My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 636

The text message was sent, but the black rose didn’t reply, neither did the reply just now.
Chuck was speechless. Last time she didn’t bring black roses to eat, it was her pigeons. She was a little angry and didn’t communicate with herself, but she didn’t have to be angry for so long, at least respond! ! Go back one, or a comma!
Chuck is helpless!
Woman heart, seabed needle!
Chuck received the phone, and Wan Ziwen got on this luxury plane to the extreme.
This plane should also be customized, maybe the boss behind the airport is this ten thousand family, otherwise why is it so luxurious?
Chuck was a mother, and Logan did not feel this way.
Of course, what Chuck didn’t expect was that both Logan and Karen li could customize this kind of aircraft, but Karen li and Logan were not the people who wanted luxury.
Both of them are mainly simple.
“Where is this place?” Chuck asked.
Are you considered to be dressed up?
Today is the same with Wan Ziwen, who is beautiful to the extreme. This place to go, Chuck knows what kind of place it is like a banquet without asking.
Or why this dress?
Chuck suddenly thought, at what banquet is it possible to meet Logan? ?
It should be, Chucksong was relieved, so that’s fine. Logan attended the banquet and participated in herself. After meeting her, she took her away! !
Chuck looks forward to meeting Logan!
If she meets her again, Chuck feels that she will sleep directly on her legs this time and sleep for three days and three nights! !
Make up for Logan’s disappearance during this time!
Chuck missed her too much.
Wan Ziwen sat lazily, with no other expressions on his face. It was so extreme that he did not intend to answer Chuck’s question at all.
Chuck was helpless and sat down with his own interest.
Wan Ziwen went to the front, the man is also in a suit and leather shoes.
“How is it?” Wan Ziwen asked lazily.
“You Tianle and Logan’s wedding should only be attended by people from our family, and the other secret family will not come,” the man said.
“Won’t come? Zhang Qingyang hiding in the dark? He won’t come?” Wan Ziwen was indifferent.
“Miss, you may not know that Chuck was monitored twice before, and one of them was almost caught. The behind-the-scenes man was Zhang Qingyang…” said the man with a sneer.
My own son, so cruel to his son, then the only possibility is that Chuck is a broom star and deserves it!
“True and false?” Wan Ziwen was stunned. Chuck, but Zhang Qingyang’s son, would actually do this?
“It’s true, so I can guarantee that Zhang Qingyang will not appear at all. In his heart, he can’t wait for Chuck to die!” The man was cold.
“What is Zhang Qingyang thinking about??…Forget it, it’s better not to come, right, You Tianle’s wedding gift, are you ready?”
“Yes, miss, they are all ready.”
“I still hope this wedding can be completed, so the gift must be in place.”
“Yes, the lady is assured, it is already in place.” The man lowered his head.
Wan Ziwen returned lazily, she saw the nervous Chuck, she was thinking:
Chuck, you will soon know what I can do in Wan Ziwen!
Can save you from hell! !

“Li Qing… Auntie, Chuck’s phone could not be reached,” Yvette hurried to Karen li’s room.
Karen li was stunned. She had been looking for Logan’s news with Betty for the past two days, but had not paid attention to Chuck’s situation.
“Don’t worry, I’ll check it out,” Karen li’s satellite phone, but if you make a call, it won’t work.
“Auntie, how is it? Did something happen to Chuck? He didn’t come back for two days in a row.
I thought he was in a bad mood yesterday, so…I should have come to find your aunt yesterday,”
Yvette was anxious. Extreme!
She has been tossing and turning for the past two nights and can’t sleep at all.
She was particularly worried about Chuck, who was worried about the accidental Chuck.
She didn’t come last night because she had followed Black Rose, so she barely rested and didn’t bother Chuck.
Because Yvette understands that Chuck’s mood is low and needs to be quiet.
However, I didn’t expect to call today, but I couldn’t get through.
“I can’t get through, I’ll call the black rose!” Karen li has a fine light in his eyes, and immediately hit the black rose, but the result is still unreachable! !
Karen li was stunned and appeared anxiously, “It’s not good, something happened to Ceer…”
In the busy Betty stunned, Yvette was surrounded by anxiety…

“This little villain, is this shielding me, or is there any place where there is no signal?? I can’t get through.”
Inside the private room, the behind-the-scenes boss snorted and made several consecutive calls, all of which were unreachable.
What’s happening here?
Ignore yourself? ?
When she was bored just now, she wanted Chuck to accompany herself and press her shoulders!
After all, Chuck still pressed very well last time, and she didn’t like to let others touch, so she wanted Chuck to come over.
But it doesn’t work! ?
The boss behind the scenes continued to fight, still unable to get through, she hummed, “Little guy, you make me angry, see how I clean up you!”
Someone knocked on the door!
“Come in.” The boss behind the scene was absent-minded and inexplicably angry.
Because Chuck ignored himself.
It was Ouyang Fei who came in!
Her first task has been completed, she has gained a lot of experience, this time she almost died, but still survived stubbornly.
“What are you doing?” The boss behind was cold.
Chuck ignored her, she was angry.
“I, the task is completed.” Ouyang Fei was irritated, this is to use himself as a punching bag? ?
At this time, she particularly wanted to tell the boss behind the scene: What are you proud of? I have your picture? !
“It’s done when it’s done, you go to pick the next one, I will let someone arrange it,”
The boss behind the scene was indifferent, “Right, you called Chuck, don’t you know him?”
“Me? Why?” Ouyang Fei was stunned. Is the boss behind the scene angry because of Chuck?
When she took the photo last time, she knew that the boss behind the scene actually took a fancy to Chuck. Now the boss is angry, is this that Chuck rejected her? ?
Ouyang Fei sneered inside, Chuck, Chuck, sure enough, your vision is not so bad!
I didn’t like myself at that time, now I don’t like the boss behind the scenes!
“Let you hit you just hit!”
Ouyang Fei was irritated, but now it was not time to turn her face around. She took out her mobile phone and hummed, Chuck, you were lucky, actually let me call you!
Fortunately, I changed my mobile phone number myself, you don’t know who I am! !
But she hit, not in the service area!
What’s happening here?
“Boss, I can’t get through.” Ouyang Fei said honestly.
“You can’t get through?” The boss behind the scene suddenly stood up. This is not Chuck shielding himself?
Yes, how could Chuck shield himself? After all, Chuck is his little lover!
Chuck also hoped to help him find Logan.
“Well, I can’t get through, you see.” Ouyang Fei called again in front of the behind-the-scenes boss, and I couldn’t get through.
The beautiful face of the boss behind the scenes was ugly, “What’s going on? Did something happen to Chuck?”
She felt that this was so strange, how could Chuck’s cell phone suddenly fail to work?
Did something happen?
The boss behind the scene was suddenly surprised. She immediately went out and took out her mobile phone. “Check me where is Chuck, yes, now, immediately, give me immediately!”
The boss ran out from behind the scenes, but soon the result was no, saying that Chuck had left the house the day before yesterday, so he didn’t know where to go.
“Little guy, what are you doing? Don’t mess up,” the boss behind the scene anxiously found Karen li’s phone.
She bit her lip and pressed…
Ask Karen li, she must know.
But what should I ask? Ask Karen li directly that she doubts it, then only when she knocked on the side, for a long time, did she connect…
In the private room, Ouyang Fei’s face was changing, and her smile appeared grim, completely to the point of abnormality.
“Oh, Chuck, are you finally going to have an accident? It’s cheaper for you. I’m going to kill you personally, but… you’re in luck, Chuck, you are going to die, remember to die a bit miserably… ”
Ouyang Fei’s yin smile, this is really good news! !

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