My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 64

Betty Bernard didn’t say anything, and her face was calm. For her, it was normal no matter what Chuck Cannon did.
However, there was a look of envy in the eyes of the security guards that Betty brought. The three women really had good body shapes. If all of them were to sleep with a man together… all men would be happy if they were the one.
“You can leave now. Don’t waste your time here. People who can stay in hotels like this are never short of women,” Chuck shook his head.
The three women were stunned. They were very confident in themselves and could do no matter what men wanted as long as the men felt happy. However, the young master standing in front of them just refused to sleep with them, which surprised them.
Betty was surprised too. She was surprised that Chuck was not tempted to sleep with them!
The security guards that she brought were envious and sighed in their hearts. As expected, rich people did have higher standards. They had considered this kind of woman as the perfect one in their eyes but they were not even worth mentioning in the eyes of the rich.
It would be great if they had enough money. Then, they would definitely take down these three women today, and then….. It’s a pity that it’s not up to them to decide.
“It’s really not necessary. You can leave now.” Chuck shook his head again and said to Betty, “Miss Betty, I’ll go back first.”
“Well, Young Master, be careful on your way back,” Betty said, and the security guards stepped aside to make a way for Chuck.
Chuck nodded and walked into the elevator. The three women looked at each other. The yellow-haired woman asked in a low voice, “Young master, can we take the elevator together?”
The other two women looked expectantly at Chuck.
“Sure,” Chuck didn’t care.
The three women were overjoyed and hurried into the elevator. All four of them were in the elevator and the three women were nervous. They felt so lucky to be in the same elevator with such a powerful person.
“This young master is actually quite handsome, but his face has some dirt on it.” One of the women said.
“Yeah, he’s so handsome.” The other woman too commented.
The three women whispered. When the elevator door opened, Chuck walked out. The three women followed and watched as Chuck drove away in a BMW 7 series car. They sighed and felt a Ilttle remorseful.
“Well, are all the rich people keeping a low-profile nowadays?” The yellow-haired woman said.
“He is handsome and rich. He’s the perfect man. Alas, I forgot to give him my WeChat just now. Otherwise, he can send me a message when he is lonely and I would come over at any time to ensure that he will be satisfied all night.” said one of her friends.
“Let’s stop thinking about it. Young masters like him were always surrounded by those celebrities and model. We can never catch his eye. Alas… why were we so dumb just now?” The yellow-haired woman regretted her decision just now.
“I regret it. I really regret it. If we would talk politely just now, he will probably drive us back. It’s really… I won’t talk about it anymore. Let’s go to another hotel. No one has called us after so long. He’s right.
People who can afford to stay in a five-star hotel are not short of women at all….” The yellow-haired woman said.
“Well, alright…” Her friends agreed. The three women looked in the direction of Chuck’s car that was no longer in sight and reluctantly went to another hotel.
Chuck drove back. After parking the car, he was waiting to take the elevator up. But at this time, Zelda Maine came from another direction. After they noticed each other, they were both stunned.
Chuck coughed. “Sister Zelda….”
“Hm.” Zelda walked over and the two of them waited for the elevator. The elevator door opened, and the two of them went in.
In fact, Zelda wanted to say something. She had already recovered from today’s shock although she was still a little uncomfortable. She couldn’t understand why the plaza renewed the contract with Yvette Jordan instead of her. She had also been interested in the contract with the plaza for a long time, and she had even told Chuck about it.
However, Zelda did not ask. Why should she ask? He was the owner of the plaza so he could give into anyone he wanted. But.. Why didn’t he give it to her? Is it because she was not as good as Yvette?
“Wait, why should I compare myself with Yvette?” Zelda thought in her heart.
The elevator door opened.
“Sister Zelda, remember to sleep early,” Chuck said as he went out. He did not dare to continue to look at her.
“Good night,” Zelda replied. Zelda came out of the elevator and sighed inexplicably. Was she overthinking? She felt uncomfortable.
Chuck went home, took a bath, and went to bed.
The next morning, Chuck took Yolanda Lane’s clothes and brought it to her. Yolanda came out after changing her clothes. Chuck saw that her face was no longer swollen and her smile had returned. Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed she had forgotten what had happened yesterday and returned to her cheerful self.
Chuck drove Yolanda to the plaza to work. He remembered that it was almost time for the exam, so he drove back to the school, parked the car on the side of the road, and entered the school.
When Chuck returned to the class, he heard people in the class was gossiping about something. “Hey, did you guys hear about what happened yesterday? The five-star hotel, Hotel Luna had an incident yesterday.” A student said.
“Really? What happened?’ His friends asked as they were curious.
“My mother works in the Central Hospital. So, she knew that the rich guy, William Yuri was beaten up. She was curious and she asked about it and knew that he was sent here from Hotel Luna. In other words, he was beaten up in Hotel Luna.” The student explained.
“Ah? Who would dare to beat William up?” They all wondered.
“Yes, I heard that Hotel Luna invited a lot of rich people over yesterday night. Some people said that it was a young man who beat Wiliam up.” Some of the students that knew the news also shared the information that they had.
“A young man? Is he that powerful? If he dares to beat William, then he must be richer than him. But I don’t know who this person is.” Another student said.
“What does it have to do with you losers? Will that young man be anyone of you?” Lara Jean said angrily.
The boys rolled their eyes at Lara. They were just curious about it and they had a clear estimation of themselves. How could that young man be in their class? After all, in the entire school, only William was invited that night. They were just very curious about it.
At this time, Yvette came in with a book in her hand. She looked at the corner of the class first and she was relieved when she saw Chuck was there. It was almost time for the exam, so Chuck should not skip any more of the classes.
“Students, let’s start our lesson,” Yvette said cooly.
The students in the class were surprised. Why was Yvette in such a good mood today? When Chuck took out his book, he really couldn’t understand the content well. He didn’t know if she would explain to him if he went to ask Yvette alone.
However, Yvette’s complexion looked good. It seemed that she had recovered from the flu.
“Students, the exam will start in a few days. If you are too nervous, you will not get a good result. So I decided to have a gathering before the exam for you guys to relax. Do any of you have any good suggestions?” Yvette suddenly said.
Her words made the students excited. It had been a long time since they gathered to have fun last time.
“Teacher, let us go camping!” A student suggested.
“Teacher, let’s go mountain climbing and go to the hot spring!” Another student said.
“Teacher, let’s go to karaoke. You will be in a much better mood if you shout out your worries!” More and more suggestions were mentioned by the students.
Yvette listened to everyone’s idea, but when she saw Chuck lowering his head, she asked, “Chuck, do you have any suggestions?”
“Me?” Chuck was surprised. It was very rare for Yvette to ask him such questions in the class!
All the students in the class despised him. What ideas could he have? It would cost him a fortune to hang out with his classmates.
“I’ll follow the majority.” Chuck said.
“Well,” Yvette nodded. She thought for a moment and said, “Just now, there was a classmate who mentioned going to karaoke together. This is good idea. Everyone can sing freely and relax yourselves, and it won’t be very expensive either. But where should we choose to go?”
“Teacher, let’s go to the City Square. There’s a cheap KTV shop near that place,” a classmate said.
“That’s right. The one in the City Square is very cheap. I’ve been there several times. I think we should all go to that one,” other students also agreed, and some nodded their head.
After thinking for a while, Yvette nodded and said, “Well, it’s a deal. Let’s go to the City square to sing tonight!” The whole class was excited.
Chuck was puzzled. “Does this mean that his classmates are going to the karaoke at his plaza?” He thought.

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