My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 646

But Wan Ziwen was stunned, and even annoyed that she thought Chuck’s guts had come to an end, so she asked herself to save him in one sentence!
After all, in this hall, she can save Chuck alone!
She is the only one! !
The three secret families have similar strengths, but they still have a ranking, the second is the home, and the first is her ten thousand! !
Therefore, at that time, You Tianle’s father would want You Tianle and Wan Ziwen to get married.
Wanjia truly the first family in the world!
As a future heir, she can do many things in one sentence!
In this case, save Chuck’s life!
However, Logan, Wan Ziwen never thought of saving Logan from beginning to end!
You Tianle frowned and looked over to Wan Ziwen!
Including Youjia’s owner, Youbatian!
His eyes are gloomy!
The three big families can inherit the thousands of generations and thousands of generations together. The relationship among them is actually very delicate, checks and balances each other, and also restricts each other.
The three secret families haven’t turned their backs, because at this level, how could they break the balance of the three secret families for so many years for a little thing? ?
Therefore, Yu Ba Tian also has such a point of hesitation!
What if Wan Ziwen really came forward?
In the face of the true first family in the world, did he give it to his family or not? ?
The eyes of the descendants of Youjia look different!
The anger in Wan Ziwen’s mind is gone. With laziness, Chuck, did you see it? ?
This is my strength of Wan Ziwen!
In a word, you can be rescued from the sea of suffering!
But one second after another, Wan Ziwen was stunned, because Chuck hadn’t even looked at himself…
Everyone looked at each other! what’s the situation?
You Tianle smiled slightly and let out a sigh of relief. If Wan Ziwen suddenly spoke up, he wanted to keep Chuck. This face, he said in the end, he will still give! !
Because the final interest is important.
Youjia can’t make a must with Wanjia for Zhang Ze!
Does a rubbish rubbish also affect his secret family?
You Tianle thought about it and laughed. What do you want to do so much?
No need at all!
Chuck is rubbish in his eyes, ants, and pen!
That is not the same in Wan Ziwen’s eyes?
He was so curious, how did Chuck hook up with Wan Ziwen? ?
When he thought about it, he suddenly understood that Chuck might be a toy in Wan Zi’s eyes!
The kind of toy that is thrown away after use.
A toy, Wan Ziwen will not protect it too seriously! So, Chuck, you must be dead today!
“Chuck, what are your preparations? Qiu Wanziwen? Oh, you can ask her now, oh, it might be better to kneel! After all, what are you doing?” You Tianle smiled slightly, that The smile is full of ridicule to Chuck!
This sentence suddenly woke up the people present.
What is Chuck?
Wan Ziwen will come forward for a shame! Kneeling and kowtow, Wan Ziwen won’t look at you!
Chuck’s eyes came over, and Wan Ziwen glanced.
Wan Ziwen was angry and eager in his heart: please, please, please…
But Chuck shook his head, “No, she is her, I am me, I will not beg her, I said it is my own preparation!!”
In an instant, Wan Ziwen jumped like thunder, and his expression suddenly froze!
You won’t beg me?
Your guts are so great!
You want to die, you want to die here!
The man beside Wan Ziwen smiled inadvertently, hehe!
You gave up the only chance to survive! !
You’re angry, miss, you can prepare to die!
“Haha, you know that Wan Ziwen will not care about you, let alone save you, so you pretend to say so deliberately! You really can pretend to be forced, and now, Wan Ziwen will not Save you, look at you, pretend to be struck by thunder, now pretend too much?” You Tianle laughed!
That’s what he wants!
The scene also laughed, ridiculed, and ridiculed! !
Chuck was calm, “You guys are smiling happily! You don’t ask me what my preparation is?”
“Haha! Chuck, what can you prepare for? Forgot to tell you, do you think I have nothing at home? Then you are wrong. From the moment you came in, you passed the security check of my home. Now, what’s in you, someone already knows, so what can you prepare? Gun? Ha ha ha!
You don’t have it!” You Tianle sneered sneered!
“This man is really a fool. I thought I had inherited so many years from home, and I didn’t have anything at all. Is it possible?” said a beautiful woman.
“All? Then, why haven’t you checked out this thing about me?” Chuck was still calm.
A small thing appeared in his palm, like a glass bead, ordinary.
“Haha, are you going to laugh at me? What are you doing with a glass ball played by a child?
Don’t say this is a bomb, haha, you are such a big bomb!” A young man laughed and laughed!
Others are showing sarcasm!
You Tianle smiled, “This is your preparation? Really amazing you!”
“Okay, this bomb should be able to take half of you!” Chuck said calmly.
Logan was stunned and even shocked, is this a bomb?
She doesn’t seem to have heard of it!
She hasn’t heard that it’s normal. She has specialization in the art industry. The boss behind the scenes is a killer organization. In addition, the boss behind the scenes is also suspicious. In terms of weapons, she will definitely find someone to research and then develop a few to defend herself.
This bomb is small, but it can really take away half of the people at the scene!
After all, it directly fell into the crowd, who can run? ?
You Tianle frowned, staring at the glass ball in Chuck’s hand. What a bomb?
There is such a bomb!
Youba Tianyin is cold, “Tianle, be careful! There are too many people in the house!”
You Tianle nodded, “Chuck, you said a bomb is a bomb?”
“Oh, don’t believe it?” Chuck shrugged and walked towards You Tianle.
You Tianle’s expression irritated, “Stop!!”
Loud sound resounded through the hall!
Chuck is calm!
“So this is your guts! Is it a real bomb?” Wan Ziwen murmured to himself, and his voice was a bit unexpected.
“I haven’t seen it, but at the current state of the art, putting things in this glass ball can also be done, but it’s not so small…” The man sullenly.
“His eyes were calm, he wasn’t flustered at all…” Wan Ziwen still mumbled!
The flash in the man’s eyes!
Silent! !
No one spoke anymore!
“Scan!” You Tianle scolded!
“Yes…” Someone started doing it.
“This bomb will explode as soon as it hits the ground, and even if you squeeze the switch above, it will explode, so you don’t need to find a sniper because it will land on the ground…” Chuck said.
You Tianle is gloomy and angry!
The raven was silent for a minute!
Someone came cautiously, “Back to Master, the thing in his hand is not a normal glass ball, but a substance…”
“What substance?”
“The bomb’s material even contains a bit of nuclear…”
“What?” You Tianle was startled.
“So, the explosion of this thing can really kill us half, at least one third can’t run away.” The man said.
Crack, crack! !
You Tianle slapped it in the face and hit the man fiercely. “What do you eat when you travel to raise you? What do you eat? Someone brought in a bomb and you don’t even know it?”
For a moment, all the expressions on the faces of the descendants of Youjia suddenly panicked!
What a bomb!
Even Youjia’s owner, You Batian, can’t do it anymore.
If this bomb explodes, the consequences are unimaginable! !
“So, you know what my preparation is?” Chuck said calmly.
Logan was stunned. She didn’t expect Chuck to prepare this. Chuck really grew up…
You Tianle’s expression was angry, “Bomb, it really has you, but you think a bomb can keep you alive!”
“Oh, can’t you live? That’s okay, I can’t live, then what are you still doing?? Everyone died together.” Chuck said, pushing the glass ball switch! !

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