My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 668

The sound of pulling the trigger rang! !
In a secret place outside, a Mars appeared in a flash, and appeared and disappeared!
The bullet came out!
Cut through the air!
Unstoppable got into the bald body! what! !
Shocked with a bald head, there was blood on his shoulders, no pain, but Karen li actually hit him!
“Karen li, you are looking for death!” Bald is busy looking for cover? ! suddenly!
The sound of pulling the trigger sounded again!
Bullets cut through the sky!
The bald head in hiding was stunned and immediately sneered. It seemed that he had looked at her just now and could only hit himself with a shot! ! however!
He froze because it was simple!
A murderous machine hiding next to him touched the head squirting blood blankly with his hands, and panic appeared, and then the person twitched in the pool of blood!
The bald head was stunned!
“Keeping your life does not mean how much you are capable, but I want you to see that the people around you die in front of you one by one.”
Karen li’s voice came in!
The entire Ok family is in panic!
How did Karen li do this?
How did you come in?
How can it be done? ?
Gun God?
Shaking his head, “Karen li, you and she…”
The bullet continued, and a bullet came out, absolutely someone fell to the ground in fear! !
Once or twice, I watched my brothers being shot one by one. The boss of this murderous machine was bald.
I have eaten so much bitterness and been injected with so many medicines, what is the use without any pain? ?
In the end, I couldn’t resist it.
The Ok family has fallen into fear and many people have died! ! boom!
When the bald head was at a loss, a bullet came over. He was scared. The bullet hit his hand.
With a snap, the gun fell to the ground! !
One by one came in, dressed in black, all expressionless and well-trained!
The person headed is a woman, Karen li!
The people of the Ok family were instantly afraid!
They are surrounded by groups!
Pointed by many guns, the fear in my heart, and some people even sat on the ground begging for mercy!
The head of the Ok family was stunned. Are you dreaming? ?
In only half an hour, he thought that Karen li was going to die today, but he didn’t expect that he was the one who died…
He was powerless to sit on the chair, his eyes were blank, but what he didn’t know was that instinctive fear had spread quietly on his face!
At this moment, he regretted, why should he deal with Karen li? ?
He regretted why he underestimated Karen li’s strength?
He regretted it even more, and became the enemy of Karen li…
“Forgiveness, forgiveness, I am willing to follow you!” Baldhead begged to kneel!
He is a proud killing machine, but by Karen li’s one shot in a hundred shots, he is the only one left.
This is really that kind of panic! !
“I keep your life until now, not let you beg for mercy, but let you know that I can kill you!”
Karen li looked at him indifferently.
Bald begging, “Don’t kill…”
He didn’t say a word, his eyes widened because Karen li shot him, and the bullet shot into his eyebrows!
It’s a feeling I haven’t felt for a long time, pain…
“I, I…” Bald fell in the pool of blood.
Regret to the extreme, my own suffering is useless…
The whole family of the Ok family is in fear!
The head of the Ok family shivered, “Karen li, I lost…”
“Yes, you lost, forgot to tell you, you will lose your life if you lose!”
Karen li raised his hand. Someone walked over and shot him. The owner of the Ok family cried in disbelief, slowly fell to the ground, and blood shed from his body.
The bloody pungent smell permeated again.
The descendants of the Ok family are afraid! Looking at Karen li in horror.
“Betty, take over the Oak family!” Karen li said.
“Yes!” Betty immediately began to deal with!
The Ok family is one of the four major families in the world. It is still troublesome to take over, but how can this be difficult for Betty! !
Karen li’s eyes narrowed, staring at those people who had just killed themselves and wanted to make decisions, these people…

Unsettled night, after all, ushered in the sunrise!
Its daybreak! !
A family discovered the problem, and the Oak family seems to have disappeared. What is going on?
Is the Ok family gone? impossible!
Yesterday, I was still fighting with Karen li. In the morning, I was sent a firework. Why didn’t it disappear overnight?
The Americans cannot imagine! !
Luo Fu family!
Alice sits absently in the room. She doesn’t really want to go out. She also feels that this large room is empty and there is no one. It would be nice if there was a man here.
In her mind, a person came up, Hua Xia, his name is Chuck…
“Mom, mom…” Emily rushed in.
Alice sorted her emotions, “Emily, what’s wrong with you!”
“A friend of mine said that one-tenth of the industry of the Oak family has been taken over overnight!” When Emily heard the news, it was indescribable shock! !
What happened last night?
Alice stunned and mumbled to herself, “Karen li was so fast that he actually destroyed the Ouke family last night…”
“What? The Oak family was destroyed by Chuck’s mother?” Emily was shocked! !
You know, her Luofu family is the four largest family, and the Ouke family is also the four big family. Karen li exterminated the Ouke family, can it not be the Luofu family? !
“Well, she did it,” Alice was also a little disbelief, only one night, but the facts were in front of her.
“Ah, why is Karen li so powerful? Mom, will she destroy our house?” Emily worried.
Last time, Karen li surprised her, and destroyed several bases of her home in one night!
This kind of strength is really serious, so it is estimated that his home will not last long, mainly because Karen li enters and exits this kind of heavily guarded place, such as no one, which is terrifying.
The family members were killed, does that mean that the family is over? !
“No, he…how could his mother Karen li deal with us?” Alice murmured to herself.
She believes in Chuck. She lowered her head and wondered if Chuck would want her Luofu family one day? So, do you give it? ?
Alice was lost in thought and could not extricate herself.
And Emily was in shock…

“what did you say?”
The head of the Li family was shaking and shocked, his eyes widened!
The people of the Li family received the news. The Ok family had not moved, the morning was too calm, and everything in the Ok family had changed…
Who can do this, except for Karen li, who is now fighting against the Oak family? !
“Karen has taken over the Ok family!” The Li family also shivered.
It’s incredible!
To know that they thought that Karen li would fail if he left the Li family, but he did not expect that Karen li could actually destroy the Ouke family. What does this mean? ?
It means something clear, that is, Karen li can also destroy the Li family that night!
It’s just that Karen li didn’t do that.
The people of the Li family all snorted behind their backs, and they felt terrified! so horrible.
After the head of the Li family was shocked, he muttered to himself, “This is my daughter, this is my daughter!”
A little pride appeared on his face!
The Americans have received the news. This news is too big. The Ok family has disappeared since today, which means that the four major families have become vacant and have become the three major families. Karen li may have already surpassed the three major families in the world!
Shocked here, and the hidden family wandering!
Laughs constantly!
The Oak family is gone. For their secret family, it is just a little news, which makes them barely interested in it!
But there are dispensable families, even the small family whose income is not comparable to one year is destroyed, what is it?
You Tianle laughed insincerely, “Well, the Ouke family was destroyed overnight. It seems that you want to strengthen your strength, but I don’t want to give you this opportunity!!”

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