My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 627

The family behind the boss is not so obvious, but it has been passed down for more than two hundred years, so the family is very repulsive to the men outside!
In the eyes of relatives, the boss behind the scene is a good woman, obedient, sensible, and successful.
Such a woman is also particularly sought-after in the United States. Why was it taken up by a Chinese?
This is, the swan meat was eaten by the toad? !
These relatives, including the mother of the boss behind the scenes, are not happy anymore.
How can the pride of the family be tainted by such a Chinese-looking person?
“Daughter, he…”
“Chuck, my current boyfriend,” the boss said.
Chuck understood this and came over appropriately, approaching the boss behind the scene, and then greeted these relatives.
Several relatives looked at each other.
Chuck’s English is not good, very jerky, and may have just begun to learn.
Some of Chuck understood, but didn’t answer, smiled. Anyway, she had to be her apparent boyfriend. Anything else, Chuck couldn’t manage so much! !
“Daughter, what’s the matter with you? Let you bring your boyfriend back, but it doesn’t let you bring such a person back.”
“Yeah, it seems that he is very young. Did he fancy your money? Want to eat soft rice?!”
“Quick break up, I will find you a boyfriend, absolutely ten times better than him!”
A few relatives haw wow wow.
“No, he is my boyfriend,” the boss behind the scene looked at Chuck and gave Chuck a look.
Chuck understood, and kissed her in public.
Everyone was stunned, and the expression of the boss behind the scene told them that the boss really likes this Chinese, so what should I do? !
The black rose staring at the original place was stunned, “Why did you kiss her, Chuck?”
She was strange just now. Why did the boss behind the scene bring Chuck here? Now think, this is Chuck pretending to be her boyfriend?
However, this is too casual.
Black Rose didn’t feel like watching it.
“Daughter you…” The boss’s mother was shocked, and was deeply disappointed. “Daughter, your boss is not small, I urged you, but you don’t want to find someone casually, but also Chinese.”
“I didn’t make a lot of money. Today, if you let me in, I’ll go in. If you don’t, then I will go back,” the boss shook his head, serious.
“Farewell, I look at you, he… it doesn’t matter anymore,” the boss mother sighed behind the scenes. What else could other relatives do? ?
Can only watch the boss behind the scene pulled Chuck in.
Chuck whispered, “Your lips…”
“Little guy, what’s wrong with my lips? Do you know? I haven’t been kissed by you, I gave it to you, and you still dislike it? I won’t let you go,” the boss said.
Actually, she was ordered by Chuck just now, and she actually has a feeling of first love, which is a bit wonderful.
She felt that this decision was good, and she must accept Chuck as a lover.
“Got it, I didn’t dislike the door. I was hungry and took me to eat,” Chuck doesn’t matter. There is still a bargain for this kind of thing. What can’t I do?
Besides, you can go back after eating.
The boss behind the scenes pulled Chuck to eat.
“Take whatever you want,” the boss said to Chuck.
Originally, this place eats a lot, but Chuck is a Chinese, not very used to it.
Take a doughnut and eat it.
“Slow down, don’t choke, I’ll give you what to eat.” The boss behind the scene smiled slightly.
I think this little boyfriend is good, obedient and sensible.
“Is this hungry ghost reborn? How can I eat when I come in? It’s still so big, my God, I can’t take it anymore.” A relative said reluctantly, with contempt in his words.
“That’s right, how did Bella find him?”
The mother behind the scene sighed helplessly.
“This won’t work, and other relatives are not happy anymore. He saw that other people were not happy, and he could still eat, alas.”
The words of a few relatives made the mother of the boss behind the scene a little angry. She felt that she should do something. After all, her daughter is so good, how can she be such a Huaxia person? ?
For example, let the behind-the-scenes boss and Chuck break up in public.
Several relatives discussed, and all sneered.
“Let your daughter come over and find a chance to seduce Chuck into the room. I will let my daughter come to see her and let her see. The true face of Chuck! Will definitely break up with him on the spot.” The mother behind the scene said proudly .
After all, she has done this more than once. She has experience.
Although she feels that this is not good, compared to Chuck’s fire pit, she, as a mother, must find a way to pull her daughter out of the fire pit!
“Well,” a relative called her daughter.
This daughter, but an invincible young and beautiful girl, will definitely be fascinated by this Chuck, so when the boss behind you see it, she will definitely slap Chuck in public.
Soon, a beautiful woman came, pure and beautiful, especially the skin, white as snow.
“That’s that, the Huaxia people, called Chuck,” the mother behind the scene said.
The beauty saw it, and smiled slightly, “I see,… he seems to be going to the toilet, I went, and taught me… But, don’t let Sister Bella hit me at that time.”
“No, you helped her recognize the true face of this Chinese man. She thanked you for being too late. How could you beat you?” The mother behind the scene comforted.
“Yes, then I went.” The beauty passed.
A few of them, of course, go to the boss behind the scene, find a time, take her over, and see Chuck kneeling under the woman’s pomegranate skirt! !
“Do you want me to take you?!” The boss behind the scenes wanted to take it. After all, she felt that Chuck was her little lover, so she couldn’t let him be wronged.
“No, sister, I will go by myself.” Chuck shook his head and went to the toilet inside as the boss said.
Chuck went to the bathroom and called Black Rose.
“Hey, what are you doing?” Black Rose was stunned, her voice cold.
I don’t want to care about Chuck anymore. Just kiss someone, how can I do that? !
“Wait for you to eat, what do you want to eat?” Chuck felt that Black Rose followed him, and he still had to guarantee this aspect of eating!
“No need to!”
The phone hung up, Chuck froze, what happened?
What’s wrong?
It’s really amazing.
Chuck silently received the phone, finished the toilet, and just opened the door, and a beautiful woman came in. Chuck nodded and said hello politely.
This girl is beautiful, similar to Emily of the Luo Fu family.
But what’s in the eyes is not as domineering and unreasonable as Emily’s.
It looks pretty good.
Chuck is going out, in the toilet, what do you see?
“Hello, I have learned the Chinese language.” The beauty smiled slightly, pure and special.
Chuck was relieved. The boss and relatives behind the scene were all English. Chuck was uncomfortable. Now he actually met a person who can speak Chinese language. Chuck had a feeling that he met a fellow in a foreign country.
“Hello there,”
“I’ve been to Huaxia, and I feel that Huaxia’s boys are very cute,” the beauty smiled, with the kind of expression in her eyes, and it was the same.
Chuck is crying and laughing, cute? Yes, Chinese men are generally not as tall and strong as American men. In the eyes of American women, this is petite, is it cute?
Chuck smiled, “Thank you,”
“To be honest, you look a bit like my boyfriend in the United States, but you are cuter than him,” the beauty came over.
Chuck was embarrassed, “Is it?”
“Well, yes, I have a relationship with him in the bathroom, and you made me think of him,” the beautiful woman smiled, and that beautiful smile would really enchant you.
“But you are better than him. I think I like you. Do you like me?” the beauty asked.
Chuck was forced, what is this situation?
“Beauty, have you made a mistake?” Chuckluo was so embarrassed that such a beautiful girl actually said this to herself?
Is it so attractive? Chuck looked at her, but, suddenly, she was confessed by a beautiful woman, which felt good.

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