My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 633

Chuck came to a place, a luxury hotel, he directly entered the parking lot to park, and then prepared to go up.
But just out of the car door, the phone rang, Chuck looked like a black rose.
He hid in the car to answer.
“What are you doing?” Chuck lowered his voice.
“What are you doing here?” Black Rose said coldly.
Common sense tells Black Rose that this place is luxurious, but it should not be an ordinary hotel, because the sixth sense tells her that there are many mysterious eyes in this hotel, where she glances cautiously, as if there are particularly important people in this place. .
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“Something, don’t worry about it,” Chuck hung up.
“Hello, bastard!” Black Rose shot the steering wheel in exasperation, her big blue eyes stared at the hotel, and called Chuck again.
“I’m afraid I’m afraid of you, something yells.” Black Rose was wary.
“Got it, don’t tell my mom I’m here, I really have something,” Chuck urged.
“Don’t tell me this, your life is the most important!!!” Black Rose hung up the phone this time.
After she parked the car herself, she started looking for a place to stare at Chuck at any time.
After all, she didn’t want to encounter the situation last time again.
Chuck went upstairs and knocked on the door. It was a strange man who opened the door!
In an instant, Chuck had a subconscious vigilance!
This man’s eyes are scary! !
It is the kind of horror of a real master! Who is this?
Chuck stared at him.
“Come in,” the man said indifferently, he especially wanted to punch Chuck with a fist!
After all, last time, Karen li let him suffer a big loss, a stroke actually spit him blood! Now the body still hurts!
He hated Li Qing!
Then Chuck, as the son of Karen li, must have hated it too! !
But this Chuck is the person that her lady likes to fancy. He hates in his heart, but he dare not do it!
Chuck didn’t hesitate to go in and saw the lazy woman on the sofa, he was stunned! ! is her?
That’s right, she is a member of a secret family, and it shouldn’t be difficult to check who Loganwan was saved.
“You let me come?” Chuck frowned.
“Yeah, have you eaten? I’ve prepared something you haven’t eaten…Go, get it,” the woman lazily ordered.
“Yes, Miss!!” The man retreated!
“No, I don’t come here to eat. Where is Logan? Where is she?” Chuck stared at her.
The woman frowned.
The man scolded, “Chuck, don’t you know what’s wrong. My young lady personally told the kitchen to make ten dishes for you, each one you haven’t eaten! You actually…”
“Logan?” Chuck didn’t want to listen anymore.
“Sit down!” The woman patted the sofa.
This is the first time she has allowed a man to approach her!
You know, Karen li was not qualified to sit down last time.
Chuck didn’t move, he was too lazy to sit.
The woman’s eyes narrowed, “I let you sit down!”
Chuck was silent for a few seconds and sat down. “You let him go out!”
The man sneered, “What are you talking about? What do you want to do to the lady?”
The woman glanced at Chuck and waved her hand, “You go out!”
“But Miss you?!” The man was stunned and anxious.
“It’s okay, go out!”
The man stared at Chuck with resentment and quit with respect.
“Now there are only two of us. You said, what do you let him go out for?” The woman was extremely lazy!
She didn’t believe what Chuck would do to her. First, Chuck didn’t dare because she didn’t have her own permission!
What about the second?
Chuck still dare not! !
“You said that before, promise me a few things, still count?” Chuck should make good use of her previous promises.
“Well, tell me, where is Logan? This is my first request.”
“You are wasteful, my request, you actually only ask this kind of question?” The woman was a little bit angry!
She felt insulted and said that she promised him a few requests. Just one request, as long as Chuck mentioned it, then she could make Chuck the richest person in the world!
However, Chuck didn’t mention it, but asked for such a request?
“I didn’t feel wasted! Tell me!” Chuck shook his head, he now wants to know where Logan is.
“I will tell you, but the day after tomorrow, you will go to a place with me and you will know,” the woman said.
“Do you really know?” Chuck was strict.
“Of course, why did I lie to you?” The woman leaned back.
“That’s good, I’ll be here the day after tomorrow,” Chuck stood up. I still have to talk to my mom!
“No, as long as you leave and tell others, I won’t tell you, let alone take you.”
Chuck frowned, “Okay!”
This woman’s desire to control is too strong. Chuck must only compromise for Logan.
Don’t tell mom?
“I prepared the dishes for you and eat together.” The woman stood lazily.
“I think it’s weird. Where do you like me?” Chuck is really strange. What kind of man does this kind of woman in a secret family have? ?
Why is it inexplicable to look at yourself? Do you have to worry about yourself? !
“Your only advantage is to save me.” The woman shook her head.
She also thought about herself, why was Chuck only feeling after so few days of contact with Chuck? !
Probably, there are plots of heroes to save beauty in women’s bones? !
“Then I would rather not save you,” Chuck shook his head.
“In this case, I don’t want to hear it again!” The woman was lazy, and there was a trace of indifference that controlled Chuck.
Chuck sighed and followed the woman to eat.
When he arrived at a dining room as big as a basketball court, Chuck was shocked, so he ate a meal, was it worth it?
Chuck had no choice but to sit down and came up. It was really a delicious dish that Chuck had never seen before.
But Chuck has little appetite. at the same time!
Black Rose was anxious, because Chuck’s cell phone could not be reached. This was blocked by a specific signal. She made several consecutive calls and couldn’t get through. She was ready to call Karen li, but suddenly, a man appeared.
The black rose frowned, “Who?”
“My young lady said, I hate someone secretly watching her!!!” The man’s fist came over.
That speed is amazing to the extreme!
Black Rose pulled out the gun in an instant, and she understood who the person Chuck came to see.
She turned back and resisted, but the man’s sneer was fast and he quickly subdued Black Rose, because his fist was too fast!
Black Rose’s retreat was also repelled!
Pain in the body, she wants to vomit blood!
The man grabbed the black rose by the neck, “It really is the first killer, and the most beautiful one among the killers!”
“Let go!” Black Rose’s expression was blank, because her gun was already on the man’s heart!
She is not a rival to this man, but she is a killer and a gun. When subdued by a man, she also subdued the man.
“Oh, it’s so interesting, but what? I grabbed my neck and I can instantly make you unconscious!”
The man sneered.
“Don’t force me! I only need Chuck’s safety, whoever tries to stop me, I will kill whoever!”
Black Rose is indifferent! but!
When the man sneered, he forced a finger on a point on Black Rose’s neck, and suddenly, Black Rose collapsed to the ground.
She was surprised to try hard, but her brain closed her big blue eyes like lack of oxygen. She struggled, she was not afraid, but did she make mistakes this time? !
“Humph, it’s unbearable! Karen li lets you protect Chuck? This is not to take Chuck’s life at all.”
The man snapped his fingers.
Two people came in.
These two people obey the orders!
“Tie her to me, don’t let her break the young lady’s thing,” the man commanded coldly.
“So why not kill her?”
“Kill? Miss said, this black rose is not bad, there is a feeling that can be adjusted, so, don’t need to kill her for now, of course, if she doesn’t listen to discipline, then kill it again at that time,” the man went out.
The two looked at each other, and immediately tied up the black roses.
The black rose was motionless, couldn’t wake up at all, and was tied to the chair.
Chuck was eating, but thought of the black rose, subconsciously thinking, the black rose did not know where, should I bring her something to eat? !

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