuck moved and nodded.
The black rose in the corner said nothing.
She knows, let alone Karen li at this price, even Yvette, who now inherits his family, feels nothing.
But obviously, how can there be tens of billions of auction items at this level of auction? ?
This is impossible.
So, Black Rose closed her eyes boringly.
“One hundred million dollars!”
But when the audience was silent, some people made a bid, one hundred million dollars! !
Yes, the equally boring You Tianle bid.
Millennium ginseng? There are several of his family, even one that has been grown for 1,500 years. This is determined by experts, but what?
He didn’t find it interesting, so he patted on it casually.
The scene was shocked. What shocked this? ?
At the time of the auction, there were few cases of 100 million dollars, but there were also, but the price was doubled at once, and still auctioned a ginseng? This is kind of never seen before.
Yvette frowned, and Chuck stood up.
“150 million…” but. Yvette hasn’t said anything yet. You Tianle added lightly…
“Three hundred million dollars!!”
Suddenly this sound rang? !
There was an uproar in the audience. This shocked person also included the auctioneer!
They estimated in the background that this ginseng took a maximum of US$50 million to US$60 million. When Yvette just bid, she was already surprised enough, but unexpectedly, in less than ten seconds, the price was actually 300 million!
This is a high price for a ginseng! !
“Oh my god, who is the bidder? Buy 300 million US dollars for a ginseng? What is the difference between this and selling a bowl of rice for 100,000?”
“This is a real pen, I just don’t know who this person is, I really want to know,”
“Three hundred million came out, and the one called 50 million just now, I dare not dare to bid,”
“Absolutely, after 300 million, how can you bid?”
The people at the scene, because of the three hundred million dollars, have been completely shocked.
After a lot of discussion, it was silent! !
The auction site is extremely quiet! !
You Tianle smiled indifferently. For him, 300 million dollars is nothing but an interesting one.
That’s all.
“Si!” the beauty on stage recovered from the shock, she said, “300 million dollars, is there any higher price?”
Her voice was crying, and she felt it was not true.
“How could it be?”
“Yeah, this is a sky-high price, no one will bid anymore,”
The people at the scene were discussing a lot, and all expressed their opinions. This price is already sky-high, and no one will bid anymore.
After all, this is just a millennium ginseng!
Who will bid? ?
The scene was quiet for three seconds, and someone said, “400 million dollars!”
This sound rang!
The audience was shocked. Who made the bid? ?

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