My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 624

When the boss behind the scene just answered the black rose call, she smiled when she heard Chuck outside.
This little bastard actually came to me now?
She is so smart, of course, I want to think more about Chuck to find myself doing!
But when I saw Chuck, I heard Chuck calling her aunt again. The boss behind the scene was a little unhappy.
Chuck was speechless, but still called.
“Come on, come here, your sister invites you to drink,” the boss beckoned to Chuck behind the scenes.
Of course Chuck came over and had to say that the boss behind the scene was really beautiful.
“This wine is precious, your mother doesn’t have it, but you come to me, this bottle is yours,” the boss behind the scene smiled slightly, with a variety of styles.
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Chuck took a polite drink, “Sister, I’m here…”
“What are you doing here?” The boss behind the scene pretended not to know.
“First came to see you,” Chuck knows this woman and likes to be flattered by others. Of course, Chuck is right.
“First? Then?” The boss behind the scene was unhappy.
“Then I just wanted you to do a favor. My Aunt Logan disappeared, but I was rescued, but I don’t know who was saved… I want you to help me find it,” Chuck said and couldn’t wait.
He was really happy when he heard Black Rose saying that the killer organization might have news.
“Find someone?”
“Well, it’s okay to find someone, sister?” Chuck blinked.
“Little guy, do you still use handsome men for me?” The boss behind the scene smiled.
Chuck felt that her character was still very good. Last time, she not only lifted Yvette’s killing order, but also finally gave herself a red envelope.
“Is it okay?” Chuck was nervous. The behind-the-scenes boss didn’t have a good relationship with his mother, so Chuck didn’t let his mother come.
“It’s okay, but if I help you, what good will I do? Forget, you promised me that I didn’t do a few things!” The boss smiled slightly and looked at Chuck.
“As long as you agree, I will do everything,” Chuck said.
This she has a little inside information? ?
“Do everything? Your little fellow, is not right with my graphic media?” The boss behind the scene reached out and grabbed Chuck’s hair.
Chuck is embarrassed, “Sister, you agree.”
“No, I’m not good, why do you agree?”
“I asked my mother to give you money.”
“I don’t have as much money as your mother Karen li, but for me, it’s enough, my sister doesn’t lack money!!” The boss behind the scene shook her head, she really didn’t lack money.
After all, her business is so big!
“So what do you want?” Chuck didn’t feel well, would he want to tease himself again? ?
“I want you.” The boss behind the scene smiled.
The dream last time made her feel very special and very interesting.
Chuck was embarrassed, “I have a wife,”
“I know, then you can be my lover, I don’t mind.” The boss behind the scene smiled.
Chuck was speechless. This woman could really say anything. Last time she said she was fancy with herself, but when she really touched her, she got angry and let herself go away.
Chuck was dumbfounded.
“Uh, are you serious?” Chuck felt his headache.
“Of course it is.”
“But I sat next to you last time, and you still scolded me,” Chuck complained. Of course, Chuck didn’t dare to touch her at that time.
I just wanted her to promise to release Yvette.
“Of course I’m going to scold you. Who am I to take my sister?” the boss said behind his lips.
She was definitely annoyed at that time. She obviously took the initiative at the time, and was unexpectedly reversed by Chuck at once. She must be angry.
How could Chuck look good? !
Chuck was downcast, “What the hell do you want?”
“I just said,” the boss said.
Chuck was silent for a few seconds, “Really?”
“Yes, really, be my lover.”
Behind the scene, the boss smiled, did not take the initiative this time? ?
Chuck was thinking, “You let me think about it, you help me find my Aunt Logan first,”
“Are you playing with me? I’ve found it out for you, and what do you do if you regret it?” said the behind-the-scenes boss.
“No,” Chuck sighed.
He certainly didn’t think that the behind-the-scenes boss took a fancy to herself.
“If you don’t believe it, then…” Chuck held his clothes button.
The behind-the-scenes boss hummed, “Little guy, you’re really active, I won’t be cheap to you, okay, I promised this matter, I will tell you if there is news!”
“Thank you,” Chuck was relieved and assured that there were so many people in the killer organization, and it should have a result soon.
Chuck stood up, “I’m going back to that sister,”
“Slow down, be my lover, and say go away? Who let you go? Really disobedient, come over, my shoulder is sore, press me.” The boss behind the scene said.
Chuck was speechless and could only pass by, pressing her shoulders.
Behind the scenes, the boss can’t help but laugh, and it’s funny, how interesting is it?
“Little guy, take it seriously, my shoulders. No one else has touched it. Press it carefully. My sister will give you a red envelope… Oh, no, it should be a tip. After all, you are my lover,” the boss behind the scenes Laughing, this smile is really amorous.
Chuckxin was worried about Logan. Where did he think about it? ?
“By sister, that Ouyang Fei…” Chuck thought of Ouyang Fei, the woman, but followed the boss behind the scenes.
After so long, Chuck was a bit skeptical. Was the boss behind the scene taken by the perverted Ouyang Fei? ?
“It’s time to fight. I’ll pretend to be another woman.” The boss snorted behind the scenes.
“Uh, I care about you, where did Ouyang Fei go?”
“Training, she is well trained, and has recently taken the task.”
The growth rate of Ouyang Fei, the boss behind the scene is still particularly surprised, may exceed black roses! !
The first order, Ouyang Fei’s price has already exceeded that time, just as the killer black rose.
Ouyang Fei has a good momentum and can definitely make a lot of money for himself.
“Then, did Ouyang Fei alone with you?” Chuck wanted to ask this.
“No, why should I be alone with her?” the boss asked behind the scenes.
Chuck also thinks it is not possible. The boss behind the scene is savvy. How could Ouyang Fei take her picture? ?
This is not possible, Chuck thinks, think more.
Of course, if Chuck knew that Ouyang Fei had succeeded, he would be shocked! !
Shocked how Ouyang Fei did it?
After pressing for a while, Chuck wanted to go back, “Are you all right?”
“No!” The boss shook his head behind the scenes.
Chuck can only continue to press her shoulders. This is really the first time Chuck presses other women except Yvette.
The black rose outside is so sleepy, what is Chuck doing inside? Why is there no sound at all?
She was stunned, but she was too lazy to think about it.
In the end, Chuck pressed for half an hour, and the boss nodded with satisfaction behind the scenes, “really good, come here, my sister will give you a tip, don’t let me take it,”
She gave Chuck a card. Chuck didn’t want to say anything. After all, what was the matter with asking? ?
“Hold it, don’t you be good?” The boss behind the scene was angry.
Chuck was only able to collect it, without asking how much money.
But she is generous, certainly not less than a million.
However, Chuck is still at ease, as long as the behind-the-scenes boss comes as she wants, it doesn’t matter.
After all, give the beauty to press the shoulder, this opportunity is not always there.
“Thank you sister,” Chuck was leaving.
“What are you doing in such a hurry? You haven’t eaten yet. You are my lover. You are mine.
Do you know? I’m disobedient. I won’t help you find Logan…” The boss stood up smiling.
She drank too much, shaking it, Chuck supported her, “You drink too much.”
However, looking at her from a close distance is really beautiful.
“Drink too much, then what are you going to do? Really look at my sister?” The boss behind the scenes molested Chuck.
Think of it, Chuck still has an appetite for her. After all, when she pressed her shoulder just now, she was honest.
It’s kind of like a kid who made mistakes.
She thought of that dream, Chuck coquettish her. She thought it was ridiculous to think of herself.
“No, I just think, sister, you should be lonely at ordinary times,” Chuck sighed. There must be no friends because of the character of the boss behind the scenes.
“Who said I’m lonely? Do you know how many of my lovers are? You are no more than a hundred,” the boss said hummingly.

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