My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 639

“Your promise to me?”
Logan fell into a deep thought with a headache, but the more she thought, her head seemed to tingle like a blast.
Is he his favorite person? This title is really familiar! Familiar with her heart.
“Yes, this is my promise to you! I said to marry you, to give you the biggest wedding in the world, the most luxurious wedding, I did it, now you go out with me, feel, you will remember!”
You Tianle said “surprise”.
Logan was at a loss, she pressed her head, the sting made her faint, but there was a strong voice in her heart, she wanted to go out and see…
You Tianle outlined a sneer:
Logan, in fact, you know that what you like is not me, but you know my identity, so you pretended to be right? ?
It seems that there is no difference between you and other women! !
“Go out and have a look, let’s go.” You Tianle said.
Under the watch of his family, to complete the wedding, the next thing will come naturally.
You Tianle was a little excited.
Logan’s voice was urgent, and she wanted to go out and see.
Dazed let her go outside.
You Tianle smiled, “You guys look at her, don’t let her make a mistake,”
“Yes, young master!!!” Several women bowed their heads and followed Logan out, giving Logan a long skirt.
You Tianle sorted out her suit and went out with a smile.
The lively scene is full of people traveling home!
The hidden family has been inherited for so many years, there are tens of thousands of grandchildren, and people are in the hall.
“Wow, the bride is so good!”
“Huh, it’s so beautiful, how good would it be to be my wife!”
“That is, my wife must be so beautiful, I won’t go looking for other women,”
“Ah, are you surnamed Yu? We are secret family members, are there more women like this?!”
“It’s not necessarily, I have never seen such a superb woman,”
“I do not have either.”
Everyone was stunned by Logan with a white scarf, and there was a small boil at the scene.
Of course, it should not be too much. After all, You Tianle is one of the candidates who may inherit the hidden family tour! !
After being quiet!
Logan’s figure was really drawn to the extreme by this wedding dress. All men’s eyes and eyes were shining.
Men’s eyes have always been the same for beauties, not to mention such beauties? !
You Tianle smiled slightly, sitting on the elders of the You family!
The wedding preparations have begun! !
“I didn’t expect Logan, the spare tire, to be a little prettier in a wedding dress,” Wan Ziwen murmured.
She looked at Logan, but she was also a bit amazing!
This is especially rare!
“But she’s like a fool, what’s the matter?” Although Wan Ziwen didn’t see Logan’s face clearly, Logan was motionless on it, it was really like wood.
“Possibly, when she escaped with a parachute at that time, something hit her head, causing her to lose her mind,” the man whispered the analysis in his own mind.
“Guess so,”
“That would be the best, otherwise Logan would tell the story about the young lady.” The man was a little worried.
“speak out!?”
Wan Ziwen smiled lazily, “Why am I worried that she will say it, and there is a problem with her brain now, even if there is no problem with her brain, she dares?”
Especially indifferent words.
Men are stunned, too, how dare Logan dare? She dare to say it, then she doesn’t know how many people are going to die! !
“Right, what about Chuck?” Wan Ziwen said lazily.
“He said he was going to the toilet,” the man watched, and he saw Chuck went to the toilet just now.
“Well, go check it out and bring him back. I don’t want to wait any longer. Let him make trouble.
I will save him again…” Wan Ziwen said.
“Yes, wait a minute, Miss,” the man went to the toilet Chuck.
Chuck did go to the toilet just now, and turned around in the crowd at the same time. He hadn’t seen Logan yet. He was actually annoyed.
Wan Ziwen deceived himself?
It should not be!
So why haven’t you watched Logan? ?
He suppressed his expectation and went to the toilet, but took out his cell phone and looked at it.
The black rose still didn’t give him a message, or did she call her? ?
Chuck called Black Rose, but was stunned, because he found that the mobile phone actually had no signal, what is the situation?
Chuck understands that this may be a means of this family, do not want others to use mobile phones to shoot.
Chuck didn’t think much about other places, but he also understood why he didn’t receive the black rose information.
It turned out that my mobile phone had no signal, maybe Black Rose had already sent a message to me, or made a call, but I didn’t receive it.
Alas, I don’t know, if I don’t reply to the information, will the black rose be more angry!
Chuck sighed. He thought about calling his mother one, but he couldn’t make it, so forget it. Go out and see, where is Logan!
However, Chuck is upset and always feels that something will happen, or will it be a little unexpected to take Logan away? ?
Chuck re-determined that he had put on the clothes given by his mother, and the small bomb given by the boss behind the scenes. After confirming that there was no problem, Chuck was relieved.
Did you think about it yourself? ?
At the wedding scene, they just saw Logan and took her away. How could it be an accident?
Chuck came out with a shrug.
When Chuck came out, the man was waiting outside with a cold face!
“Why have you been in for so long?” the man said coldly.
Why did Chuck treat him?
Go straight.
“I warn you, be nice to the young lady, my young lady, can see you, that’s a blessing from your ten lifetimes! Understand!” The man scolded! !
“I must have done bad things in my whole life.” Chuck went straight out.
The man was annoyed and his expression was cold. Suddenly he laughed, “Huh, Chuck, but you will be beaten badly after a while, just fine. See you beaten, I should be very happy!” Haha! !”
The man sneered and went out quickly.
Chuck looked at the crowd on tiptoe. There were too many people. He was watching quickly.
See Logan quickly? !
Wedding scene!
The master of ceremonies has been preparing for a long time, and the elders of the home are all on stage!
Including domineering homeowners domineering! !
He was barely satisfied with Logan’s granddaughter-in-law, and no one else had any opinions.
“Dad, am I doing well? Find Tianle such a wife,” You Tianle’s dad said to the owner, and it was a request for credit.
“Yes, this girl looks better than other grandchildren’s wives, but it’s still much worse than Wan Ziwen!” You Batian looked over to the guests and saw the lazy Wan Ziwen.
“Yeah, there’s no way. Wan Ziwen’s woman doesn’t want to be with Tianle, then forget it, don’t force it, or let her make me think that I’m a stranger! It’s not bad to find this now ,” the old man is satisfied.
“However, this woman is not amnesia? Will there be any problems?” Youba Tiandao.
“No, Tianle likes her, let them forget together.” The old man said confidently.
“Also, start!!” Youba Tiandao, his grandson married, he is also happy, of course, it does not matter if there is a problem, anyway, just give birth to a child.
After all, the secret family passed on, and the more future generations, the better.
The sound was loud, and the hall was suddenly quiet.
“Groom and bride, kneel elder!” Master of ceremonies said.
The rules of this hidden family must bow down to the elders.
You Tianle certainly knelt down directly, but Logan didn’t move.
Yu Batian frowned and murmured, “What’s going on?”
Today is the big day of the secret family, does this woman really don’t know how to lift?
Logan bit her lip and did not move. You Tianle was angry, but kept her manners, “Logan, kneel, you are all elders in front of you.
“I…” Logan had a headache, she shook her head, “I, I don’t want to get married…”
“What?” Youba Tian had cold in the eyes!
Even You Tianle’s dad was angry and saved you, giving you a chance for a pheasant to become a phoenix. Do you actually regret it? ?
You Tianle stood up, “Logan, what are you kidding?”
Logan bit her lip!
“She is not kidding, she is not married for this marriage!!!” A cold voice sounded!

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