My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 648

You Tianle was angry and thundered! !
Chuck actually chose himself?
Is this going to hold myself hostage?
He wanted to personally hack Chuck!
This maniac!
Faced with the longing eyes of the descendants of Youjia, You Tianle twitched a little!
It is better to let You Tianle out than to let yourself out, so they are all eager eyes!
“Grandpa, I, I am the heir of the future…” You Tianle was anxious!
Let yourself be the umbrella of Chuck this lunatic?
He is really crazy.
A slap in the face hit him in the face!
“As a descendant of Youjia, you must be conscious!” You Batian said indifferently.
“But Dad, Dad…” You Tianle looked at his dad and pleaded.
“Ah, this matter is related to you, you go!” said the old man, sighing.
Despair in You Tianle’s heart!
If this went to Chuck’s side, it would be a good fight!
However, the attitude of the homeless man forced him to stand up!
“Not yet!” You Ba Tian scolded! !
“Yes! Grandpa!”
You Tianle has an idea in his mind, he can also fight a little bit, Chuck was beaten badly just now, there is definitely no strength, maybe he can succeed in a sneak attack?
So is this a credit for your own home?
The future heir must be himself!
Wealth in wealth!
Fight! !
You Tianle came over, “I’m here!”
Chuck slapped him in the face.
You Tianle’s face was deformed, he was angry, he was poisonous!
“Come and come, when I didn’t see it?” Chuck said.
You Tianle gritted her teeth! boom!
Chuck kicked him on the stomach, You Tianle covered her stomach, her eyes were as big as eggs, and she was sweating coldly, “Ah…”
You Tianle screamed and twitched on the ground!
He even vomited blood!
Chuck just kicked a foot, but attacked the weak area of the person. If Chuck was not injured, he could just stun him with a kick.
Chuck glanced at him, then looked up indifferently.
The expressions of the descendants of Youjia are terrified!
Pray not to be yourself, don’t be yourself!
Chuck shrugged and pointed at someone!
For a moment, the audience was silent!
They were shocked and looked at someone unexpectedly! Even You Tianle, who screamed, was stunned!
“Choose me?” This is a hoarse voice!
That’s right, Chuck’s finger is the mastermind of this hidden family! !
“Of course I chose you. You are the biggest. Who do you choose if you don’t choose?” Chuck shrugged.
“Grandpa…” One girl was stunned.
“Dad…” You Tianle’s father was also stunned.
“Aren’t you afraid? Don’t be afraid, I just let you take me home. Are you afraid? Oh, that’s no way, everyone died together.” Chuck said, press the switch!
“Ah! Stop it, you lunatic!” An old man was furious!
Poor eyes!
This is the eyes of many people from the descendants of the Youjia family. They are too rich and no one wants to die!
Youbatian was silent for three seconds!
“it is good!!”
“Come here!” Chuck beckons!
You Batian walked past, “Boy, there is only one life, don’t be impulsive!”
“Of course I know. Send me home.” Chuck grabbed him!
Yu Batian twitched his face!
“I think there should be no snipers nearby? I’m afraid of being hit. You also know that this thing will explode when I pinch it, and it will explode on the ground. You shouldn’t want to die with me?” Chuck said.
“Go!” You Batian was indifferent. “Everyone, don’t act rashly!”
Your children and grandchildren nodded hurriedly, they were afraid, just wanted Chuck to hurry and go out with a bomb!
“Oh, airplane, prepare an airplane!” Chuck said.
When I came, I was flying, because the car couldn’t get in!
“Go to prepare the plane!” Yuba ordered coldly!
“Yes!” Someone immediately arranged!
“Pretend to die? Get up!” Chuck kicked Tianle!
You Tianle screamed and got up, cold! This lunatic, I’m going to die you someday!
Chuck kicked the woman just now. She screamed and nodded and said, “Don’t fight, don’t fight, tears and pear flowers, and makeup is crying.”
“Aunt Logan, let’s go out!” Chuck smiled softly.
“Well,” Logan was moved. Chuckzhen did this and could really take himself out of here.
“Go!!” Chuck was indifferent!
You Ba Tian, You Tian Le, and that woman, all go, Chuck, Logan among them!
When they went out, all the descendants of Youjia were relieved.
“Grandpa…” Someone cried pretendingly.
“Prepare, prepare immediately, this madman must die today!” Dao Youtianle sneered coldly!
“Yes!” Someone prepared!
Some wanderers dare not chase them out, because if they go out, they may be affected by bombs! !
“Just leave, he didn’t ask me, he can leave…”
Guest area!
Wan Ziwen was at a loss, muttering to himself!
When she came, she was ready, everything was going according to her plan, but in the last step, something went wrong!
Chuck didn’t ask for himself, he was actually prepared…
“Miss, this Chuck cannot be so easy to leave, he will eventually beg for Miss,” the man said. joke!
Youjia is a hidden family. How many hidden masters haven’t come out yet? How could it be bluffed by a bomb? ?
Is this still a secret family?
“is it?”
Wan Ziwen was suddenly a little lost. He didn’t save Chuck. He was wrong for the first time.
This error was given by Chuck.
This man makes her love and hate! !
“Yeah, miss, look, the real masters of Youjia haven’t come out yet. This is not that simple. You see, when Chuck goes out, there will be a master. I heard that the master has already broken through It has reached the limit of people, and it may subdue Chuck in one move.” The man said.
That kind of person is the true human peak!
He can’t compare!
Wan Ziwen came back to his mind, too, but the master of combat was lightning fast, not to mention Chuck was injured? ?
The reason why these masters did not appear just now is that if something goes wrong, many people will die on the scene!
Therefore, what they are waiting for is that Chuck leaves this hall, then when they make a shot, even if there is a mistake, they can reduce the loss to a minimum! !
“Then go out quickly, Chuck can never die!” Wan Ziwen ran out anxiously, of course the man ran out with him!
Sure enough, there was a man standing beside the plane, an old man with white hair.
There are two walnuts in his hand, playing slowly, as if he is going to die.
But spirited!
This is the top fighting master! !
The man smiled, as it was!
“Cer, be careful, this man is amazing!” Logan said hastily!
Because Logan felt like Karen li in this old man.
This is definitely a master among masters!
“Aunt Logan, I saw it!” Chuck nodded, his eyes bright.
He also felt it, this man is amazing! So be careful!
You Tianle was pleasantly surprised. This old man is the most powerful person in his family. He usually does not come out at all. Today, the special situation makes him come out!
He came out and the matter was resolved!
Because he is fast, this old man is very fast Taking the bomb in Chuck’s hands, Chuck may not have reacted yet!
The woman cried and cried in surprise. She also knew that the old man was amazing!
Youba Tianyin is gone, calm, “Old Wu, I’ll trouble you this time!”
“Cough! The old man, why do I still worry, my lord is assured, my bones can still move,” the old man didn’t move, but there was a smile on his face.
“That’s good!” Youba Tian breathed a sigh of relief. The old man never came out. He thought the old man was dead!
“Little guy, let go of the old man, put the young master and the young lady, I can make you die more comfortably.” said the old man.
This voice was so calm that it seemed as if you could kill Chuck in an instant. The reason why she spoke so compassionately gave Chuck a chance! !
“You old thing, you want to die?” Chuck stared at You Batian!
“I think you want to die! He shot, you are not as fast as him!” You Batian sneered.
He wanted to scare Chuck!
“Little guy, let go, I let you die a little bit more comfortable,” the old man said again.
“Huh, comfortable? You move my son, I let you die first!” In the darkness, a figure appeared!

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