My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 622

Auction site! !
You Tianle smiled slightly, and seemed very indifferent, because the price was interesting, and the price of the millennium ginseng has been raised to 4 billion US dollars. The private room on the 16th is still following! !
Logan is puzzled. Who is this bidder? !
“4.5 billion!”
Seeing Chuck’s bid, You Tianle continued to bid indifferently, which caused a shock to the people at the auction! !
“Crazy, crazy today, is it a thousand years of ginseng?”
“Yes, this is a real fairy fight today!”
Everyone at the scene felt incredible!
Unreasonable, what is the price of Millennium Ginseng? Actually, at this time, $4.5 billion was shot, my goodness!
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The scene boiled.
There is no expression on Chuck’s face here, more than 4 billion, he hasn’t put it in his eyes, after all, he won the boss behind the scenes 50 billion dollars last time when he was in the casino!
“Husband,” Yvette was so anxious that this opponent was too fierce. Who is this person? ?
“It’s okay,” Chuck shook his head.
“Chuck,” the black rose sitting in the corner felt still open.
Chuck looked at her.
“Is this person aiming at you?” Black Rose saw that, as long as Chuck bids, this person will definitely add a lot of bids. What is this?
It’s totally aimed!
Even Black Rose has the illusion that this person who has been bidding with Chuck is playing Chuck?
Treat Chuck as a toy? ?
“It doesn’t matter,” Chuck shrugged.
Aim for it.
Black Rose is stunned, okay, doesn’t matter? ! Was it targeted, does not matter?
My mouth is full, Black Rose is a little speechless!
She sat in the corner again and closed her eyes altogether. No matter, what did she do? I just protect him, and I don’t care about anything else!
“Thank you for reminding me,” Chuck’s voice passed.
Black Rose was stunned again, opened his eyes, and found that Chuck was smiling at himself.
This smile was so ugly…
The black rose closed his eyes again after seeing nothing, and whispered in my heart, I want you to thank? ?
“Five billion!” Chuck said lightly.
The people at the scene were crazy. The two people were asking for prices, which was really terrifying.
This is money, not numbers!
The horror is over! !
“Oh, it’s a little interesting,” You Tianle smiled, he raised his hand, ready to bid again!
This is one of his fun, how can he give up easily? Must play to the end!
After all, in the eyes of the hidden family, money is no longer money, only a number that can be called casually.
“Do you want to continue calling?” Confused Logan, worried about her, felt that she could not call.
“Logan, what do you think?” You Tianle smiled slightly.
Of course, Logan must be pleased.
“Stop calling, people should be in a hurry.” Logan shook her head.
This is considered to be strong and competitive, there is no need to call it, what was originally tens of millions of dollars is now called 5 billion.
This is really expensive, how many times has it been turned over? !
Not like this.
“Okay, if you say no, you won’t,” You Tianle laughed.
Of course, he sneered in his heart:
I’m not playing anymore, you are in luck, but it’s okay. It made me have a little fun just now, not bad.
Loganmei continued to watch.
There was no more sound on You Tianle’s side, and the scene was silent.
Did the person in this private room stop calling? ?
Yeah, it’s really sky-high, it can’t be called!
The raven was silent for a minute! !
Chuck was expressionless and stopped screaming?
How much must be followed!
Yvette was relieved.
The scene was so quiet that this time, the beauty as an auctioneer finally recovered. ended? !
“The private dining room on the 16th was priced at US$5 billion, the first time, the US$5 billion for the second time, and the US$5 billion for the third time. Congratulations to the guests in the private room on the 16th!!”
The beauty is screaming. She has been an auctioneer for so long. This auction is really a thrilling ride on a roller coaster.
The price keeps rising, it is really amazing to the extreme!
Yvette was relieved, she just suspected that the price would be tens of billions, how amazing? !
Chuck is weird, but fortunately.
After the beauty screamed, the audience was boiling again and again, all guessing this five billion dollars, buying a millennium ginseng worth only tens of millions of dollars, who is this Baller!
There was a lot of discussion, but no one came out. After all, the private rooms are all closed, and the customer information inside is closed. .
How could these people know? ?
“Wife, wait for me at the car, and I will pay,” Chuck said.
“Okay, husband, be careful,” Yvette cared.
Chuck shrugged and went out. Of course the black rose in the corner got up and followed Chuck.
The two of them went out, and Yvette went out with confidence.
She went to the parking lot and drove the car out, then Chuck black rose came, then she could leave directly.
But she was a little annoyed and annoyed for Chuck. After all, it was not the person in the private room. How could the price of this millennium ginseng reach such an astonishing level?
“My husband is so overcast, hum, I want to see who you are!!”
Yvette went out angry to see who the man was. She was alert to the killer and silently reached a private passage.
She suddenly saw a familiar back in the car, dress, the back is particularly beautiful, so familiar, who is this?
Yvette was stunned and chased subconsciously. Suddenly she turned around because a little cold appeared on her back.
This is a knife! !
“Hush, don’t move!” It was a stranger’s voice.
With indifference.
Yvette didn’t move, but she wasn’t afraid. She stared at the beautiful back of the car in the distance. Yes, she saw Logan.
But Logan, absent-minded, did not see her.
“Who are you?” Yvette was indifferent. At this time, she had a knife in her back, but there was no fear, and she was still calm.
“Still a great beauty,” this is You Tianle’s voice. He came out later and saw that his bodyguard caught a woman.
He was too lazy to come over, but when Yvette’s back was particularly irritated, he reluctantly came over and looked at it.
Seeing Yvette, he was amazing again, just like Logan.
After all, Yvette and Logan are the same level of beauty.
Yvette’s eyes were cold, and she wanted to turn around to see who this person was, but the knife against her back was stinging! !
“Who is the woman who just got on the bus?” Yvette asked.
This back is quite familiar, with a bumpy appearance, and it is particularly beautiful.
You Tianle frowned, is this to know Logan? !
How else would you ask?
“Big Beauty, what’s your name?” You Tianle asked. Yvette also made him interested. After all, he was as beautiful as Logan, and his body was perfect.
“I can tell you, Yvette, my name is Yvette, who was the woman who got on the train just now?”
Yvette was indifferent.
You Tianle was stunned. He snapped his fingers and someone immediately came by, and quickly identified Yvette’s identity.
“This Yvette is Karen li’s son, Chuck’s girlfriend…”
“Oh? What a coincidence?” You Tianle was stunned.
Of course he knew that Logan knew Karen li, but he didn’t expect that he would meet here.
“Master checked at that time, Logan and Yvette’s boyfriend, Chuck was very close…”
You Tianle frowned, and there was a killer in her eyes. So, Logan, the woman she liked, might have been moved by Chuck already? ?
You Tianle is full of murderous opportunities, he actually picked up Chuck’s broken shoes? You Tianle has anger and amazing killing in her heart!
“Master, what about this woman? Kill?” The bodyguard asked carefully, after all, he felt You Tianle’s killing opportunity!
“It’s a pity to kill? It’s a good idea to stun her,” You Tianle said lazily. He had an idea of catching Yvette back.
After all, in the process of conquering Logan, there is fun, but you can also play other ones!
“You tell me who that woman is…” Yvette was shocked. When she turned her head suddenly, she felt that her neck was about to be broken. The man with the knife hit Yvette’s neck!
Putong, Yvette fell to the ground without moving.

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