My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 649

That’s right, Karen li is speaking! !
She came over!
She hurried over without any delay on the road. Chuck was her only son, and she would come over even if she was desperate!
Chuck is still alive, Logan is still alive! !
But Karen li is actually quite surprised, because Chuck and Logan are so weak, how can they still seize the dominance of the home owner?
It seems that his son has really grown up.
The only thing that makes Karen li anxious and a pity is that Chuck’s fighting strength is not enough now!
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If enough, this is not the case now!
But Karen li clearly knows that Chuck has worked hard, and it has reached this level in less than half a year. This talent is beyond description!
As long as Chuck is given enough time, he will work hard to grow! !
“Mom!” Chuck was excited!
Mom came out in the dark, it was really a sense of security!
Logan was stunned, Karen li actually came over?
A small part of the descendants of the Youjia people who chased out, some people know Karen li, they know, some people don’t know, but whether they know or not, they are angry!
Where are you traveling? What junk stuff can come over?
Youjia’s main tourist, Ba Tian, frowned, his eyes cold!
Karen li is the limelight of the past two decades. As the head of a secret family, how could he never hear of it?
But this Karen li dare to be here!
And still catching this mother of Chuck? This is something Yubatian didn’t think of.
But what about mother and child? ?
In front of the hidden family, it’s all rubbish!
It’s all rubbish!
Wan Ziwen’s eyes narrowed, she was stunned, “Why would Karen li come here?”
Her bodyguard, the man stared at Karen li insidiously, this time Karen li spitting blood on him last time!
He has to repay this hatred!
But today, obviously he is not necessary to shoot, because Karen li has no tomorrow!
This Youjia’s strongest bodyguard shot, Karen li is useless, and in the face of strong strength, will be slagged in seconds! !
So next, Karen li was killed by this old man! ?
I don’t need to do it myself, as long as I appreciate it, appreciate how Karen li was spiked!
“It may have been hit by mistake!” said the man.
Wan Ziwen stared at Karen li, she was disappointed enough today!
She is in a bad mood!
After she saw Karen li, her mood was even worse!
This Karen li suddenly appeared here, she did not know in advance! !
Let her feel that Karen li is beyond her control!
This is really unacceptable for her kind of super-controlling person!
Youjia’s strongest bodyguard, with his indifferent eyes, looked at Karen li, “Oh, kill me? What are you?”
Indeed, he is more than 90 years old, and his body is still very tough. Karen li is a child in his eyes!
“Going one step further, I will let you die first!” said the old man, without any emotion in the business!
“Mother, this person is very powerful!” Chuck was also anxious.
This old man feels terrifying.
My mother is so much younger than him, can he be his opponent?
Chuck doesn’t want to hurt his mother, even if he is alive, he will feel guilty all his life.
“I know!” Karen li nodded.
This old man is indeed amazing! How could Karen li not feel it? ?
Among the masters, you will know at a glance.
Because the master’s eyes are different from ordinary people.
“You are slow!” Karen li shook her head!
“Begging for mercy? Oh, it’s no use asking for mercy!” The old man shook his head.
Everyone who breaks into Youjia will die!
This is the majesty of the hidden family. If someone breaks it, then they must die!
“No, what am I begging for mercy from you?” Karen li shook her head again, and she looked at You Ba Tian who was caught by Chuck.
“Cer, is this the owner of Youjia, Youbatian?” Karen li asked.
“Fuck! My grandfather’s name is also what you can call a woman with a pen?” A descendant of Youjia suddenly angered! !
The other descendants of Youjia also got angry!
Karen li ignored these people.
“Yes, my mother is Yu Batian, I have a bomb in my hand!” Chuck said.
“Bomb!” Karen li breathed a sigh of relief.
“Yes, bombs that can kill many people!!” Chuck said loudly.
The children and grandchildren of the mother who had scolded their mother just now had counseled, and even retreated, fearing that the bomb would explode and affect them.
Karen li understood, but she was particularly strange, who gave this bomb?
Because she didn’t give Chuck such a thing!
Who else can give it? black Rose? Not too possible!
Yvette? Also unlikely.
Betty? ? This… is also impossible!
Who is that?
“That’s good, Mr. You, how about I come to talk to you?” Karen li was indifferent.
“Talk, what qualifications do you have to talk to me?” You Batian yells at you!
At this time, his strongest bodyguard has appeared, so what are you afraid of?
This bodyguard is invincible all over the world!
What if I was caught by Chuck? Your own bodyguard will save yourself!
“I called you Mr. You, I think you are older than me, so you call it, but you are older, are you stupid? My son is holding you, are you not qualified to talk to me?” Karen li cold Leng said,
“Humph, you!”
Yu Batian was angry, but Chuck was holding him. Chuck’s hand was working hard. Now, Yu Batian was a little scared.
This lunatic may be really mad!
“Listen, I will tell you now, I will give you two choices. First, I will take my son, and Logan to leave, and you are safe! Second, I will take my son, Logan to leave, And you die!!!” Karen li said indifferently.
“What are you talking about?” Yu Batian was extremely angry!
The children and grandchildren of Youjia also glared! unacceptable!
There was a cold light in the old man’s eyes, “Bold, you are also qualified to talk to my old man like this? Huh, I want you to know that you were just dying yourself!”
The old man came over. He was very light, as if there was no sound.
The atmosphere is tense and furious! !
Everyone is waiting to watch a good show, including Youbatian and Youtianle!
After all, the strength of this old man, as a wanderer, has the most say!
This old man used to kill a master in only a third of a second. This terrifying speed is appalling!
This Karen li cannot be the old man’s opponent!
“How many times can Karen li play?” Wan Ziwen asked coldly.
“Three strokes must die!” The man sneered coldly!
Fighting is the accumulation of time. Although this old man is getting old, he is almost dying, but this strength is still being preserved, so Karen li can’t stop it!
“Oh, only three moves, she really is not good!” Wan Ziwen said coldly.
What if Karen li died at this time?
Then Chuck will be even more desperate. He will definitely think of himself and beg him to save him!
The small expectation in Wan Ziwen’s heart actually came out again.
Chuck, you really abused me again and again, and I still give you the opportunity again and again!
Chuck was nervous, his mother was going to fight this old man!
In the end, can my mother carry it! !
Chuck is really guilty, and hasn’t been filial to her, she has always been in trouble… Chuck suddenly felt that he was born to collect debts? ?
“I’m not looking for death! You Ba Tian! It seems that you don’t believe me very much, well, this is the strongest person in your family, then I will show you, I am qualified to say what I just said!” Karen li Said coldly.
Her voice resounded out loud, but it was the ridicule of the descendants of Youjia! joke!
Can you hit the strongest bodyguard in the house? ?
Dream you!
Youba Tianyin sneered, it can’t help it!
In his view, this old man can solve Karen li in up to three seconds!
The old man grinned, revealing his incomplete yellow teeth. “I have been a homeguard for so many years. No one dared to talk to me like that. You are the first and the last!”
The old man’s footsteps are moving, his speed is fast, and suddenly it is so fast, no one saw how the old man was fast, but when the reaction came, the old man’s fist was only ten centimeters away from Karen li!
This is a spike! !

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