My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 660

“Why haven’t you come yet!”
The people of the Li family were anxious and had been waiting for a long time. Chuck said that he drove over. Why hasn’t he arrived yet? ?
Is this a traffic jam, or suddenly don’t want to come? Or did Karen li make a speech, not letting Chuck come? ?
“Wait a minute!” the owner of the Li family said.
“Ah, I can only wait,” the other Li family sighed.
Actually Chuck came, but what did you see? Actually saw the young woman’s car.
That’s a coincidence. The young woman of Fengyun actually meets the people of the Ok family here? ?
It seems that destiny!
Chuck thought it would be better to meet the Li family and see Alice again.
Distinguish between primary and secondary! !
“Be careful!” Black Rose appeared directly this time, and she had to follow Chuck.
When she followed Chuck just now, she received a phone call from Karen li, asking her to stay close this time!
“Are you concerned about me?” Chuck smiled slightly.
“Can you die?” Black Rose was indifferent, suffocating in his heart.
If it were not Karen li, she did not want to say a word to Chuck! !
Chuck was speechless, “Wait a minute, let’s eat together here!”
“Who wants to eat? I don’t eat Chinese food, it’s hard to eat,” Black Rose immediately refused.
“Well, you really have no taste.” Chuck was speechless again, “So what do you say, did you eat the mung bean cake last time?”
“Lost,” Black Rose said indifferently.
“Lost? You’re a waste!” Chuck muttered.
Too lazy to care about this cold black rose, he went straight in, and someone came over to greet him politely.
“Little Master!!” The beauty bowed her head politely, in unison.
“I’m not your young master! What about them?” Chuck shook his head indifferently.
He came here just to bring his mother, and he asked him to get his mother out! !
“Here! Please on your side!” Several beauties were stunned and didn’t dare to say more. After all, they were the first to hear that there was such a young master!
But looking at Chuck, they also think that Chuck is a good young master. After all, Chuck’s tone is cold, but he didn’t get angry with them!
You know, when Li Batian’s son was not dead at that time, he was so cold that they were afraid when they saw it, but on Chuck, they didn’t feel that kind of fear.
Chuck, Black Rose went with them.
The beauties pushed the door open, and Chuck saw that there were several people in the luxurious private room, all of them were old, and they should all be their mother’s brothers, and that so-called pro-dad! !
Chuck recognized it. After all, they and Karen li are relatives, and their facial features are similar.
“Chuck, come in quickly, your grandfather is waiting,” a middle-aged man smiled and greeted him.
Chuck was expressionless. At that time, it was these people who drove his mother away from home!
But now, with a sounding smile? !
Chuckfan felt the extreme!
“Call your grandfather.” The middle-aged man said.
“Yes, your grandfather has been waiting for you for a long time,” the other Li family catered.
Chuck looked at the old man with white hair, he shook his head, “He is not my grandfather!!” brush!
The people of the Li family were quiet all at once, and it was almost silent! !
“Chuck, what are you saying? Why isn’t it your grandfather? Your mother, Karen li, is his biological daughter. How can you say that?”
“Yes, Chuck, you’re wrong. Grandpa is very good to you. I was waiting for you here early in the morning. I also arranged the kitchen to cook for you. If you say that, it hurts your grandpa! !”
Li people, you said it one by one.
“Sad? Do you have these faces to say these two words? At that time, when you drove my mother out, why didn’t you say that?” Chuck said coldly!
The Li family was stunned and suddenly speechless! !
Including the head of the Li family, he sighed, “At that time, we were wrong…”
“Oh, one sentence is wrong, it’s all right? If you make a mistake and say sorry, it’s all right? Slap someone, say I’m sorry?” Chuck looked cold!
Suddenly he felt the sadness when his mother was driven out of the Li family.
Because of what?
The faces of these people are still the same as they are now. Sorry to end? ?
People of the Li family are speechless again!
There is no way to refute, even, there is a sense of complacency.
“Chuck, I know it’s too late to say this, but I’m always yours…” Li Family sighed.
“No, you are not! From the day you drove my mom out, from that second, you are not!” Chuck’s eyes were red, full of anger!
“Ah!” Li family sighed, he was speechless!
“I know from the mouths of you guys, what happened to my mother since I was a child, I understand, so don’t come over to me again, and my mother!” Chuck turned his head!
“Chuck, you…” Someone pulled Chuck.
“Let go! My mom said, let you go this time, the last time, don’t force her!” Chuck walked to the door.
The black rose followed without a word.
“Chuck!” The head of the Li family stood up.
“You are not qualified to call my name!” Chuck sneered out.
Black roses follow! boom!
The door was closed!
Everyone in the private room was silent for three seconds, and everyone sighed.
“Huh, fortunately, Karen let us go this time!”
“Yeah, Karen still has feelings for the Li family. It’s just that we did too much last time. Now I think of it. It’s really wrong,”
“Ah, I also think that when you were young, Karen often gave me money…”
“Really? She gave me it too.”
Several of the Li family regretted it and sighed.
The head of the Li family is too complicated. For Chuck, he likes it at a glance!
He has seen too many people, so be sure!
Chuck didn’t have any kind of pampering and no bullying, which was too rare among the rich.
Chuck this child, the future can not be limited!
If you are still a member of the Li family, then the Li family will still benefit from it, but now it is not.
He regretted, “What have I done??”
“Dad, don’t be sad, Karen gave us a chance, and gave…” Someone’s eyes were red.
“What if I give it? I let myself lose a daughter and a grandson…” The head of the Li family said painfully.
If you didn’t do it that day, was Karen li still in the Li family?
However, there is no regrets to take medicine.
The master of the Li family sighed heavily and fell into painful regret…

“Chuck, have something to eat?” Black Rose looked at Chuck’s face ugly, so he said reluctantly.
Chuck sighed, “Well, go out and eat, Li’s place, I don’t want to stay!”
“Okay.” Black Rose had no opinion, and she was hungry.
However, Chuck thought that the young woman was still here, so he said, “I’ll go find Alice and ask her if she can’t go,”
“Just you.” The black rose was cold.
Why are you looking for her?
One more person for dinner? ?
Chuck went to look for it, but when he passed by a private room, he heard the voice and was struggling. Chuck was puzzled, “Black Rose, did you hear the voice inside?”
“No, do you still eat it? Never eat it.” Black Rose was angry!
“Don’t be angry, wait a moment, I’ll go in and see, I’m afraid of what the Oak family do to her, forcing her and my mother to do the right thing.” Chuck considered this.
To be honest, Chuckke has no special thoughts about her!
Although at that time, when I was on Amazon, I told Emily to be with Alice in front of her, but the very angry ingredient at that time was considered angry, and later Chuck calmed down, and it was completely gone. Think about that.
Therefore, at the time, Chuck did not mention anything about cooperation at all.
“Anyway…” Black Rose frowned, and she heard the sound inside, struggling with something, she thought, something was wrong.
Even if it was not Alice, someone else was arrested.
“Well, let me go in and see!” Chuck didn’t pay much attention to it, and rushed in!
If not, then apologize, but what if it is? ?
After entering, Chuck’s eyes widened and he was unbelievable, “Alice, it’s really you, how are you…”

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