My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 625

Chuck was amused by the words behind the boss, yeah, since Logan disappeared after the accident, he really didn’t laugh much.
“There is a ranking.” Chuck certainly doesn’t matter.
“Little guy, you heard this sentence, are you disappointed?” The boss behind the scene smiled charmingly.
“Ah, disappointed.” Chuck shrugged.
“Oh, that sister ranks you now. Are you the first one now, are you happy?” The boss behind the scene was amused by Chuck.
Although she knew that Chuck said it on purpose, it was not bad.
“Happy,” Chuck does what he wants. Chuck doesn’t want to be her lover. Of course, Chuck must know that the boss behind the scene is “playing” himself.
This play is not malicious.
Really let this savvy woman fall in love with herself? How is this possible? ?
Chuck still has this little self-knowledge. Others are not short of money, and they are beautiful.
The standard Bai Fumei allows herself to be a “lover,” just to “play” without malicious intentions.
After all, it’s asking for people.
“Boring, perfunctory me,” the boss sat down with a grunt.
Chuck is speechless, what is going on? ?
The only thing he can do now is to continue to press her, Chuck continues to press the shoulder, the boss behind the scene looks up at Chuck, “So good?”
“Sister, what’s your name?” Chuck wanted to ask this.
“I generally don’t tell others, but I can tell you, my name is Bella.”
“Well, remember,” Chuck nodded.
The name is good.
After a while, Chuck laid her hands.
Behind the scenes, Bella looked at Chuck oddly, “Do you take advantage of me?”
“of course not.”
How can Chuck have that thought?
Now Logan doesn’t know where it is. It can be said that Chuck closed his eyes and thought in his mind that Logan was crouching in the corner, the helpless picture…
Logan, Chuck wants to see Logan too.
“Humph,” the boss snorted behind the scenes. Chuck thought she didn’t like it, so she stopped, and should you be able to go back now? ?
After all, the black rose waited a long time outside.
“Who made you stop? Keep pressing.” The boss said behind the scenes.
“I’m sleepy,”
“I have a place here, so sleep here, do I still drive you away?” The boss behind the scene was not happy, a little angry.
“Okay,” what can Chuck do? Take the initiative according to the last method, relying on her, hoping that she would scold herself like last time and get away.
But what happened to Chuck was that the boss behind the scene didn’t scold, but he was stunned,
“Little fellow, did you take me as a pillow?!”
“Why don’t you scold me and get away?” Chuck looked up at her, because the boss was sitting behind the scene, Chuck’s head rested on her lap.
Last time, when Chuck sat down and didn’t approach her, she got angry directly. This time, she didn’t respond or curse.
“Last time your mother was outside, I will definitely scold you to let your mother Karen li see me being soaked in by you. Is that still enough? Do I still have a face?” the boss behind the scene hummed.
Chuck understood, forget it. In this case, what do you do with her? ?
Chuck sat up.
Behind the scenes, the boss refused, “You say you can rely on it, leave when you leave, what should I do?”
Chuck was completely speechless, okay, anyway, he didn’t sleep well for a long time, and leaned on her legs, let Chuck think of relying on Logan to sleep.
The boss hummed behind the scenes, “How do I treat him when he knows the man who did this last time?”
“I don’t know,” Chuck closed his eyes.
Behind the scenes, the expression on the boss’s pretty face changed, a bit amorous, and said a word in Chuck’s ear, Chuck jumped in shock.
Those who want to run out.
“Wait, who will let you go? Hold it,” the boss took out a card again.
“Sister, will you support me?” Chuck shrugged.
“Cut, I like it. You are my number one lover now. Of course I have to pamper you. I will lack money and tell me how much I want, how much you want,” the boss behind the scene gave Chuck a card.
Chuck didn’t refuse, she put it away, anyway, she didn’t want to use it anyway. After all, Chuck didn’t want to use her money.
If you really need money, just talk to your mom.
“I want everything, can you give it?” Chuck joked.
“All? Then you marry me, I will give you everything. I am yours, so of course the money is yours, but are you willing?” The boss behind the scene smiled slightly, all with beautiful faces.
Smile, with indescribable beauty.
All kinds of amorous feelings are such women.
“Well, it’s better to be a lover,” Chuck fled the same way and ran out, mainly because she was too beautiful, and the kind of charm was just right.
It’s not the kind of being low, it doesn’t look like a good woman at first glance, but it is the kind that makes people feel beautiful and charming.
This degree is really difficult to master, but she masters it very well.
“Little jerk, I ran very fast,” the boss behind the scene smiled slightly and sat flushed.
She was a little drunk and found it interesting. She thought of the dream again. She thought that if Chuck was really coquettish just now, she might really show him.
But, obviously, dreams are dreams. How could such a demand be mentioned by Chuck, who was just so honest? ?
This is impossible.
She shook her head, and the drunk would fall asleep.
However, the door opened again and Chuck’s head came in. “Sister, be careful of Ouyang Fei, really, don’t be hurt by her…”
The boss behind the scenes is stunned, this little guy really cares about himself? !
She was surprised.
When she wanted to speak, Chuck had slipped away. After all, at this time, the boss behind the scenes was drunk and extremely beautiful.
“Running again?…Be careful with Ouyang Fei? Well, yes… Chuck, stop for me and run again?
Don’t come in yet?”
The boss called out behind the scenes.
Chuck, who just ran away, was stunned. The black rose was even more weird. “What did you two do inside?”
“What kind of person can she do?” Chuck smiled bitterly.
Of course, Black Rose didn’t expect anything else.
After all, she understands the behind-the-scenes boss, how can Chuck do what? ?
She meant to ask Chuck if she was abused in it? !
Chuck entered with a wry smile.
“Want to run? You care so much about me. I can’t let you go. I stayed today and stay with me.”
The behind-the-scenes boss pointed at Chuck.
Chuck is speechless. He knew that he wouldn’t say what he said just now.
Chuck passed and lay on her lap to sleep, “Can’t you accompany me like this?”
“Which do you want to do? Take advantage of others? Take advantage of me? I let you rely on, already good enough for you, other lovers, don’t want to touch me know?…”
“Oh, stop it, I’m asleep,” Chuck was sleepy, and just got the promise from the behind-the-scenes boss just now, let him relax a little temporarily.
After several days of exhaustion, Chuck quickly fell asleep.
“Really sleep? Really a little guy! Forget it.”
Behind the scenes, the boss took out his mobile phone, immediately called his killer organization, and his voice was lowered, without disturbing Chuck.
“Let all the killers listen and give me a secret investigation of Logan of China. Who has Logan’s news, no matter the size, it is all 10 million US dollars, accurate clues, 50 million US dollars!!”
The phone hung up.
She looked down at the sleeping Chuck, she hummed, she was a little hesitant.
What are you hesitating about? ?
In fact, she was open on the surface, but she didn’t really make the man touch more Chuck suddenly slept like this, leaving her at a loss.
But I also think it’s okay. After all, honestly, Chuck still makes her feel good.
She thought, she was sleepy, and Chuck closed her eyes…
Maybe it was time in the morning, she woke up, woke up drunk, and was awakened by her mobile phone. She looked at the mobile phone, and her eyes were all polished…
Chuck was still asleep, the boss behind the scene hummed, “Little lazy worm.”
She put Chuck lightly on her feet and couldn’t stand up, and her legs became numb.
She came to the door and was stunned because she saw the black rose squatting in the corner and closed her big blue eyes.
The black rose woke up instantly, and she got up, “Boss, last night??”
She found that Chuck had not come out, she was curious and did not think blindly, but felt that something was wrong, she wanted to rush in yesterday.
“Nothing happened last night, Black Rose. If you told Karen li about what happened last night, then I will definitely give you a killing order!” the boss behind the scene said indifferently.

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