My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 621

There was an uproar in the audience! !
Shocked, unbelievable voices are everywhere!
“It’s incredible, who bid? Who?”
“There are still 400 million people? This is a Baller!”
All people boiled in shock.
The beauties on the stage were shocked. After the horror, they were pleasantly surprised, “Wow!
400 million dollars, this price comes from the private room on the 16th! 400 million dollars, there are more than 400 million dollars. ?”
This word came out, silent? !
Isn’t it possible? It may not be possible for anyone to bid?
After all, it is a ginseng worth tens of millions of dollars!
Private room.
Yes, it was Chuck.
This ginseng can treat his own head, so how could Chuck give up? ?
“Her husband, was the person who just made the bid intentionally?” Yvette was not happy.
She felt that this person was intentional.
“It’s okay,” Chuck shook his head.
The black rose in the corner said, “There is no shortage of rich people in the country.”
“I know,” Chuck agreed.
This is for sure. People who are really rich, not to mention hundreds of millions, will not even look at tens of billions.
Just when the audience was silent.
“800 million!”
This voice is indifferent, but it suddenly sounded!
The audience was stunned, what? !
Is there anyone still bidding?
And also mentioned 800 million?
Is this gold ginseng? Even gold is not so valuable!
This is really a fairy fight!
Of course, You Tianle.
He thinks it is a bit interesting, but he is just teasing, after all, he is a member of the secret family, than rich? ?
In this world, there are only two other secret families that can be compared with their own families.
The other families, Ballers, are garbage.
Logan was stunned. She was not surprised by the money, but felt, not knowing how to say it.
“Are you going to shoot this?” Logan asked.
“I will pursue whatever I like, so… For example, if I like you, I will pursue you.” You Tianle smiled slightly.
Logan shook his head without answering.
“800 million, this is also the number one from the private room!! Unbelievable, unbelievable! Is there a higher price than 800 million?” The beauty herself can’t say anything.
How is it possible?
This is really the skyrocketing price!
It is absolutely impossible for someone to bid any more, including the private room on the 16th just now!
The people at the scene looked at each other!
Quiet to the extreme!
However, just when everyone thought no one was bidding, a sound of thunder sounded,
Yes, Chuck bid again.
This thing is bound to get! ? silence!
Dead silence!
Three seconds later, the audience recovered from the shock! Boiling! !
“Oh my god, there are still people bidding? I didn’t dream?”
“I also feel dreaming, who are these two people? That’s amazing!”
“Yeah, the gap between us and such a person is too big, one billion to buy ginseng, say no one believes!”
These people muttered to themselves in shock.
“What, one billion?! The private room on the 16th, actually bid for one billion!” The beauty screamed, completely crazy like a gaffe.
This price is incredible!
In the private room, You Tianle frowned, sneered, and she was richer than herself? !
“Are there any bids? Are there any?” The beauty screamed!
“Two billion!” You Tianle said lightly.
The sound is not loud, but it came out like this, it was thunder, it exploded among the crowd!
Boiling, boiling again!
It’s actually doubled directly, so amazing!
Chuck’s heart sank, two billion dollars?
“Her husband, the aunt said it must be photographed,” Yvette was so anxious that no amount of money must be photographed.
This is what Karen li said.
“Well,” Chuck immediately bid 2.5 billion US dollars! !
This is a dream-like voice.
The people at the scene are already confused. Is this a dream or is it real?
“Oh, it’s interesting.” You Tianle sneered, compared to money, huh, huh, no one has played with himself like this for a long time! !
He stood up with a little interest. Logan was confused and saw that the private rooms were all single-sided glass, and he could see the situation outside. Loganmei looked at the private room on the 16th…
How do you feel that you want to check it out?
Logan was confused, and she stood up subconsciously, going to see this private room.

“What? Someone bid for three billion dollars?” Karen li was stunned.
This is just a ginseng, how come there are such inconsistent prices?
“Yes, this is the scene.” Betty was speaking.
She was also surprised.
“Well, who is the bidder?” Karen li was curious. Of course, there are many rich people in the United States, but they can spend so much money to buy ginseng, which is really rare! !
Who is the one?
“I’m not sure. Like the young master, the information in the private room is blocked.” Betty wanted to check, but could not find it.
Of course, people can’t find Chuck’s side.
So all are “relatively safe”!
“Well, I know,” Karen li took out his phone and called Chuck, and connected.
“Cer, no matter how much money, this thing must be photographed…”

“Oh, it’s interesting. You said that Logan was saved by the wanderers?” On the sofa, the woman was lazy and there was a trace of accident.
“Yes, it’s the people from the home. The people from the home told me that they saved a woman who was dying. I think Logan was the only one out of ten. What did you hit…” the man said cautiously.
He just got the news, so he looked for it where Logan fell, but he couldn’t find any clues. When he was distressed, the liaison who sent it to You’s house came to the news.
“You Tianle, you still wanted to chase me before? Huh, I guess he also took a fancy to Logan, which is more interesting.” The woman smiled.
“You don’t want to kill Logan?” The man asked. Since he already knew where Logan was, it was not too difficult to find a way to kill him.
“Isn’t it more interesting now?? Didn’t you say that Logan lost her memory? With the character of You Tianle’s guy, he would definitely take advantage of it. Let You Tianle play Logan and cheat her. Isn’t it better for Chuck? Look When his spare tire, Logan was insulted by others and became another woman, Chuck would only cut Logan’s mind.” The woman smiled.
It’s been a few days, but I didn’t expect to have this news that made her a little bit happy today.
“Also, Miss Smart!!” The man flattered.
In this way, Chuck knew that the spare tire that originally belonged to him was actually taken away by someone. He would definitely be disappointed.
“But what did the people over there say? Besides Logan’s amnesia?”
“You Tianle has begun to lie to her. It seems that it is almost successful. Also, You Tianle’s father is preparing to marry You Tianle and Logan.” The man said in detail.
“Oh? Marry? When?” The woman felt more interesting.
“It’s not too far away, it may be the nearest one!” the man thought.
“Recently? The man in You Tianle is uncertain. His dad must want him to get married, so he is settled, and should be soon…”
“However, this wedding should not be open to the outside world,” the man said. This wedding of the secret family, no one else is eligible to participate, except for the other two families.
So how do you let Chuck know? !
“Of course I won’t go out. I will get married after Chuck and I won’t go out. What are the qualifications for other people to appear in the wedding scene of the secret family? But my family will definitely participate. When the time comes, I will take Chuck Just go in. Chuck saw that his spare tire was being played by others, and he was married. Chuck would definitely get out of control. Then he will make a big noise at the wedding scene of You Tianle. With Zhang Ma’s mother’s strength, the consequence is that you are The people at home suppressed, and I rescued him at a critical time. When the time comes, he will be interested in me…” The woman said lazily, and a smile appeared.
Yes, Chuck was at the wedding scene, only he could save him, then, it was not easy?

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