My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 650

The speed of this punch is indescribable. The old man raised his hand to show his strength as the best family bodyguard of the hidden family traveler! !
Arouse the awe and pride of the descendants of Youjia!
“Sure enough, it is right to give him tens of billions of dollars at home every year!!”
“Yeah, this speed, strength, complete oldness! Strong!”
“I think this Karen li was killed in one move at most, let her just pretend! Huh!”
These people include You Ba Tian, of course he did not say it, after all, Chuck was caught.
The sound of exclamation made the old man sneer. He had enjoyed this compliment from his debut!
In just one second, the exclamation of your children and grandchildren will erupt like the same!
My bonus this year will definitely be more! !
Fist is near Karen li!
Only five centimeters away!
In the next fifth of a second, the woman will be beaten to death with one punch!
“Old guy, I’m afraid of being weak, you don’t understand?” Karen li said suddenly.
The old man was surprised! !
Karen li turned sideways, and she also punched out!
When the old man was shocked, the fist he had to fight had to resist! boom!
Karen li retreated!
The old man stumbled and almost fell!
Uh! !
The audience was shocked!
The jaws of the descendants of the family are all startled, how is this possible!
The strongest bodyguard in his family can’t kill Karen li with a punch!
Just now I’m going to succeed! Actually reacted by Karen li!
Wan Ziwen was stunned, including his bodyguard. The man’s face was shocked. What happened next? ?
I shouldn’t have a dream!
“You? Huh, good luck, I just made you live three more seconds, now you go to die!!!” The old man was frightened, he actually missed it!
This has never happened before!
He is dispatched again! faster!
Just now, Karen li was the kind of luck that retaliated against. This luck was only once! !
“All said, I am afraid that the fist is getting weaker! You are slow, you don’t have much strength, you should retire!” Karen li has no hidden strength at this time!
Because there is no time, she must deter everyone on the scene, otherwise it will be difficult to leave here! !
Karen li used her strength. This is the first time she has used the greatest strength in her life!
She has a ring made of dozens of kilograms of special metal on one hand. This punch weighs a thousand pounds! ! boom!
The old man was shocked! why? ?
Why is her fist so hard?
Why does his fist hurt a little?
He looked down and found that his fist was a little sunken and bleeding!
The old man stumbled back with a horrified look!
Karen li’s solid Ma Bu stepped out and punched with a waist!
Hit the old man’s chest!
The old man’s eyes were as big as eggs! boom!
He flew out like garbage, crashing into a place, embarrassed! !
He got up and found that he couldn’t get up at all, his chest was broken, he coughed up and vomited blood! Can’t control it!
The whole audience died like silence!
Everyone was dumbfounded!
The descendants of Youjia, Youbatian, and Youtianle are all stunned, and the apples are all stuffed into the mouth.
Was the strongest bodyguard in his family actually killed in seconds? ?
Chuck is incredible!
My mother is amazing!
Wan Ziwen was shocked and shocked, “What’s going on? How could she beat this old man away? Hallucination, is this hallucination?”
The man was stunned, impossible, no reason!
Karen li couldn’t be the opponent of this old man, but how did he get in touch with two strokes and be beaten back?
He felt incredible, and suddenly saw the old man cough and spit out blood with old sputum, he suddenly, “Miss, this old man is sick, look at the blood he spit out, there is also an old sputum in it… it seems this Because the old man is sick, his strength has decreased a lot…”
The man is sorry, he just wanted this old man to kill Karen li!
He saw this fact and knew immediately that the old man must be sick, otherwise Karen li is his opponent?
This is the only explanation!
Wan Ziwen was stunned. “Well, I’m afraid of young men. I understand this truth. Our family is only more than fifty years old. It’s about the same age as Karen li. There is no such problem!”
“Yes, ma’am, that man is in his prime, and there is no such thing as a fist or a young man.
Playing Karen li is like playing.” The man said.
Wan Ziwen stared at Karen li, “It seems you surprised me a little bit, Karen li, Karen li…”
“You Pa Tian, I am qualified to talk to you now?” Karen li said.
You Batian twitched his face, he was the most shocked, he knew the strength of this old man best, but he didn’t expect to be able to handle two tricks!
This is incredible!
This is really the strongest bodyguard of his own family, too old?
“I repeat, I took my son, Logan left, and you either died or live! You choose!” Karen li said coldly.
“I…” You Batian was shocked twice today. He was a little scared. Who are these people?
“Choose!!” Karen li’s cold voice echoed!
The children of Youjia were stunned. You Tianle was shocked and stunned. He was busy begging, “Grandpa, Grandpa, please answer her soon, live, we will all live!”
You Ba Tian gritted his teeth, he was the head of the hidden family for so many years and was threatened by people for the first time!
“I choose, live!” Yu Batian said convulsively.
“Then everyone get away!!” Karen li strode over!
Among the descendants of Youjia’s crazy backslide
“You choose to live by yourself, so don’t make trouble!” Karen li grabbed You Batian!
“Don’t go yet!” Chuck kicked Tianle!
“Oh, don’t hit me.” You Tianle begged for mercy.
You Batian has a sullen face, which is the shame of You Jia! !
“Stop it! Grandpa!” Some people scolded!
“Go away! He will live, but only if you are honest!” Karen li said coldly!
Some of your descendants are angry and some are afraid!
Today is the first time that Youjia faced such a thing, and they were a little overwhelmed.
“Cer, Logan, let’s get on the plane!” Karen li first came down, Yvette wanted to come down directly, but Karen li refused to let it go!
Yvette knew that this place was useless when she came down!
As for the black rose, it has already merged with Karen li.
“Well,” Chuck helped Logan, and several people got on the plane!
You Ba Tian, You Tian Le, and that woman was taken away!
The plane left!
Leaving a wait-and-see family descendant!
“Chasing, let’s chase!” Someone suggested!
“But chase, what should Karen li kill grandpa?” Someone shook his head.
The scene was chaotic, and no one knew what to do!
“No, you must save Grandpa!” a young man said angrily.
“Slow! This Karen li is too powerful, don’t act lightly!” The old man who was beaten by Karen li just now coughed over his chest.
“Don’t act rashly, you are old and immortal, you can’t even beat a woman? What do we do to raise you?” a descendant of Youjia scolded.
With so much money every year, I end up raising this kind of waste!
The old man twitched his face and didn’t refute it. Karen li was indeed stronger than he expected.
He actually lost to a woman!
But he said so, the children and grandchildren of the scene did not know how to do it. After all, they can hit the strongest bodyguards in their homes, and there is a bomb. This will cause problems if you act lightly!
They made random comments!
Wan Ziwen watched, lost and angry in his heart, “Just go…Chuck, you didn’t even ask me, you just left, you didn’t even look at me when you actually left, Chuck…”
“Miss, what should we do?” Of course the man found Wan Ziwen’s emotions out of control.
She originally wanted Chuck to ask for herself, so she could let Chuck into trouble, but in the end, she helped Chuck and saved Logan!
Wan Ziwen atmosphere!
“What should I do? Chuck, you made me too angry today!” Wan Ziwen was cold.
The man was speechless, but when he thought of Logan, he went on, “Will Logan tell Karen li about this?”
“She dare! Dare to tell, I even killed Karen li!” Wan Ziwen’s eyes were like ice cubes, full of control!

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