My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 623

Yvette was stunned.
“Master, just let her go?” the bodyguard asked cautiously.
“Leave her alone?”
You Tianle snapped her fingers with a cold smile on her face!
“Logan is waiting for me, forget it, let her go this time and find out what Yvette still has, and Karen li, especially Chuck, check it for me?” You Tianle’s voice was cold !
The bodyguard nodded.
You Tianle walked towards the car, and several bodyguards left. boarding!
Logan looked at the dark corner outside the car window. Was there someone lying down? ?
“What happened just outside?” Logan asked in amazement.
“It’s okay, a crazy woman asked me for money. I gave her 10,000, and she still felt dissatisfied, so she taught her,” You Tianle said lightly.
Loganmei watched, seeing the people lying in the corner as much as possible, but unfortunately couldn’t see clearly, the corner was too dark.
“Drive!” You Tianle ordered.
“I want to go back,” Logan said.
“Your head is not good, a few days later.” You Tianle smiled slightly and wanted to go back? ? is it possible?
Logan feels that her head has always been painful, she is trying to remember, her eyes are always watching outside, the person lying in that corner…
The car took Logan away.
The stunned Yvette suddenly woke up with strong willpower. She got up and found that the car had already left. I should have been in a coma for three minutes.
Yvette was annoyed. She touched her neck. The strength of this person is really amazing! !
What is the strength of this?
The phone rang, it was Chuck’s, and Yvette calmed down and answered.
“Hey, husband, it’s okay, it’s okay, I went to the bathroom just now, and I’ll come over immediately Yvette ran to the car, and she wanted to tell Chuck about it, but Chuck was impulsive and would definitely be angry that she had just been beaten.
Still… Yvette thought about it, and decided to tell Karen li about it. The back was just too familiar.
After driving back, Yvette asked Chuck to take a rest first. Chuck also had a headache, so he did, and Black Rose accompanied him.
Yvette bit his lip and knocked on the door.
“Come in.”
Yvette went in, Karen li saw Yvette, she was stunned, and then smiled.
Yvette handed over 1,000 years of ginseng to Karen li. Of course, this kind of thing is not directly eaten, but also needs the refinement of the doctor.
“Well, I will let the doctor handle it immediately,” Karen li said.
“That…” Yvette bit his lip.
Karen li put down the things in his hand and said in amazement, “Is there anything else?…You are now dueling me?”
Otherwise, what else? But Karen li did not expect to be so fast!
“No, I saw a back when I came back just now. When I was about to chase it, I… was beaten,”
Yvette bowed his head and found it difficult to speak.
“You were beaten?” Karen li came over seriously, quickly looked at Yvette’s body, and soon she lifted her hand to uncover Yvette’s hair, and saw that her neck was bruised and black.
Yvette subconsciously dodges, not to let Karen li look.
“Do you have resistance?” Karen li said, and at the same time took out a needle from his body.
“Think, but I can’t resist, and I was suddenly subdued.” Yvette felt terrified, too fast, she couldn’t react at all.
“Come here, I will help you deal with it.” Karen li said.
Yvette was restrained, but did not dodge. Karen li pierced the bruise on Yvette’s neck with a needle, and there was blackened blood flowing out. Yvette felt that his head was not so heavy, and he was more comfortable. After all, when she came back just now, she felt that her head was not hers, as if she had been cut off.
Yvette lowered his head, and his lips were all bitten, “Thanks…Thanks,”
“It’s okay, you tell me the process of discovering people carefully, don’t miss any details.” Karen li’s eyes flashed with fine light.
Yvette’s strength is pretty good. If Yvette doesn’t have any resistance, he can stun Yvette at once.
Is there not many people who can do this? !
Yvette said in detail.
Karen li has more shimmer in his eyes. “Is the back familiar?”
“Um, very familiar,”
“Compared with Logan?”
“Aunt Logan?!” Yvette suddenly woke up, yes, he felt familiar, as if it was Logan!
But why did Logan appear?
“Like?” Karen li asked seriously.
“Like, it seems to be Aunt Logan.” Yvette can basically be sure, that kind of beautiful back, she really has not seen a few people.
Except for Logan, there is no one who can make her a woman who feels amazing in her back.
Who is Logan?
“Huh!” Karen li breathed a sigh of relief. According to Yvette, it should be Logan, but why is Logan good, why not come back?
Karen li thought about it, thinking there was only one possibility. Then, just like Chuck, when he fell, his head was hit, which may have caused some amnesia.
“Who was Logan rescued in the end?” Yvette felt that Logan’s life should be pretty good, even though he had amnesia.
This can make her feel less guilty.
“You need to check this carefully. By the way, don’t tell Ceer first. I will tell him after I check it out.” Karen li was worried. Chuck was recently decadent. If you suddenly tell Zhang Regarding this matter, Chuck did not know what to do.
In this case, only a quiet investigation is necessary.
“Well,” Yvette understood.
“You didn’t see the person who hit you?” Karen li wanted to ask for a clue.
“No, I was stunned when I turned my head,” Yvette shook her head, and she suddenly bit her lip. “Auntie, can you do a trick to kill me?”
Karen li, who was contemplating, was stunned. “You are still young, and your chances of growth are great. Don’t be discouraged.”
“Well, then I’m going out,” Yvette understood, and was also sad. The gap between himself and the real master is still too big! !
“Wait, you hold this,” Karen li gave Yvette a needle.
This can make a silent attack when saving lives.
“I don’t want it,” Yvette stepped back, keeping his hands behind.
“Hold it. You were dangerous just now. You didn’t want to kill me? How did you kill it if something happened?” Karen li said.
Yvette bit her lip painfully, she took it, whispered thank you, and ran out.
Yes, Yvette also felt that he should have a life-saving means. Karen li’s needle is a special metal, which is extremely hard and really hard. The steel plate can be pierced.
“This kid.”
Karen li sighed and shook her head.
After Yvette went out, Karen li immediately called Betty, “Yvette should have seen Logan. At the hotel where Ceer just participated in the auction, I checked all the people in. I want to find this person…”

Chuck came to look for Yvette, but Yvette’s neck was very painful, and he had no strength in the aftereffects. Chuck asked, but Yvette didn’t say it, but said it was a little uncomfortable.
Chuck had no choice but to leave with Black Rose.
Last night, Chuck asked Black Rose. Is there any way to find Logan behind the killer organization?
Black Rose thought for three seconds and answered, maybe.
After all, it’s amazing that the killer organization collects data!
How many killers in the entire world have joined the killer organization, and even this number one black rose is unclear, then it means that the killer organization’s eyeliners are all over the world! !
Black Rose said so, Chuck certainly wanted to meet the boss behind the scenes.
After all, last time, Chuck felt that it was pretty good. See if she can help her this time.
There was no separation this time. Chuck came in a black rose car to find the boss behind the scene.
Also arrived at that bar.
When Black Rose called, the boss answered the behind-the-scenes call, but refused lazily. Black Rose mentioned Chuck, and the boss agreed.
Black Rose hung up the phone, “She let you go in alone,”
Black Rose did not intend to enter.
Chuck nodded, and the two were brought in. In the innermost luxury private room, Chuck knocked on the door.
“Come in,”
Chuck pushed the door in and saw the boss behind the scenes. He was stunned. Today she is very beautiful, wearing jeans and sitting lazily on the wide sofa.
“Well, good auntie.” Chuck said hurriedly, after all, he wanted people.

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