My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 630

Chuck hung up.
I already talked to my mom just now, so now just wait.
“Wait a moment.” Chuck said.
“What are you waiting for, you leave me!” The mother behind the scene scolded!
Other relatives are about to break out.
“I want to show you, I didn’t lie, and the person who just said that I have no tutor, I also want to show you, you will regret it!” Chuck stared at the man who just spoke.
The man taunted, “Make me regret? Ha ha, I will make you regret now!!”
He disdain came over, tall body, natural power, his fist smashed, this punch fainted you! boom! !
The boss mother sneered behind the scenes, such a person, such a shameless person relying on the person who does not go, should hit him with his fist!
The other relatives at the scene were ready to clap their hands and applaud.
To deal with rogues, it should be like this!
Chuck is calm, this man is tall and strong, and has a lot of brute force, but in front of Chuck, a fighting master, it is still not enough to watch!
Chuck stood up, clenched his fists, and hit the man’s stomach! what!
The man screamed while covering his stomach!
The audience was shocked, and suddenly the silence was silent! what’s the situation?
Such a big person, was actually killed by a second?
It’s incredible!
Especially the boss mother who was mocking just now, her eyes were as wide as eggs.
The boss behind the scene chuckled, of course she knew that Chuck, as Karen li’s son, will definitely have a true biography of Karen li’s fighting!
Look now, it really has!
“You?!” The man’s painful face is all intertwined with incredible!
Chuck slapped his thick face! !
With a whine, the man fell to the ground and fainted.
The scene was dead again like silence!
There may be a fluke in punching, but slap again and stun people directly. Isn’t it a fluke? ?
Everyone’s mouth is open, and shocked can cram eggs!
Because everyone knows that this man is amazing! But they were killed in a flash, and they felt that dreaming was just as unreal!
The black rose in the distance looked at all this, and after a trace of consternation, he muttered, “I didn’t expect the strength to increase again, hum!”
She doesn’t want to see Chuck anymore, because Chuck is too casual, just kiss others, how can this be done? ?
If it were herself, she would definitely not do it!
Fortunately, I don’t intend to fall in love, let alone let men touch themselves, let alone handle, let alone kissing!
“You, you actually hit someone here!” The mother behind the boss was shocked and first recovered, she glared at Chuck!
“Yes, hit.” Chuck calmly.
Just now he hasn’t tried his best. It’s really out. This man has to lie for at least ten days and a half months. After all, fighting is a trick!
Chuck looks to be a relative of the boss behind the scenes and has left his hand.
“You!!!” The mother behind the scene was angry!
But she suddenly received a call, and she answered angrily, “Hello?”
“Starting today, our company will not cooperate with you.” This is an indifferent voice and hangs up after it is finished.
The mother behind the scene was stunned. She looked at her mobile phone number. She was shocked. This is her company’s biggest customer!
The cooperation is good, why didn’t you cooperate with yourself suddenly?
She can’t understand!
“what happened??”
Other relatives looked at her with a wrong expression and asked about her concern.
“My company’s largest customer suddenly terminated the cooperation with me. Half of my annual profit is in this company. How can this be?” The mother behind the scene was still incredible.
“Yeah, why is this happening suddenly?”
Someone asked, but at this time, someone’s phone rang again, someone answered, and shocked a few seconds later, “Hey, why don’t you cooperate with me? Isn’t my price too high, okay, I’ll lower it for you, hello, Hey……”
The man was downcast, “My company has also stopped cooperating, what’s going on? Cooperate for a long time.”
The cell phones of seven or eight people on the scene rang one after another. After everyone answered the phone, it was unbelievable!
Because they all ended their cooperation with their own company!
“Mine also stopped cooperating, what happened?”
“Who does your company work with?”
“Karen li.”
“What, your company is also cooperating with Karen li? Mine too.”
“Wow, mine too!!”
“Everyone is, why didn’t Karen li suddenly cooperate with us?! The cooperation has been so long, and it has been a pleasure!”
Behind the scenes, the boss’s mother and these few people do not understand and are very angry!
The scene was full of angry, suspicious voices. Suddenly less than a minute, so many people were implicated, and the atmosphere of the family banquet was completely gone.
But suddenly someone spoke. “Now know who my family is?”
Everyone became quiet and looked back. Found that Chuck spoke.
“Her, there is something wrong with our company, what are you talking about?”
“What kind of presence are you looking for? I’m on fire now, leave me alone!”
“Yes, get out!”
Several relatives scolded! !
The mother behind the scene was angry, she stared at Chuck, “Don’t let me call you away!”
Chuck is calm.
“Wait, you just said, now you know who you are? Do you know Karen li who cooperates with our company?” One person said in shock.
In an instant, there was no sound here!
Behind the scenes, the boss’s mother’s eyes are wide, is it impossible?
But Chuck just said that, his company, and other companies have received calls, this is a huge loss! !
Is this a coincidence?
“Relationship? It’s simple, my mom, I’m gnawing for ten years, is it gonna end? Auntie,” Chuck calmly looked at the boss’s mother behind the scene.
In an instant!
She was stunned, “What are you saying? Is Karen li your mother?”
Others were dumbfounded!
Was completely shocked.
“Yes,” Chuck nodded. “So I’m gnawing, and, have I proven?”
The mother behind the scene was shocked. How did she think Chuck actually had a relationship with her company’s big customer? And still the relationship between mother and child?
“My God, is he true? Karen li is one of the four biggest families in the world. She is too rich, but is this Chuck’s mother?”
“It’s incredible! It should be, otherwise how could we all be terminated?”
“Alas, most of my company’s income is based on cooperation with Karen li. She suddenly terminated the contract. What should my company do?”
“Mine too, what did we just do?”
The relatives at the scene are full of regrets. If they know it already, they will definitely not behave like Chuck just now!
“Zhang…Chuck, you, let your mother, don’t be like this, I just apologized to you just now!” The mother of the boss behind the scene bowed her head in a complicated manner.
She can say that it has affected other relatives, and several other relative companies have been seized by Karen li. As long as Karen li looses his hands, he will definitely close down and rely too much on cooperating with Karen li.
“You made me like this,” Chuck said.
Behind the scenes, the boss’s mother was speechless. Yeah, he didn’t aim at Chuck. Why did he let Karen li cancel the contract? ?
“Chuck, I already knew that I was wrong. Don’t be like this. Your mother would bankrupt several of my relatives.” The mother behind the scene came over with complex apologies on her face.
Chuck didn’t make sense.
“Bella, you talk, your mother knows wrong, you shouldn’t talk to him like that, you talk,” the mother behind the boss was anxious.
The boss was speechless behind the scenes.
“Bella, speak and help us, we were wrong just now,”
Other relatives begged. The arrogance and arrogance just now are gone. After all, their company may lose money immediately or even go bankrupt. Of course they are not willing?
The boss behind the scene did not speak. What did she say about this? I said Chuck just now, and also mentioned Chuck’s mother, then others do it normally!
“Chuck, can you let your mother continue to cooperate with us?” The mother behind the scene whispered.
“Cooperation? Didn’t you let me go? Didn’t you look down on me? Didn’t you think I lied?”
Chuck looked at her lightly.
In an instant, she bowed her head in shame, and other relatives were speechless!

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