My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 641

“it is good!”
Logan wiped away her tears again, she had a headache, but she was no longer confused, no pain, because… very simple, someone she has always liked silently, said to take herself away from here!
She didn’t want to know why Chuck appeared here. She didn’t need to know, because it was enough for Chuck to appear when she was the most painful and lonely!
He will take himself out of this painful place!
“What are you talking about? Bitch!!!”
You Tianle is angry!
He was on fire, and on fire again. Just now he found out that there was no need to be angry with Chuck’s ants, but his future wife, even towards Chuck, could he bear it? !
Youjia’s owner Yuba is cold!
You Tianle’s father is even more angry!
Logan didn’t know what to do? !
Damn it! !
All the descendants of Youjia are angry and cold. It seems to freeze here!
This tramples on the dignity of the home, the majesty of the home!
“She’s it! This bitch, actually turned his elbows out? Tianle, you have to think about it today!
This bitch damn it!!!” An old man said in exasperation, blowing his nose in anger!
Youjia is a secret family, when was it provoked by this kind of ants?
Never had!
But it’s starting today, so you have to scrub with blood! !
“Yes, Brother Tianle, where there is no grass on the horizon. What about this woman no matter how beautiful? She wants to go with someone else? You must die today!” a little young man scolded!
This is simply an insult!
He can’t stand it! ?
All the descendants of Youjia can’t stand it!
Chuck smiles!
There are so many people on the scene, everyone’s eyes are like a sword, full of murderous opportunities!
But Chuck is not afraid, why? ?
Because of simplicity, Logan is willing to go with herself, she is willing!
“Okay, I’ll take you away,” Chuck said with a smile.
“Well,” Logan moved in her heart, she smiled, this is the only gentle smile for Chuck!
She knows what to face next, and knows clearly.
But enough, Chuck’s words are enough, whether she can leave or not, she will never be as painful as before!
“Logan, I will give you a chance, and you say it again, who are you willing to talk to!” You Tianle’s grimace? !
“Tianle! What did you say? Give her a chance?” You Tianle’s father was angry!
Yuba is cold, his dry and turbid eyes are cold!
“Yes, Brother Tianle, what do you say? She is a bitch!” Some people scolded! Especially do not understand!
“Dad! I know, but I have my own thoughts. She embarrassed me today. I will let her go so easily? I want to torture her!!” You Tianle’s unpretentious facial features are at an abnormal level.
You Tianle’s father nodded happily, “Okay!”
The other descendants of Youjia are also grim, so this is the best!
“Logan, I will ask you again, who are you with?” You Tianle sneered at Logan.
“Do you know? I’m still surprised that you can think of it. It’s really unexpected, but you know who I am? Know where you are? Know more about where you and he are now! So, think about it, you Who followed?” You Tianle sneered.
The threat is so natural!
Yes, this is home!
Can Logan and Chuck leave? ?
It’s just a fool’s dream!
“Logan, don’t you understand what I am saying? It doesn’t matter, I tell you, if you follow her, you will die miserably today, but if you choose to continue to follow me, then you can still live!
But You You Tianle keeps you alive, but you will suffer, I keep you alive…”
You Tianle smiled slightly, this smile resounded in the hall, blame!
“Whether I follow you or not, will he die?” Logan squinted!
Restored the look of the past! !
“Yes! But there is a difference! Then I will talk to you well. If you follow him and walk from here, then I will chop him into meat sauce and feed the dog! You are the same!!! But, You follow me, you will live! Then I will be barely happy so a little bit, I will leave him a whole body! Cut off his hands and feet, cut off his head, and then put together, you see, this is better than Chopped into meat sauce is better?” You Tianle laughed coldly!
“Haha! Brother Tianle is so good!”
“That’s how it should be done to deal with this couple of men and women!”
The children of Youjia laughed a lot, happy!
“No, he won’t die! I won’t let him die!” Logan shook his head.
“Oh, what do you mean don’t follow me?” You Tianle’s eyes like a beast, staring straight at Logan? !
“No, my head hurts all the time. I suspect you’re fooling.” Loganmei has a murderous chance!
She was clever. She just remembered her pain and tingling. She thought of it. After so long, how could she always be groggy, she understood that it was Yu Tianle who did not intend to remind herself!
Chuck’s eyes flashed, and he also understood that Logan had lost his memory! !
“Oh, do you know it now? It’s a little late! So okay, since you chose him, then I will slowly watch you die next, and you will regret it!” You Tianle sneered.
Extremely angry!
All the descendants of Youjia are also angry. This bitch woman is ignorant!
You Tianle’s father is angry, Yuba Tian is colder and heavier!
“I won’t regret it!” Logan took off the jewelry on his neck and ears, and then tore off the long skirt behind him.
She doesn’t need this kind of burden because she knows what she has to face next!
Logan suddenly shot, he wants to grab You Tianle, then it is possible to go out!
Because there were too many people on the scene and too many home guards, she and Chuck could not stand out anymore!
So, take a person as a hostage!
“Bitch woman, do you still want to catch me?” You Tianle showed disdain, but he followed the bodyguard at any time.
The bodyguard’s fist hits!
Logan was originally weak! The head injury is not good!
So she couldn’t take a punch, she was beaten!
The moment she fell to the ground, a strong arm hugged her! !
Yes, Chuck ran over!
Logan coughed, “Cer…” embrace!
The two embraced naturally!
If she is going to die today, she has no regrets!
Chuck also felt that it was best to see Logan, but Logan was helpless for so long, and she would take her out of here! !
This is what Chuck thinks now!
“Kill me, oh, kill slowly, I want to appreciate how the two of them died, how to weep, how to beg for mercy…” You Tianle snapped her fingers!
He just saw Logan didn’t touch himself, he was beaten, he didn’t feel any distress!
Such a bitch woman who doesn’t know any good, let her die! !
It’s just that he has such a little regret!
Up to now, to this day, I haven’t even got Logan. This woman is the best!
This is the only regret!
But this kind of regret, burned by his anger, is such a bitch woman also worthy of touching herself?
People in black at the scene surrounded Chuck and Logan together!
This is a killing intention! Horrible!
The descendants of the upper and lower families are watching with cold eyes, and dare to trample on the majestic people of the family. dead! !
“Aunt Logan, are you afraid?” Chuck was indifferent!
Chuck knows that these ten people are only a very small part of this wandering bodyguard. The really powerful people have not yet come out!
Because, the disdain in the eyes of these people told Chuck, the really powerful person, disdain to shoot himself, these ten bodyguards, be regarded as the bottom of the home!
But they were disdainful, and their indifferent eyes told Chuck again, they thought, ten of them, solving Chuck, Logan was more than enough! !
“Don’t be afraid, Ce’er, you are by my side!” Logan smiled softly, but Chuck’s pale face made him hurt!
Who exactly made Logan look like this?
Logan was helpless for so long, it was all that person who hurt!
Chuck swears that he must find this person who hurt Logan!
“Aunt Logan, let us two go out!” Chuck calmly.
“Okay! I really want to go out!”

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