My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 662

“Alice I…”
Chuck was at a loss, he was at a loss this time.
Alice was sober, she bit her lip and dressed herself.
When she woke up, she was shocked!
Shocked why you get out of control?
Alice was overwhelmed with shame in her heart, she really couldn’t face it!
She really didn’t know what to do, Chuck did not force her, and she was voluntary.
She was confused. At that time, Emily told her that Chuck wanted to make a request, and she was desperate. Finally, because she agreed to Chuck, she chose to compromise!
At that time, she was really desperate! But later, Chuck did not choose to do that, she was relieved.
But there was no choice at that time, this time he actually happened.
Alice calmed down, she looked at Chuck!
This is the second man in his life.
Young, still Chinese!
Alice sighed and tried to keep her calm. “I…you don’t have to worry about anything. What happened just now is my reason.”
“But, I…” Chuck sighed.
He could not explain just now, maybe, Chuck thought of Yvette.
“No, it’s my reason.” Alice looked sadly.
The atmosphere inside this car is subtle to the extreme.
But it is more embarrassing.
“You don’t have to think about anything, just as it was a dream, you woke up, and I woke up, the dream woke up, which means ending and forgetting.”
Alice shivered, “Chuck, please, don’t tell me what you just said? Please!”
If you let others know, she really does not know how to face her family.
Didn’t she think about doing it, killing Chuck? Then no one else will ever know.
However, she couldn’t stop. why?
Because Chuck is her second man.
There is a plot for the hero to save the beauty, and this plot is also available.
So Alice couldn’t get started at all, only to pray for Chuck.
“Alice, I won’t tell the story just now, rest assured,” Chuck sighed.
This mood is unspeakable and uncomfortable for Chuck.
Because he hadn’t thought about this before, but now he finds that Alice is absolutely beautiful, with perfect maintenance and pitiful eyes.
No matter how powerful Alice is, how to control a family, but now, she is just an ordinary woman.
Poor, pretending to be fine, and pretending to be strong.
A woman who has been desperate.
Chuck was already wrong, how could he tell the story just now? ?
“Well, thank you, I believe you.” Alice was silent.
There is nothing to say.
She feels like dreaming and believes in Chuck, because Chuck’s eyes are sincere! No deception!
“Then I will take you out now?” Chuck asked.
“No, no, I’m sober, I’m going back,” Alice shook her head unnaturally.
Chuck was silent.
After being with Murong Qing last time, he could not describe the pain and felt sorry for Yvette, but now…
“Alas!” Chuck sighed, how should he face Yvette?
Yvette’s love for himself was sincere, but for himself, Chuck’s mood fell to the extreme.
“Chuck, what’s wrong with you? Are you tired?” Alice’s voice unconsciously cared, and her voice softened.
“No, I think, I’m sorry for my wife,” Chuck said with a sigh. Perhaps Alice’s words were too gentle, so Chuck opened her heart.
Alice was stunned. Last time she saw Chuck’s wife Yvette.
She also knows that Yvette is particularly beautiful and young, and she is incomparable to her.
“I won’t let anyone else know, Chuck, you can rest assured, believe me, I won’t let Yvette know, can you believe me?” Alice softened.
Chuck’s sigh made her couldn’t help but want to comfort her. After all, she took the initiative not to let Chuck out.
Guilt in her heart!
To say something that she herself had to admit was also a word from Huaxia, the old cow was eating tender grass.
Chuck is the tender grass, and she is the old cow.
Alice confessed herself that Chuck suffered a loss, so guilty! !
In fact, Alice is a special woman, she has a bottom line, right is right, wrong is wrong.
She felt sorry for Chuck!
This irrelevant male and female identity is only about his age, but he is older, he is younger, this is enough to make her guilty! !
Because she was guilty, she couldn’t stop, and it seemed she couldn’t bear to start.
“Well,” Chuck regained his consciousness, and felt that it should not be said to her.
The two looked at each other.
Three seconds later, the two lowered their heads at the same time.
“I’m not cooperating about that cooperation,” Chuck said.
“Your mother has called me. I have already calculated your share, how can you not continue to cooperate? You can rest assured that the money you earn, I will share with you, and will not hack your money. Trust me.” Alice was bitter.
“I believe you, but.” Chuck is entangled. In this case, she is also allowed to make money for herself. What is this? ?
Because of the relationship of cooperation, there must be a bottom line!
But now that the bottom line is broken, it means that the cooperative relationship cannot be maintained! !
“Trust me, and I will give you the money on time. Rest assured, what I said just now is a dream.
When you wake up, I wake up, so forget it, Chuck, is it okay?” Alice said .
“Yes, yes,” Chuck thought was complicated.
“That’s good, cooperation, you don’t have to worry about anything, I will deal with it.” Alice was soft and quiet.
There was another silence.
Chuck felt that he had not expected this situation before, so he was still in a state of coercion.
“Chuck, I’m going back,” Alice said, breaking the silence in the car.
Chuck was busy going out.
Alice came out of Chuck’s car and walked towards her.
“Alice…” Chuck yelled.
Alice looked back.
“Be careful, women should be careful,” Chuckbi said for a long time.
If Alice is vigilant this time, she may not encounter such a thing.
“Well, I will be careful in the future, I will go back, you… drive carefully,” Alice walked over and got into her car.
Her car drove outside.
Chuck froze for a while, and the black rose ran over, “Okay, let’s take Alice to the hospital… well? What about Alice?”
Black Rose has solved the man of the Ok family, but it took a little time, after all, the man, but there is no pain! !
“Her own driver took her away,” Chuck recovered and said an excuse.
“Well, that’s good, by the way, do you want this?” Black Rose breathed a sigh of relief.
In fact, this kind of thing is also easy to solve. The driver of Alice takes her back, then it is enough. Ren Zhiyi is exhausted, there is no need to send it to home!
In extreme times, be careful!
And she just found two bottles on the man of the Ok family.
The black rose can be seen as a temporary paralyzing medicine. In other words, it can be used to make the body temporarily feel no pain. This can be used when it is in a desperate situation.
“What is this?” Chuck was stunned.
“A paralyzed medicine, in danger, it’s going to be desperately available, can it be used? Would you like one?” Black Rose also wants to use it himself.
This is a kind of thing that can be used when you are desperate. Black roses have their own strength. Even if they die, they must have dignity.
Chuck looked at it and thought it was okay. “Give it to me?”
“One, and one I want to use. In case you are in danger, I may use this to protect you,” Black Rose said coldly.
“Thanks,” Chuck shrugged and took hold. This kind of thing, Chuck will definitely not refuse, and definitely can play a role at a critical time!
“What about that person?” Chuck asked.
“Dead, still expecting to live?” Black Rose can ignore these things. She used to be afraid, but now, Karen li is about to destroy the Oak family. So what else is there to be afraid of?
“Where to go now? Go back?” Black Rose asked.
“No, I’m hungry, let’s go to dinner, I invite you,” Chuck said just now, to invite Black Rose to dinner.
“Do I have no money? Would you please?” Black Rose went indifferently to drive his car.
She can eat as many meals as she wants.

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