My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 647

You Tianle scolded!
Chuck is too close to him, so once this bomb explodes, he should be unable to escape!
All of the descendants of Youjia here have changed their faces, and even some people have stepped back in fear!
They are secret families, enjoying endless glory and wealth, and calling for wind and rain!
They haven’t enjoyed enough yet, and they certainly don’t want to die here suddenly!
Even Yubatian twitched!
This kid is enough! !
“He’s not afraid at all?”
Wan Ziwen muttered to himself, “Would you rather die than let me save you?”
Suddenly, Wan Ziwen felt the loss, which was so strong that she was sad…
“Why not? I didn’t say it, I can’t live anymore, so why should I let you live?” Chuck was plain!
“Ah, you are just a pen, a ant, can you compare with me? My life is a thousand times more noble than you!” You Tianle was furious!
“You think so? But I can still take you to death together, don’t I?” Chuck shrugged!
At this time, You Tianle shivered with anger. If Chuck didn’t have a bomb in his hand, he wanted to kill Chuck in person!
Too calm!
Those people who just punched and kicked Chuck just now looked at each other!
There is even a trace of fear in my heart!
Everyone is afraid of death!
But I didn’t expect this Chuck to hold a bomb, but he can still be so calm, this person is really not afraid of death!
It’s good to face anyone, but to face the kind of people who are not afraid of death, this is who will avoid it! !
You Tianle’s expression is fierce, “You are going to take me to die together, I will not let it, I will not believe that you are not afraid of death, you can throw away if you have a species!!”
Snapped! ?
You Tianle hasn’t finished this sentence yet, a heavy slap hit You Tianle’s sneering face!
The sound of crisp skin fluttering in the lobby! !
You Tianle stumbled to the ground, shocked!
Other children and grandchildren were shocked!
Because this man who is playing Tianle is actually the owner of Youjia. !
Youba Tian gloomy!
“Grandpa, why did you hit me?” You Tianle aggrieved and rubbed her cheek.
“Why, you want half of the descendants of Youjia to die? You bastard!!!” You Batian scolded!
He has seen too many people, countless people!
He has never seen the present, Chuck’s calm, walking-like eyes, which are indestructible and firm!
In other words, Chuck will die without hesitation with half of the people at Youjia!
Chuck is also suitable for ants? !
You Tianle feels aggrieved and touches her face, staring at Chuck with anger and anguish. It’s you, repeatedly making me embarrassed by You Tianle again and again? !
“It’s still a big picture.” Chuck shrugged.
“Oh, you made me look at each other!” Youba Tian said gloomy.
“Wait, I’m not used to someone pointing a gun at me, so let the people you hide away, otherwise, I’m not allowed to be afraid and shake my hands, then everyone will die.” This time, Chuck actually smiled.
“Huh, would you be afraid?” Yu Batian said coldly.
“Of course I will. You see my hands are shaking,” Chuck shook his hands.
You Batian’s face was twitching, and the other descendants of Youjia retreated in horror, including You Tianle, who was red and swollen!
Really, actually encountered a madman who is not afraid of death! !
You Tianle is angry!
“Don’t shake, all snipers step back! You don’t want to die, right?” Yu Batian calmed down and raised his hand.
Something happened nearby, and some people retreated.
“Of course I don’t want to die, but the pen just said that I can’t live, then I listened to his words, and I don’t live anymore, but if it involves you, then I’m sorry.” Chuck shrugged.
Logan’s beautiful eyes turned, this strategy, at this time, really gave Logan the kind of security that never had!
I like this feeling, especially like it!
“Okay, I can let you live! You took her out of here!” You Batian said indifferently.
There was a weird shot in his eyes!
When you leave this house, then your death! !
You Tianle was angry, but thought of it instantly, hehe!
What about you alive this time?
Going out, I’m going to die with your family! !
Let you see the demise of your home with Chuck!
“Okay,” Chuck nodded.
Children and grandchildren relax!
“Then you go!” You Batian said.
“Well, I will go, but I have a request.” Chuck said indifferently.
“Oh? Ask, what else do you want to mention?” You Batian narrowed his eyes.
“Of course, it’s getting dark outside, and I must be afraid when I walk on the road with my Aunt Logan, so I want to find some people to accompany me, should you agree?” Chuck said with a shrug.
Youbatian’s dry face is twitching! !
Your children and grandchildren were angry at once!
“What’s that, what do you say? Would you like to accompany us? Don’t look at your stuff, one rubbish, one ants, or one pen, do you deserve it?!” A hot girl yelled! !
“Yes, are you worthy?” Someone was furious!
“It’s noisy, I’m a little bit uncomfortable, so I’m dead,” Chuck presses the organ again!
“No! You madman!”
“Yes, stop, let me die with you, you dream!”
Your children and grandchildren were in a panic!
It seems to be frying!
“How are you, letting a few of you accompany you, this is unwilling? Why are you so stingy?”
Chuck smiled slightly.
This smile made Yu Batian a great shame!
Today, You Jia will be shocked by a pen and a lunatic!
This has been passed down for dozens of generations, for the first time!
“Okay! I will let you take someone away!” Youba Tianyin nodded coldly!
“Grandpa, no, this is a lunatic!”
“Yes indeed,”
Your children and grandchildren are frightened!
Alone, who is this to take away?
“Shut up!” You Batian yelled, “As the children of the Youjia, we must have this consciousness!!”
One person for half!
With this change, Yu Batian made a choice!
However, as long as you Chuck goes out, you must be dead!
Because of the secret family, the rage of the wandering family is unstoppable! !
Your children and grandchildren shut up in fear!
“Only one person? When do I pick up garbage?” Chuck said.
Yu Ba Tian is angry, what? Are you picking up trash, it means that my wanderer is trash? ?
“Three people! Otherwise, I’ll pull you to death now!” Chuck was suddenly cold and his eyes firm! !
Yu Batian twitched, this crazy man would really do this!
“it is good!!”
“Sorry, three people? You’re so stingy, forget it, it’s fine,” Chuck agreed with a shrug.
After Yu Batian was furious, he was relieved! !
Your children and grandchildren are frightened! three people? Which three people!
“Which three people are you going to take?” Youba is cold.
“Oh, that, who just scolded me that woman, what do you see? It’s you, the one in a white dress, come out!” Chuck pointed to the woman who just scolded herself.
“Ah, don’t, don’t choose me, don’t!” The woman was crying scared, this is hostage!
I still have a good life and enjoy the best cosmetics in the world. How can I be in danger? ?
“It’s you, who made you scold me? Come out!” Chuck said.
“No, grandpa save me.” The woman ran to Youbatian.
Yu Batian slapped her face indifferently with a slap!
“Fuck things, don’t pass!” You Batian scolded!
“Woo, woo,” the woman cried and got up and walked beside Chuck. She was so sick of Chuck in her heart, this lunatic!
This pen!
Actually choose yourself!
“You just scolded me very happy.” Chuck smiled slightly.
“Sorry, don’t take me to death, please, please, I’m only eighteen.” The woman cried with tears.
Chuck slapped her face!
The woman screamed and fell to the ground with a look of fear.
“Shut up, your voice is really unpleasant!” Chuck said.
The woman hurried not to cry.
“The second person, it’s you!” Chuck glanced at him, pointing at someone.
All the descendants of Youjia looked at it, but only one person was extremely angry, “You, her, you…”
That’s right, this second person is You Tianle! !

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