My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 637

“Where is this?”
Chuck was stunned, but Wan Ziwen’s plane had been flying for a long time, and actually went directly to a deep mountain.
Moreover, I actually saw that there was a very empty place under the mountain. Several planes were parked. At first glance, they were endless luxury.
Where is this? ?
How could anyone live in a deep mountain as if they were living in seclusion, but Chuck also understood, apart from being surprised, what kind of seclusion is this? ?
People do not need to go in or out of the car, they all have planes directly!
This is another way of life for Ballers! ?
This is a luxurious life, everything is air transport, food, drink, even women, can be transported by air…
“You know when you go down,” Wan Ziwen said lightly.
This kind of deep mountain is also hers, and it is hidden in the deep mountain. Don’t look at this mountain is very common, but others don’t know, don’t know how many monitors in the forest are facing the people who come in.
How many guns are at people who come in!
If someone else knows this amount, it must be described as “shock”.
Wan Ziwen said so, of course Chuck wouldn’t ask for boring questions and continue to ask, it was boring.
At this moment, he just wanted to see Logan, and others, endure as much as possible! !
The plane was flying towards the parked airport and was descending.
“Chuck, don’t run around in this place, follow me,” Wan Ziwen said lightly.
She wants Chuck to rely on her, so she must let Chuck see her strength, how powerful she can be in one sentence!
After conquering Chuck, it is certainly not difficult to let Chuck into trouble.
“Got it.” Chuck is not a fool. He doesn’t know what occasion, but he will not run around in a hurry!
He came here not to run around, but to find Logan, and he would not do anything else.
The plane is parked.
The man took the gift and Wan Ziwen walked ahead.
Chuck looked at the phone and was speechless. The black rose didn’t return any information.
Even if a punctuation mark didn’t return, what happened to her? ?
Don’t be angry like that!
What Chuck can do is to apologize to Black Rose after going back, then Black Rose shouldn’t be reborn as a child?
After all, Black Rose is not the kind of person who makes too much sense.
Get off the plane!
Chuck saw a golden Rolls-Rolls coming from a distance.
A man dressed in black came out with politeness, “Welcome Miss Wan!!”
Yes, they just found Wan Ziwen’s plane just now, so come and greet!
Wan Ziwen looked at the rest of the airport and all the planes were homes. So on behalf of today’s wedding, the homes didn’t invite others.
In fact, it can also be said that people from other families are not eligible to be invited! !
Of course, the other two secret families, Youjia, of course, sent out invitations. After all, the secret family did not want others to know, but tens of thousands of secret families are definitely among the invitations.
Invitations are issued, but it’s someone else’s business to come or not.
After all, the hidden family is lonely and does not come out to show their heads. There are only the other two, so invitation is a must.
Wan Ziwen did not have much accident. She had long thought that other people were not qualified to come. If she married Chuck, she would not invite others, because people from other families would fit into the door of Wanjia? ?
But another secret family really can’t come?
This is something Wan Ziwen cares a little bit about.
“Get in the car,” Wan Ziwen looked at Chuck a bit strangely.
“Well,” Chuck got in the car.
The greeted man looked at Chuck indifferently for someone who could let Wan Ziwen personally bring it, so don’t worry about it, it must be Wan Ziwen’s boyfriend! !
He is envious in his heart, how can the richer person have a more unique taste? ?
Golden Rolls-Royce, driving on the wide runway, and soon, Chuck saw a white building, like a foreign castle. At first glance, it was endless luxury!
Where is this? Which family? ?
Approaching, Chuck saw that the castle was set up. Is this a wedding? !
Chuck sees this clearly, it is really the wedding scene.
Chuck also understood that Wan Ziwen brought himself over to attend other people’s weddings, so it was obvious that Logan would also come to attend others’ weddings at this time, right? !
“Whose wedding is this!?” Chuck asked.
Because this arrangement is too luxurious, it seems that this couple is absolutely very happy!
“You will know,” how could Wan Ziwen say more? ?
But she wanted to use this wedding to let Chuck see her strength! ?
“Well, I just need to see Logan, and the rest, I don’t care,” Chuckming said!
It must be said clearly, tell Wan Ziwen that he does nothing, and see Logan, then he will take Logan out of here.
“You will see her!” Wan Ziwen was indifferent, his voice lazy.
“That’s good,” Chuck is not worried, Wan Ziwen shouldn’t have to lie to himself in this regard.
“Please come in!”
Wan Ziwen, Chuck, and Wan Ziwen’s bodyguards all went in.
Chuck is particularly looking forward to seeing Logan who has been missing for so long among the guests attending the wedding! !
If you see him, Chuck will hug her!
After losing it, Chuck knew how important Logan was in his heart.
Entering this castle, Chuck was always surprised, feeling incredible, how many years has this castle been? ?
“Go to my house, you will be more surprised!” Wan Ziwen said lightly.
In her house, but like the palace, there are all kinds of antiques everywhere, and the value of one home alone is inestimable!
“I won’t go,” Chuck shook his head and refused.
Why do you go to her house by yourself? Is it too much? Chuck would not do such a thing.
“You will go.” Wan Ziwen didn’t say much.
This confidence made Chuck a little disgusted, but did not refute her face to face.
There were a lot of people on the scene, the secret family, the number of people was calculated by thousands, and the hall was full of people.
Chuck was stunned. Many beauties are inside. They are all kinds of superb beauties. There are people who wandered and brought their girlfriends. There are few Chinese people. They are basically Americans with blonde hair and blue eyes.
The simplest reason is that the beauty of American women is hotter than that of Chinese women.
The arrival of Wan Ziwen, the people in the home gradually became quiet, not many people spoke, looking at Wan Ziwen.
The strange Chuck was ignored by them.
After all, their wandering family is a hidden family, but they never look at people outside the hidden family.
What is Chuck? ?
Without Wan Ziwen, there is no qualification to enter here!
Chuck glanced among the crowd and wanted to see Logan soon, he looked forward to it.
“This way!”
Someone leads the way, but guests have a special place!
Although there are very few guests on site!
“Don’t read it first, you will see her later.” Wan Ziwen reminded.
Chuck had no choice but to block the gate. He was treated like a monkey by others.
He sat down with Wan Ziwen, but his eyes still didn’t leave the crowd, but there was no alternative. There were too many people on the scene, all of them were tall and short. They obstructed the view. Chuck couldn’t see everything, and he couldn’t see Logan at all.
At the same time, Chuck is also strange. How could Logan attend someone’s wedding? ?
Why not go find yourself?
Too many questions can only be asked clearly if Logan is seen.
Wan Ziwen is lazy, Chuck, when you see Logan, when you are in trouble, you will know how powerful Wan Ziwen is! !
Inside the luxurious room.
Logan was at a loss, and more than a dozen people were already helping her with makeup, makeup, and hair. There were even two people who gave Logan a manicure to ensure Logan’s absolutely stunning beauty today! ?
“You are so beautiful today.” The makeup artist smiled slightly. She is a professional makeup artist at Youjia. She has not seen a beauty with such a standard face shape as Logan!
This simple makeup makes Logan to the point of stunning the audience, Logan’s foundation is great!
Logan is still dazed.
“Yes, you are beautiful today. This wedding dress is too suitable for you. Your figure is really good…”
“Yes, if you marry the young master, you will be happy…”
The others said with a smile!

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