My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 659

“At the Ingrid Hotel, this is our own hotel. I’m coming to pick you up now.” There was a pleasant voice on the phone.
“No, I’ll come by myself! Also, it’s your hotel, not mys, please don’t say us!!” Chuck hung up coldly.
He drove to the hotel, and Black Rose was vigilantly following.
Black Rose is thinking, where is this guy going to go?
While driving, she felt a little hungry while touching her belly. She wondered, when will she be able to eat again, that delicious mung bean cake? ?
Forget it, don’t expect it, he is a liar who puts pigeons.
Ingrid Hotel! !
Several members of the Li family have already sat down and are waiting. The overlord Li did not come and the owner of the Li family refused to let it go. He did not want to be destroyed by the overlord Li on this occasion.
“Chuck agreed to come,” the person who just called said in surprise.
“Hoo, finally agreed, I thought it was quiet and deliberately not to let his son come over to see us!”
“I thought I was scared to death,”
A few people from the Li family felt terrified.
“Then hurry up and pick it up!”
“Chuck said he drove over and I heard it. He still rejected it. Alas, we were too strict with Karen before. I now feel… Anyway, Karen is also our sister.” A man with half hair sighed Said in a tone.
Several members of the Li family were silent.
“It’s okay, after Chuck comes over, we can talk about it,” a middle-aged man said.
“Well, talk about it!”
“How to say, I am also his uncle, he still has to give this face,”
Several Li family members agreed, but the Li family owner was a little nervous. After all, this Chuck was his own grandson, and he never cared about it. .
While they were waiting, there was another place in this hotel.
The charming young woman came by car.
Someone in the Ok family invited her. Of course, she did not want to go to the Ok family at this time, so she proposed to choose the Li family hotel.
In fact, the young Fengyun woman came to break the cooperation with the Ouke family. In her view, Karen li was really angry this time.
This can be seen from the movements of Karen li in the past few days. It is very hard to deal with the Ouke family.
Fengyun young woman is also a very clever person. She was surprised by Karen li’s strength.
She also saw that in the long run, the Oak family had hit the steel plate this time.
Karen li will destroy the Ouke family in a short time!
This is horrible! !
Therefore, Feng Yun’s young woman had to break contact with the Ok family, but she hesitated.
In fact, she didn’t want to come, but she was a friend of the Ok family and came to meet!
She swayed her long legs and walked in.
In a private room, a beautiful woman and a man looked at each other, and their expressions were both angry and sinister!
“I didn’t expect Karen li’s strength to be so strong!” the beauty said angrily.
“Yeah, so I have to rely on Alice and take Alice to deal with Karen li together!!”
The beauty was worried, “I hope Alice will not blame me.”
“Strange? What are you still hesitating? Up to now, you have asked her to come over, knowing that something will happen, what are you waiting for?” The man was annoyed.
“I… she is my friend after all, I… alas!” the beauty sighed.
“Ah, what?” The man was angry.
The beauty stared at the man, “Brother, don’t think I don’t know what abacus you are doing, you have long been in love with Alice, so did you suggest this to dad?”
“Sister, what are you talking about?” The man supported us.
What else to say? I found out last year that you had an idea for Alice. She secretly looked at her back and almost drooled, so you suggested that you confuse her this time? Then use this to threaten her? ? “Beauty is angry.
“What about it? Who doesn’t like beautiful women? Especially she is the head of the Luofu family. The man wants to conquer this kind of woman, not to mention she is well maintained,” the man said.
The beauty was angry, but there was no way out. Karen li’s resistance was too violent. Her Oak family was a little caught off guard, so she had to pull people into the water. The Luofu family was the best choice.
“Sister, this is also for my family!” said the man.
“Why are you, I know! Don’t pretend to be in front of me!” Beauty sneered!
“Okay, I won’t pretend. I’ll let her drink when she waits. She’s definitely not willing. Sister, you’re here. I’ve got something… Sister, what are you so repulsive about? You should think so, Alice. It’s your friend, but I’m your brother. If your brother wants to get Alice, you should be my sister, shouldn’t you help me?” The man laughed.
“Help you a ghost!” The beauty was angry, but sighed, “How many times have you helped you?
Don’t beat her later!”
“Got it, Alice is so pretty, why am I beating her?”
“Do you think I don’t know your perverted thing?” Beauty said coldly.
The man is embarrassed. “understood.”
Someone knocked on the door!
“Sister, go and open the door, she is coming,” the man can’t wait!
I lost Alice this time, and then wanted to hold her, pull her into the water, and deal with Karen li together!
This is also good. Karen li is gone, and the Luofu family will also have great benefits! !
“Wipe your mouth, you have leaked water,” the beauty hummed and went to open the door.
The charming young woman came in beautifully, and the men looked straight.
As one of the four major families in Century City, he usually does not lack women. What beauty has he never seen? ?
The Americans, the Chinese, have seen too much.
But for some women, he still didn’t get it! For example, Alice is one of the women who has a higher status than him!
The more women you can’t get, the more men think, this is a common problem for men!
In fact, this kind of woman, regardless of whether it looks good or not, is married or not, the man wants to be close, the only thing is to satisfy his own psychology!
Conquer a woman who is better than yourself, and men will be happy! !
What’s more, Alice was originally beautifully maintained?
Fengyun young woman looked at her friend, of course, this friend’s younger brother, she did not look.
She also knows that at this time, the Ok family is interested in shooting, just want to draw themselves!
She won’t be fooled!
“Alice, I…” The beauty smiled.
“Just like that, I came here to tell you about this matter, and try not to contact me afterwards.
Karen li is not so easy to deal with,” Feng Yun young woman said seriously.
Straight away, no need to turn around.
The beauty is angry, so straightforward? Then blame me! !
“Ah, I… well, since you made it so obvious, then it is useless for me to force it again, sisters, and drink this glass of wine!” The beauty poured a glass of wine for the young woman.
The charming young woman is also a little unbearable. After all, the two have known each other for too long. They were really good friends before.
However, if the Ok family did so, she was not an individual, but a family. She must think about the family, so she must clear her relationship.
“Alice, we have known each other for so long. Now you are not even willing to drink with me for the last glass of wine?” The beautiful girl sighed and ran out of herself first.
Men can’t wait, drink it! !
The charming young woman was silent for three seconds, picked up the glass and drank it, put down the glass, “I went back, if you want to live, then go to my house, I will save your life!”
This is the young woman who can do the most at this point of view.
“You don’t need to protect,” the beauty said sneered.
“Well, goodbye,” Feng Yun’s young woman turned and left, but the man was already at the door.
The charming young woman frowned, “What do you want to do? Force me to shoot?”
She touched the gun in her bag!
Just kidding, she must have done gunfire in the United States. The shot is also coming to an extreme! !
“Oh, Alice, you know, I like you for a long time,” the man smiled closer.
“I don’t want to hear such a thing, get away!” The young Fengyun woman was about to take out her gun, but felt dizzy and she was startled. “The glass of wine just now…”
“Oh, hey, Alice, you have no choice now, you will deal with Karen li with my Ouke family, do you still believe it? Haha! When the two of us are together, then you will believe it!” Man Laughed out! !

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