My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 65

Since all the students agreed to go to the karaoke, Chuck Cannon will just follow. There was nothing for him to worry about, after all it was just karaoke. Speaking of which, Chuck hadn’t gone to sing for a long time. It’s okay to relax.
After this exam, there would be a holiday and he planned to focus on the job at the plaza.
“Who knows the owner of the KTV at the plaza?” Someone shouted.
The students shook their heads.
“How can none of you know anyone from the plaza? It would be cheaper if we knew someone from there,” A girl said unhappily.
Indeed, with so many people joining, it would already be a big cost for the drinks, let alone the tidbit. It would indeed be much cheaper if they knew someone from the plaza.
No one spoke.
Of course, Chuck didn’t want to tell them that he knew someone from the plaza. He could easily call Yolanda and asked her to give him a 30% discount. However, he did not do it because he understood that they were also making a living with their business.
“Forget it, all the people in our class are losers. It’s not bad already if anyone ohem knew the waiter, let alone the boss. By the way, Chuck, didn’t you work as aiter in the plaza before? Why don’t you ask the boss to give us a discount?” A boy looked at Chuck and said in a strange tone.
Chuck really did work there before, but he only did it for a few days because he had no money at that time. Also, the manager looked down on people without aneason, so Chuck quitted after working two days.
“Haha, don’t embarrass him. He only worked as a waiter for a few days. He was probably fired by the boss. Do you think the boss will give a discount to him?” Another classmate said.
“You can’t say that, can you? Chuck has changed now. He’s wearing trendy brands and even the campus belle came to find him. What’s wrong with him asking the boss for some discount? As long as he’s shameless enough, he can get us the discount!” One of the girls said.
“Haha, the boss is a man. What’s the use even if he tried to flirt with the boss?” A male student said.
“What if the boss likes men?” Another friend teased.
“He is gay then?” One of the students continued.
“Haha!” A few of the students laughed.
Soon, the whole class burst into laughter. Chuck didn’t bother to pay attention them. However, Queenie Carson, who was sitting beside him, was very angry. She wanted to stand up for him, but Chuck stopped her.
“But they went too far. They shouldn’t say things like this to you,” Queenie was verngry.
“It doesn’t bother me anyway,” Chuck shook his head and said.
“What’s the point in saying these? Did Chuck offend you guys?” Yvette Jordan’s face suddenly turned cold.
Chuck was a little surprised. Was Yvette trying to stand up for him? It was rare for her to do so!
The students in the class immediately shut up. After all, they all knew what kind of temper Yvette had.
Chuck looked surprisingly at Yvette, who was on the podium. Her face was reallold, but when she saw Chuck, the anger in her eyes unconsciously dissipated ittle. Although it just happened for a split second, Chuck still caught the change.
Did she change her attitude towards Chuck after he sent her the medicine and breakfast when she needed him the most?
“If you guys continue to tease Chuck again, then we won’t go tonight! We will just cancel it!” Yvette said coldly.
“Teacher, please don’t do that. We won’t tease him anymore,” a girl said quickly.
“That’s right, we won’t talk about it anymore,” another boy said.
“Let’s continue to talk about singing. I went there last time. Their soundproof and service is great, but the boss is so petty, he did not give us any discount,” a girl curled her lips and said.
“Alas, forget about it. That is the only place which is suitable for us studentecause it is cheaper. Let’s collect some fund first. Just a hundred dollars for everyone!” The monitor stood up.
Many people wanted to go and relax so they paid the money enthusiastically.
However, when it came to Queenie, she shook her head and refused to go. Chuck knew that she was distressed about money, so he took out 200 dollars frois pocket to help her pay the money.
Queenie shook her head. “No, thanks. I still have to go for a part-time job tonight.”
“It’s okay to give it a day off,” Chuck said.
“Ah, Chuck is so good to Queenie. Did you just want to find someone to comfort you since you are dumped by the campus belle?” One of the female classmates said with a tone of jealousy.
Lara Jean gave Chuck a disdainful look. “I’ve given you a chance but you didn’t call me at all. Instead, you treated Queenie to go to karaoke. Am I not better than her? You’re really a loser,” Lara thought in her heart.
Chuck frowned, which made Queenie refuse even more. “You really don’t need to do that.”
“Queenie, I’ll pay for you. Let’s go out and relax,” Yvette said. Her tone was still cold.
The other students in the class immediately envied Queenie, and they despised more towards both of them.
“Teacher…” Queenie shook her head, but Yvette had already started the class. Shighed and said thank you.
The class was over soon. Everyone packed up and prepared to go to City Square.There were so many people going, so Chuck did not drive there. Everyone went to take the bus together.
The bus was packed with people. When they arrived at the plaza together, Yvette, who was waiting at the front door, gave Chuck a cold look, as if she was a littlngry. Chuck wondered when did he offend her. After thinking about it for a while, Chuck took out his mobile phone and found that there was an unread message. He tapped on it and found that it was from Yvette.
“Let me drive you there,” wrote Yvette in the message. Was she caring about him? Chuck slapped his forehead. Yvette didn’t want Chuck to be squeezed on the bus, so she sent such a message. Unfortunately, Chuck didn’t see it at all.
It seemed that Yvette had been waiting for a while and didn’t see anyone coming, so she drove here angrily.
Chuck felt helpless. He wanted to tell her that he had not seen her message jusow, but Yvette had already brought the students inside. Queenie worked part-time in the plaza. So, she went and talked to the boss first. Then she would come over later.
Chuck had no choice but to follow them into the plaza first.
“Wow, why did the City Square change in just a few days?” A girl was surprised.
“I think so too. Is it because the owner of the plaza wants to attract more crowds to come? The last time I came here, I couldn’t even find a place to rest after shopping. What a lousy plaza,” another girl said.
It was true. After Chuck and Yolanda discussed it, they immediately asked people to renovate the facility of the whole plaza. It seemed that it was working, and the other changes were still being dealt with. They would soon have a brand new atmosphere in the plaza. After all, Yolanda said they had invested more than one million dollars in this aspect.
“Isn’t it better now?” Chuck couldn’t help but ask. The two students glanced at
Chuck and said disdainfully, “Yes it is, but what does it have to do with you?”
“Yes, we said that the plaza had changed. What does it have to do with you? Whid you ask? Is this plaza yours? Are you doing a survey?” The other student said in an impolite tone.
When Chuck was about to say something, the two students had already walked into the KTV. Chuck said nothing and followed. However, when Chuck entered the store, he heard the class monitor shouting, “What? You guys don’t have a big private room anymore?”
“I’m sorry, sir. The private room has been reserved,” the receptionist said.
“Then what should we do? We can’t separate into two rooms, can we? That will be much more expensive,” the monitor said.
“That’s right. Why don’t we go somewhere else?” Another student suggested.
“This is the cheapest place in this plaza, and it’s even more expensive for us to go somewhere else,” the monitor said again. The students were talking about it. The students didn’t know the workers in the KTV, and they didn’t know if there was a private room or not. After all, it could be a trap. If they agreed to book two rooms, then the KTV would earn more. Who knew if the workers were tricking them or not?
“Teacher, what should we do then?” The class monitor came over with a helplesook on her face. “The big private room only costs 1,200 dollars, but all of them are occupied or reserved. If we were to book two medium rooms, it would cost 800 dollars each. We would have to pay around 400 dollars more,” the class monitor said.
Yvette hesitated. “It’s really a huge difference. What’s more, to say is that the students can’t be in the same room. The purpose of this trip was to spend timogether with the whole class,” Yvette said.
“Why don’t I call and ask?” Lara said. Of course, she would send a message to the Baller. “Since he was so rich, he must know the owner of the plaza. Then, it would just be a matter that can be settled with a few words.” She considered this as her plan.
“Do you know someone from here?” The class monitor was suspicious. Yvettlanced at Chuck subconsciously. “Don’t you know Zelda? Why don’t you ask her?”
Yvette hinted at him without saying a word.
“Let’s just have a try,” Lara was gazed at by the eyes of the whole class expectantly. She was happy in her heart and immediately sent a message to “baller”. However, the “baller” ignored her and she was disappointed. However, she had already said that she would have a way, she couldn’t let her classmates down at this time, most importantly it would embarrass herself!
Then, she thought of someone again. “I know the manager of the plaza, I will ask for her help then,” Lara said happily. As she spoke, she ran out. The class stopped and waited for her.
“Lara is so awesome! She even knows the manager!” One of the students said in awe.
“Don’t you know? Lara is going to open a shop in the plaza. She’s very powerful!” Another student joined in and complimented Lara.
“Really? I can’t tell!” The students were amazed. Everyone was shocked. When did Lara suddenly become so powerful?
Chuck stepped aside and gave Yolanda a call. He asked her to come over and help in the situation. After the call was connected, he said a few words to her and hung up the phone.
Soon, Lara proudly brought Yolanda in. Lara said, “Look, I brought the manageere. Everyone knows the manager right?”
Everyone was surprised. “Isn’t this the campus belle, Yolanda? When did shecome the manager?” They were surprised and even more envious of Lara, they thought, “She was so awesome that she was even able to bring Yolanda, thanager, here!”

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