My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 663

“Right, what to eat?” Chuck ran over and asked.
Black Rose had no idea, just wanted to eat the mung bean cake that Chuck brought to her last time.
“I don’t eat burgers.” Chuck didn’t want to eat this. His Huaxia must be looking for Chinese food.
Chuck remembers that there is a restaurant opened by his mother nearby. Go eat there.
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“All said casually,” Black Rose was angry.
Chuck murmured and drove to this place, followed by Black Rose.
The two arrived at the restaurant, Chuck looked at the menu, ordered three dishes, and then gave Black Rose to let her order.
“Randomly, how many times do you let me say this?”
The black rose is indifferent.
“Don’t be angry, what are you doing when you eat?” Chuck was speechless.
“Who told you to be so verbose?”
“This, that, all right,” Chuck continued to order two more casually and let the kitchen cook.
“Master, Manager Betty said, there is a small yellow croaker, don’t you eat this today?” the waiter said with a smile.
Chuck came to the restaurant, and Betty called over there.
“Don’t eat today, I’m hungry, and these five dishes will be served quickly,” Chuck said.
“Okay, Master, please wait,” the waiter went to the kitchen.
The dishes came up soon.
Chuckli eats immediately, and there are a lot of black roses in the style. She silently finishes eating. After all, she didn’t eat it in the morning. She also thought that the Chinese food was delicious.
Every day, the burger is very monotonous. Where is Huaxia cuisine, so rich and diverse? ?
After eating, the waiter smiled and asked, “Master, over the kitchen, I have prepared snacks for you. I will bring it over immediately.”
“What snack?”
“Mung bean cake!” the waiter said.
“Mung bean cake?” Chuck was stunned. “Black Rose, do you want this?”
The black rose is angry, and it must be, that is so delicious!
But she was embarrassed to speak out.
“Forget it, you lost it last time. You don’t like to eat mung bean cake, then something else is fine,” Chuck said.
“So what’s the trouble? Mung bean cake is just mung bean cake,” Black Rose was angry.
Is this a fool? ?
“Well, okay.” Of course Chuck had no opinion, he always thought that mung bean cake was delicious.
“Then the master waits a minute, I will bring it over here,” the waiter smiled and went to the kitchen.
Less than a minute later, a plate of mung bean cake was brought over.
“Eat,” Chuck gave a piece of black rose.
“I don’t want you to take it, I’ll do it myself,” Black Rose opened Chuck’s hand, took a piece of it, and took a bite, still the delicious taste.
Huaxia things are really delicious.
Chuck didn’t have much control. After eating a few pieces, he left it to the black rose.
She actually finished eating, Chuck was stunned, “Delicious?”
“Normal,” Black Rose said blankly.
“What regret?” Black Rose frowned.
“You didn’t mean that the mung bean cake I brought to you last time, you lost it directly, if you knew it was so delicious, you would definitely not lose it.” Chuck laughed.
“Why are you talking so much? Go back,” Black Rose sneered.
Chuck shrugged.
The two came out of the restaurant, and Black Rose asked, “Alice wants to go against your mother Karen li?”
Otherwise why come over to meet the people of the Ok family? !
“No, she won’t,” Chuck shook her head. Chuck was not sure before, but now, she has a relationship with Alice. Chuck knows that Alice will not go against her mother because she doesn’t want to be with herself. Right!
Is there an agreement between yourself and her, isn’t it? ?
The black rose didn’t say much.
Chuck thought of Alice and sighed. This time, the angry thing that happened with Murong Qing did not happen this time. In the end, he was a man and was comforted by a woman in return.
Chuck was unexpected!
But he knows, Alice is actually the tofu heart of the knife mouth, she is actually. . Very gentle. .
When she was consoling Chuck just now, Chuck felt this tenderness.
Chuck didn’t think much and went straight home. The black rose followed…

Wow! !
The water fell on Alice’s head.
She let the cold water rush down, and she came out of the bathroom for a long, long time.
She was absent-minded on the sofa, and she was very confused.
How could this be?
Just now is a dream, I should forget it!
But how can’t you forget?
Alice was stunned, uncomfortable, and confused.
The phone rang.
Pulling the confused Alice back, she answered.
“Homeowner, the woman you said, I have killed her with one shot! The body has also been treated, leaving no trace!”
“Okay! What about her brother?” Alice’s beautiful eyes shot coldly. This must not be known to others.
“Her brother, killed by Black Rose, the owner, what should I do now?”
The cold light in Alice’s eyes is strong, “What’s the situation with the Oak family?”
“Karen li’s strength is too strong, making the Ouke family very dangerous!”
“Danger? I’ll make him a little more dangerous! Blow up all the companies of the Oak family!!!”
Alice said coldly.
“Homeowner, this? You think twice!” The man was shocked. Is this going to be blended in?
“I’m thinking twice, blow me up!” Alice said coldly.
“Yes, you can rest assured that I will do to your satisfaction.”
The phone hung up and Alice fell into the cold. If there is no today’s thing, she will not start with the Ok family, but today’s thing angers Alice, she must shoot! !
But after she was angry, Meimu was confused again, “I was with Chuck…”
She mumbled to herself.
“Mom, what’s wrong with you?” Emily pushed open the door and came in, seeing Alice in a daze, she was stunned.
“It’s okay,” Alice recovered quickly, blowing her own hair.
“Mom, I’ll help you,” Emily spoiled her, blowing her hair.
“End of study?” Alice asked.
“How can it be so fast? I’m going to beat Chuck and teach him hard. I must learn a little more. I want to surprise him!” Emily said with a vow.
She has found a particularly powerful combat master, teaching her to fight, she must defeat Chuck, this is her goal.
Because Chuck is defeated, then his impression in Chuckxin will be improved.
“Emily, what did you teach him to do? He saved you,” Alice shook her head, unconsciously serious.
“Where is he saving? Whoever saves people, stuns others, doesn’t show up. I’m more unsure if I’m saved, so I ran away. How could he save people like that!” Emily hummed.
But she thought of it occasionally in her heart and felt a little happy.
Satisfied with the plot of her hero saving the beauty, although the situation was not satisfactory at the time, it felt the same.
“Then he saved you too, who made you treat him like that at that time?” Alice said.
“Mom, how did you help him talk today?” Emily coquettish, and also felt incredible.
My mother, hasn’t always been used to Chuck? Nothing to help him suddenly? ?
No reason!
“I… I didn’t help him talk, it’s one code for one code,” Alice panicked, but calmed down.
“I know, but I didn’t really want to teach him, I just wanted to beat him.” Emily said very seriously.
She did not think of anything, and it was even more impossible to think about what had happened to Alice and Chuck. .
How could she think so?
“That’s good,”
“Mom, why did you speak for him?” Emily was more curious about this, what happened?
“I do not have,”
“You have,” Emily said.
“I haven’t, I really haven’t.” Alice had no confidence. In this case, she unknowingly spoke for Chuck.
Probably because of guilt!
She didn’t want to see Emily do anything to hurt Chuck again.
Emily wondered, “Mom, what’s wrong with you?”
“It’s okay,”
Alice shook her head, sighed in her heart, and said to Emily seriously, “Daughter, I don’t object to your fighting, but now I’m working with Chuck, he’s a partner of our family, don’t do it to him What, this one can promise me?”
“Mom, you…” Emily was stunned. “Mom, I didn’t do anything to him, I just wanted to win him.”
“Well, that’s fine.” Alice sighed in her heart and was relieved a lot.

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