My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 653

“Well, rest assured, I will imply the young master,” Betty looked at Karen li’s expression, which was really a little serious.
Yes, the behind-the-scenes boss really spends a lot of time, definitely want to play Chuck, or the kind of play, the kind of play that will be dumped.
Karen li feels relieved a little, she actually thinks. The behind-the-scenes boss couldn’t really like Chuck, after all, neither of them had much contact. love at first sight?
This is impossible! !
The boss behind the scenes is countless men, Chuck is still young…
“Go and see Logan, I want to know whether Logan’s plane crash was an accident or not!” Karen li seriously went to Logan’s side.
Betty looked at Chuck, who had fallen asleep. Her heart was strange. How did the boss behind the scenes play? Even the rare bomb was given to Chuck.
This is fun. Is it fake? ?
“Logan, Logan…” Karen li called Logan.
Logan opened her eyes, she sat up hard, subconsciously worried about asking, “How is Ceer!?”
“He fell asleep, rest assured.” Karen li said.
Logan was relieved.
“Logan, what happened to your plane?” Karen li asked.
Betty watched.
It should not be that simple!
Logan was silent, she had remembered everything, including when she was about to leave the United States, Wan Ziwen of the hidden family Wanjia took bodyguards. She suddenly remembered what happened on the plane. but!
Logan knew that it must have offended Youjia now. Youjia is also a secret family. If you go offend Wanjia again. Then the consequences can be imagined! !
Therefore, Logan chose to remain silent and choose to forget, “It was an accident.”
Karen li was stunned, “Is there an accident?”
“Well, something happened.” Logan nodded.
“Huh? Huh!!” Karen li laid Logan down, “rest well.”
“Well,” Logan closed her eyes.
Karen li Baili came out.
Betty asked in a low voice, “Are you surprised?”
Karen li sighed and shook her head, “No, it was definitely an accident, but Logan was worried about something, so she didn’t say it. It seems that Wan Ziwen did it!”
When Karen li went to Wan Ziwen last time, she was basically sure.
Looking at Logan’s reaction now, she is 100% sure.
Betty was shocked, “It was really Wan Ziwen, then we…”
Karen li’s eyes were cold, “I never thought of going to the secret family, thinking that you would be yours, I’m mine, and everyone has no conflicts, so you can live in peace. But this is not the case now, and I don’t want to That’s it…”
This is the murderous opportunity that Karen li came up with! !

“Waste! It’s a bunch of waste!!” The descendants of Youjia scolded!
After Yu Batian was taken back, he could not speak, he coughed, and blood coughed out.
And You Tianle is still unconscious! !
For the first time, the children and grandchildren feel that they have not only raised a bodyguard of waste, but also a group of quacks!
You Tianle couldn’t wake up, and Yu Batian was also tortured by illness!
What’s the use of these quacks? ?
“Master’s asthma has burst. It’s useless to use special drugs. When the young master was thrown out, he hit his head. Unless forced, otherwise the young master must lie down for a few days. “A doctor kneeled down tremblingly Too.
He was really shocked. Youba Tian had just checked it out, and his asthma was clearly controlled. How could it happen suddenly?
It feels terrifying to have a cough that makes everyone cough to death! !
“Somehow?” You Tianle’s father was extremely angry.
“Yes, yes!” Several doctors started busy immediately!
The children and grandchildren of Youjia came and asked!
“Grandpa, we’re back. Should we have to deal with Karen li? Let the mother and son die?” a young man said coldly.
Today’s insults, the shame suffered by the hidden family travellers today, they are vividly remembered!
Fortunately, there is no one else, otherwise let the world know, the secret family tour home in the dazzling has been made like that, this is not the biggest laughing stock among the world? ?
“Yes, I think. I should immediately let everything of Karen li’s damn woman disappear! Let her know what offense I would face when visiting the home!” said a middle-aged man in a haggard expression.
You Tianle’s father was silent for a few seconds, “Karen li’s strength, I’ll say three days in a word. You can crush her, don’t worry, now the most important thing is to cure Dad’s illness, it’s up to him. Tell me how to do it. After all, Dad now hates Li Qing!!!”
“Yes, let Grandpa tell you, and make Grandpa happy!” Someone agreed.
“I also think it’s good. Grandpa is ill, and then he personally talks about the slut Karen li, which will definitely make Grandpa happy, then Grandpa’s health is better.” A young man said.
The children and grandchildren agreed, let Yu Batian speak, this is the best!
After all, the insult that Yu Batian suffered today, he definitely wants to recover the insult himself! !
“Dad, don’t worry, we will try our best to let the doctor treat you. Karen li’s bitch thing, let you personally tell you!” You Tianle’s father said.
“Cough, cough…” Youbatian’s cough was dizzy. He couldn’t get up in one breath.
His eyes were glaring, and he kept staring outside. This direction is the direction that Karen li left by plane…

“So, did Youjia suffer a big loss today?”
There was an old voice in a dark room.
“Yes, I heard that Youjia’s Yubatian was taken by your grandson Chuck…” Someone said in the dark.
“My grandson? I don’t recognize that grandson.” A gray-haired old man shook his head, his face cold.
“Ching Yang, indecisive, let him go out, I didn’t want him and Karen li to have a baby out, Chuck that kid is superfluous! I don’t admit it! I just wanted him to control Karen li After all, Karen li is the person with the most potential that I have seen. It turns out that after 20 years, I am not mistaken. She is indeed a business wizard and a fighting wizard! This kind of person must be used by me. … “This old man with white hair has no feelings at all.
“Yes…” This man bowed his head.
“However, things are a little earlier than I thought. Karen li is still not your opponent’s opponent!”
“Then… now, it’s irretrievable, shall we help Karen li?”
“Help? She is just one of my favorite pieces. Why should I help her? One piece is worth my help?” The old white-haired man smiled.
“But if you don’t help, she will surely be destroyed by Youjia!”
“Then look at herself. This woman’s toughness is very good. The piece I have chosen is not so easy to be destroyed, but it is really about to be destroyed. That is also her life. It is her own disapproval!”
“Actually, let Karen li develop for a few more years, and then conflict with Youjia, that is the best. It is a little too early, and the problem is not too big. Karen li rebelled and should be able to hurt Youjia. The two points are barely enough, then you are ready, the net has been spread for so long, it is time to close the net… “The old man with white hair is actually a little excited.
“Yes! Do you want to inform Master Yang Yang about this?”
“No, Ching Yang will talk to him well, what a good woman. It’s just a woman, it’s a woman, that’s a dress, just throw it away. I thought he would have this kind of consciousness. But now, It seems not! But Qingyang is smart, I told him that he will understand! As for Chuck who should not be born, since he shouldn’t be out, let him not be out. Well, I’ll be with Qingyang Let’s go, let’s go first!!!” The old white-haired man was expressionless.
“Yes!” The man retreated.
The old man Bai Bai showed his brilliance. He took out his mobile phone and called Zhang Qingyang. “Qing Yang, what’s the matter with me?” Needless to say, Karen li is the chess piece that I think I understand? My How can my son like a chess piece? Also, you have to make good use of the chess piece… I will let you do it now, you listen well…”

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