My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 626

The black rose was stunned. What did the boss mean by that? ?
What happened with Chuck last night?
She was originally a pure person in her heart, and she didn’t think about it all night, but the behind-the-scenes boss warned at this time that it was clear what happened?
Her big blue eyes looked in and found Chuck lying on the couch, sleeping dead, and her clothes intact. this is? what’s the situation?
“Boss, did the two of you sleep together last night?” Black Rose was truly stunned.
How could this happen?
How could Chuck sleep with this behind-the-scenes boss?
Her observation ability was amazing, and found that the boss behind the scenes walked unnaturally. Is this a numb foot?
Black Rose instantly thought, how did Chuck fall asleep last night, nothing happened, but fell asleep by the boss’s legs behind the scenes?
Yes, there is no doubt.
However, the woman of the character behind the boss actually let Chuck rely?
The black rose felt incredible.
“What do you want? I let him touch me?!” The boss behind him was expressionless.
The black rose was speechless, she whispered in her heart, all in a room this night, no matter how pure she is, she will also subconsciously think about it!
“Well, I know, I won’t tell Karen li,” Black Rose agreed.
Behind the scenes, the boss took out a card and stuffed it with black roses. “Shut your mouth shut and let Karen li know. You know the consequences,”
Actually how to say, she definitely doesn’t want Karen li to know, after all, she was the boss of Karen li before? ! Now with Chuck.
The boss behind the scene is a little happy, Karen li, your son Chuck, but my little lover…
But she is happy, what else?
She still didn’t want Karen li to know.
So, seal it.
“Well, don’t you need it?” Black Rose returned to the boss behind the scene embarrassingly.
Black Rose doesn’t have as much money as her, but she has made a lot of money since she debuted. She has no other expenses, and she has saved it, which is also a considerable number.
She doesn’t need to take this money either, she won’t do anything.
“Do not take it, you just want to tell Karen li?” The boss behind the scene was indifferent.
“No… well,” the black rose was helplessly put away.
She looked at Chuck, who was still asleep, and she asked, “Will I wake him up?”
“Who made you cry? Why do you call him as long as he likes to sleep?” the boss asked.
Black Rose was speechless. “But the boss, it’s not too good to get up too late?”
She always gets up at six o’clock, and it’s the kind of getting up when she gets up.
“I am willing, he is here with me, whatever you want, you still want to control?” The boss behind the scene hummed.
“Okay,” Black Rose certainly wouldn’t continue to ask for fun.
“Don’t peek, or I’ll poke your eyes,” the boss behind the scene closed the door and entered.
Black Rose is speechless and has a headache. He is not a voyeur. Why should he look at it? ?
“Little guy, can’t you get up?” The boss shook Chuck behind the scenes.
Chuck rubbed his eyes, looked at the time, and hurried to go back. He didn’t go back one night.
Yvette must have been anxious. Sure enough, there was a phone call, but Chuck was too dead to sleep.
Yvette was really worried last night, but Chuck couldn’t get through the phone. She immediately hit the black rose. The black rose simply said that Yvette was at ease.
After all, Yvette was particularly worried about what Chuck did.
Fortunately, no.
“Who made you go?? I slept against me last night and my legs were numb,” the boss snorted.
Chuck can only come back and press her.
But then again, I slept soundly last night. I didn’t expect that besides Logan, I could find the feeling of sleeping peacefully in her.
However, the difference is still very large.
After all, what is the biggest difference? ? Logan is a Chinese woman with no body scent, but the boss behind the scene is a rice man with too many sweat glands.
This is inevitable, but she and Black Rose are basically the same as the Chinese women.
The difference is still small.
“Sister, can I go back now?” Chuck said.
“Not yet, accompany me to a place today, go, and I will let you go back,” the boss behind the scene said with pleasure.
Chuck is quite professional.
“Well,” Chuck felt that if he could not refuse, then he agreed.
Chuck continued to press for a while, his stomach screamed, “Sister, I am hungry,”
“What to eat?”
Behind the scenes, the boss immediately asked someone to come in, but halfway through the meal, Chuck thought of the black rose. She took a burger and ran out. The black rose was thinking about something.
“Here,” Chucksai gave her.
“Give me?” Black Rose was surprised. She was really hungry. She didn’t expect Chuck to give it to herself.
She also plans to go out and buy one for the club.
Black Rose was stunned, Chuck had already ran into the house.
Black Rose looked down at the burger and took a sip. The beautiful big blue eyes had a little memory and said, “It’s not as delicious as the last green bean cake. I want to eat that…”
Finished breakfast.
Chuck asked the boss behind the scenes, where did he go? The behind-the-scenes boss hasn’t said that Chuck wants to know more about the sellers. He mainly wants to know, how long will it take? ?
Chuck wanted to find Logan non-stop! ?
“Just follow me,” the boss behind the scene changed his clothes, without the luxury and sense of fashion, but with a trace of purity.
Jeans, t-shirts, flat shoes, and very simple clothes, it feels like a sister next door. Chuck was shocked. What is she doing? ?
Come back home?
Chuck was forced to follow her out and got into her car. Of course Black Rose followed.
After two hours.
The boss stopped behind the scenes, and Chuck saw a large manor-like villa. It was so beautiful, and there were many cars and people in it. What kind of family gathering was this? ?
“Sister, what are you doing?” Chuck was forced again.
What does she take herself home for? !
“This home, and… today you are not my little lover, but my genuine boyfriend,” the boss said.
She just received a call from her home just now.
She knew that this was a family gathering in the family.
But she didn’t want to go back.
However, she saw Chuck and felt that she could go back. After all, she was older and had to be urged to marry by her parents. She had no choice but to let Chuck install it.
“I have a wife,” Chuck was serious.
“No, your wife today is me,” the boss said.
Chuck was helpless. Looking at this beautiful manor, he hesitated and said, “I don’t know much English.”
Yes, Logan is gone. Where does Chuck think?
“Good, it’s okay, I’m here, what are you afraid of?” The boss behind the scene pinched Chuck’s face.
Chuck is speechless, when he is a child?
Chuck wanted to sternly refuse, but thought about it, forget it, all came! !
“Okay.” Chuck agreed.
“Well, I will allow you to kiss me when necessary,”
“When it’s not necessary?” Chuck rejoiced.
“Little guy, still teasing me? Come out.” The boss behind the scene has already got out of the car.
Of course Chuck followed.
Sure enough, this house is her house, because what? The temperament of the boss behind the scenes has changed, becoming intellectual and sensible.
It seems that she doesn’t know that the boss behind the world’s largest killer organization is actually her.
Someone came to say hello.
“This is my mother,” the behind-the-scenes boss introduced. Chuck saw that the woman is in her fifties, but resembles the behind-the-scenes boss. When she was young, she was absolutely beautiful.
The boss appeared behind the scenes, and all her relatives came.
Hello to each other, her relatives looked at Chuck.
Some relatives are not happy anymore. None of the Chinese people at the scene are from the United States. Why are they bringing a Chinese person here? !
Does this seem out of place?
“Who is this Huaxia? How to be with Bella?”
“Can’t it be a boyfriend or a girlfriend?”
“Then don’t do it anymore. I heard that the Huaxia men are not responsible and timid. How can Bella find such a man? It seems that he is young…”
“Ah, everyone persuade Bella together, how many men are there in the country? Why are you looking for a Chinese person?”
Several relatives spoke to the boss behind the scenes, all of which were contempt for Chuck.

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