My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 652

Of course,”
Karen li asked Betty to find a place to stop. Below is a road without people.
You can stop.
The plane landed slowly.
Youba Tiansong breathed, did Karen li really feel bad, actually believed in herself, and just let herself go.
The door opened.
“Please, you can go out.” Karen li said.
“Grandpa, let’s go out soon!” the crying girl immediately said to You Batian.
She didn’t want to stay here anymore, she was afraid.
“Well, hold your cousin.” You Batian ordered.
You Tianle was dumped by Karen li just now, but was knocked out. Karen li’s strength is so great, how could he wake up so easily?
This time, I won’t wake up without lying down for seven or eight days.
The woman was busy supporting You Tianle, who passed out, “Grandpa, let’s go out!”
“Yeah,” Yu Batian hesitated for three seconds and looked back at Karen li.
Actually, Karen li’s face was very calm, and he frowned, “Karen li, what the hell are you doing?”
He feels that Karen li is a fool, but he also feels that a fool can do it today and certainly has the ability to do so, and he should not make such a low-level mistake!
Just let yourself go, then you can order to crush Karen li when you go back!
This is undoubtedly the return of the tiger to the mountain! !
He suddenly felt something was wrong.
After all, he was the head of the hidden family, and even arrogant, he felt wrong.
“The hidden family is very powerful, but Karen li is not bad for me.” Karen li said, this voice is simply indescribable calm.
“Humph! I see what the hell you are doing! Go!” You Batian went out in exasperation.
Where does the woman who supports You Tianle dare to stay for a minute and a second? Almost wowed out.
Busy ran out.
The plane takes off again!
The rumbling, all three were blown down.
“People come over!” You Batian stared at the flying plane.
The woman immediately contacted Youjia, and she called, “It’s me, … it’s me, it’s me!!! My grandfather and I are here, and we haven’t sent a plane to pick us up!!”
You’re so dumb here, what? !
Three of Youbatian were released? They are just ready to find a way!
Is it actually released now? What a surprise!
All the descendants of Youjia looked at each other! !
“Huh, I know, this Karen li must be afraid, so let Grandpa them!”
“It must be the case. That Karen li counseled, hum, thinking that letting grandpa go, will we stop at home!”
“Don’t talk about it, send someone to pick up Grandpa.”
After your children and grandchildren laughed, they immediately sent the plane out.
“Grandpa, I want this Chuck, this Karen li is dead!” the woman said coldly.
Chuck slaps just now, but her face is swollen, but she is a lot of money in the home, when was it so tortured? ?
She can’t wait to die immediately!
Youba Tian stared into the distance coldly, without saying a word, right, he really felt a bit wrong!
Why did Karen li do such a stupid thing? ?
“Grandpa! You talk, I want them to die!” The woman coquettishly.
“Wait, I think something is wrong.” You Batian shook his head.
There was an uneasiness in his heart!
Feeling unspeakable!
“Hoo!” He suddenly couldn’t breathe, and he coughed and squatted like an asthma.
The woman was startled, “Grandpa, what’s wrong with you?”
“I, I’m so uncomfortable. Breathe, breathe, prepare the doctor, prepare the doctor…” You Batian said nothing.
“Okay, okay…” The woman was stunned. Grandpa had nothing like this suddenly? ?
After a while, Youjia’s plane came.
Seeing You Ba Tian lying underground, the children and grandchildren of the family were all forced, “What’s wrong with Grandpa?”
“Asthma, Grandpa’s asthma is on, fast, fast!” the woman growled.
The descendants of Youjia Lima hurriedly took Youyou Tian back! Yu Batian’s eyes were as big as eggs, and he couldn’t say anything. He stared at one direction, and the direction of Karen li’s plane leaving…

Karen li looked at the glass of the plane and the clouds flying by.
“Mr. Li, the three of you, are you…” Betty asked.
She knew that Karen li must have her reason to do things, but let them go, so this is to return the tiger to the mountain.
Next, you will face the revenge of Youjia!
“Don’t worry, I used this?” Karen li smiled slightly, shaking her fingers. She pinched a needle between her two fingers. The needle had a color on it, as if something…
“You?” Betty’s eyes widened and suddenly understood.
This is a new drug developed by a technology company. As long as the human body ingests a little, it will cause various diseases in the body, and all kinds of instruments cannot be detected.
Moreover, this new drug is also a poison and needs an antidote.
“Youba Tian should have asthma, so this medicine first caused his asthma, and then other diseases.” Karen li said.
This is a way to delay time!
Can make Karen li better prepared!
And when necessary, Karen li can also use this poison as a hole card!
“Huh!” Bettysong breathed. Sure enough, Karen li wouldn’t be so stupid in doing things.
“How is Logan?” Karen li asked.
“Severe injuries require a period of rest and recuperation,” Betty has checked Logan’s head, and body, and there are big problems. Fortunately, Logan’s physical fitness is very good, and he has been able to support it.
Karen li was temporarily relieved.
“Then Mr. Li, what should we do next?” Betty said, the strength of the hidden family is really not a joke!
Now Karen li has to face several families. The Li family and the Ok family have not been resolved. Now they have to face the hidden family of Youjia!
Enemies in the abdomen! !
“Your family, you do not have to worry about it, for a week, I will solve the Ouke family and eat the Ouke family!” Karen li said, eyes cold!
The Ok family has been busy recently!
“Yes!” Betty nodded and looked serious!
“Go and see how Ceer is,” Karen li worried about Chuck.
Betty followed, and Chuck was already coaxed by Yvette. Chuck was also seriously injured and tired, so she fell asleep quickly.
Yvette took good care of her, but when she saw Karen li outside the door, she immediately lowered her head and dared not look at Karen li.
Karen li breathed, “Yes, Betty, where did the bomb in Ce’er’s hand come from?”
“It should be the boss who organized the killer,” Betty also felt incredible. Why did the boss behind the scene give Chuck such an important bomb?
After all, that kind of bombs may be few in the whole world, which shows this rare and precious place.
“She?” Karen li was stunned, and then weird.
“She has nothing to give?” Karen li asked subconsciously.
“You said, did she really like the young master?” Betty asked in a small voice.
“No! This is absolutely impossible!” Karen li shook his head immediately.
Karen li thought about it and continued to say, “It should not be. She said that she wanted to accompany her last time. She also deliberately mad at me. It should not be.”
“If it is true?” Betty asked.
“Absolutely not! Ce’er is not her opponent, she is too shrewd, absolutely not! What’s more, she is two years older than Loganke, and is 14 years older than Ceer, how can this be done?” Karen li Shook his head in exclusion.
Logan was the one who trained her and knew the truth. That must be different. Even if Logan was ten years old, Karen li would agree, but the behind-the-scenes boss, let’s not talk about it, that person’s character is not a person who lives well. .
Maybe, after playing Chuck, tired of it, he dumped Chuck.
Karen li can’t allow such things to happen.
“Well, yes, she just wanted to play. She must have deliberately teased the young master. Or, Mr.
Li, would you tell the young master?”
“How can I say that?” Karen li shook her head immediately. She could say that she could seriously reprimand Chuck. However, she thought that Betty had said it well, suggesting that Chuck paid attention.
“You said, you wait for Ce Er to wake up, and hint him that Ce Er should not feel her, otherwise, I will really get angry!” Karen li said seriously.

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