My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 669

Chuck knew that the Ok family was resolved yesterday night, and he was also surprised. This speed of my mother is too fast! !
But Chuck was not surprised.
Last time Chuck saw it with his own eyes, and his mother dealt with the strongest bodyguard of the wandering family, and directly flew the bodyguard!
This strength, combined with the various marksmanship, has succeeded in raiding the Ok family, what is unexpected?
The only thing that makes Chuck do not understand now, how strong is the mother’s strength?
After all, Chuck has learned his mother’s fighting skills, and has made a person who has been in contact with fighting for only six months to the point of being a master of fighting!
This is the real horror!
If my mother teaches for a few more years, then you are not the first to fight?
Chuck is also excited! !
He also expects that he can really become so strong!
Yvette knew the news, she was stunned and complicated.
Karen li’s strength is too strong, how should he surpass her?
Is it really impossible to surpass in a lifetime? ?
Yvette fell into pain.
On one side she is Chuck that she likes, and on the other side is Chuck’s mother Karen li, she is really painful.
If Chuck was not here, she must have left.
Find a place and improve yourself crazy! !
But she was worried about Chuck, so he hesitated to leave.
Anyway, Yvette knew that now that she was entangled in the situation, she could only really fall asleep by hugging Chuck at night…
Chuck went to her mother and asked the matter thoroughly.
Of course, Chuck also looked at Logan. Logan’s situation recovered very well because Logan knew what to face next.
She wants to fight alongside Chuck! !
Don’t hold back!
Chuck saw Logan’s face was all right. Of course he was happy. After talking for a while, Chuck went to find his mother.
I saw my mother.
Chuck was serious, and his mother seriously told Chuck about other fighting skills.
Chuck was excited and immediately went to the training room to study.
When Karen li saw Chuck’s efforts, she was also at ease. After all, she was old, and everything and the future belonged to Chuck alone.
So you need a body that can withstand these things! !
Karen li is training Chuck!
Chuck is working hard…
“Betty, what’s going on at Youjia?” Karen li felt sensitively what Youjia was about to do.
The battle is on the verge! !
But she also “retired”, after all, the Oak family has disappeared, and the remaining three families.
Li family, Karen li is still.
Luo Fu family, of course, Karen li will not move, after all, Alice and Chuck are cooperating.
As for the last family, Karen li has cold light in his eyes.
Now she started to deal with Youjia!
“Nothing has happened yet!” Betty has followed closely.
Because the hidden family, inherited for thousands of years, also has real strength, not to be peeped!
Karen li taught her not to underestimate her enemies, Betty remembered.
“For the time being? I feel like you are going to move…” Karen li’s eyes narrowed slightly.
“Well, I will pay close attention,” Betty nodded.
But this time, Karen li’s cell phone rang, it was black rose.
Karen li was stunned and answered.
“Me, Chuck and I were lost,” Black Rose followed Chuck just now, but suddenly a car stopped her!
When she broke through, she could no longer see Chuck!
I couldn’t get a call from Chuck.
This is the third time, the black rose can’t speak himself! !
Karen li’s eyes were cold. When she was about to speak, she suddenly rang and sent a text message.
Karen li glanced at it and was stunned.
She breathed a sigh of relief, “He went to see his dad, you just wait around there, he will find you!”
“it is good.”
When the phone hung up, Betty asked anxiously, “Is there something wrong with the young master?”
“I. Not sure, there should be no accident. Zhang Qingyang made an appointment.” Karen li blinked his eyes.
“But he isn’t…” Betty was shocked in an instant.
“I know, so I go and see,” Karen li couldn’t bear it.
After all, the first two times, Chuck was monitored, it was really Zhang Qingyang who did it.
She has been determined, and now she suddenly wants to see Chuck, she is worried.
“I will go too.” Betty said subconsciously.
Karen li was stunned and looked at Betty strangely. In her view, Betty seemed to have such an unusual concern. Karen li was not sure if she felt wrong.
It may feel wrong.
Betty lowered her head, “Then I won’t go.”
“Either way.” Karen li went out.
Betty hesitated for three seconds and ran out!
Black Rose breathed a sigh of relief and hung up the phone. She murmured angrily, “Chuck is a jerk and scares me again, you die!!” call!
After the vent was over, she stared blankly.
Waiting for Chuck to reappear in front of himself.
Maybe Black Rose didn’t know herself, she… there was an expression on her face that she didn’t know, as if she were angry or as if. . worry!
Even, like looking forward, looking forward to Chuck coming back…

Chuck just wanted to meet the boss behind the scene just now, thinking of thanking her, but on the way, she received a call.
He was stunned because he had not seen this number, and the voice after receiving it was also very strange, but when he heard the voice, he had a familiar feeling.
Chuck heard it, the voice of his dad.
Zhang Qingyang.
Of course he was happy. He could have seen his dad last time, but Chuck was worried about Logan, so he missed it. Later, Chuck asked his mother where he went.
The mother only said, something went out.
Chuck also regrets it.
Today Dad asked himself, Chuck was nervous!
Go to the place!
This is an ordinary house like a small mountain house.
Chuck thought it was wrong!
He got out of the car and saw a man on the balcony. Chuck was excited. Chuck was strange to this person, but after seeing him, the intimacy came out.
“Dad…” Chuck’s tears are coming out.
Zhang Qingyang smiled slightly, “Come and sit.”
Chuck passed.
He doesn’t understand, why dad lives here?
It seems to be in seclusion.
Chuck sat down, “Daddy, what are you doing recently?”
Chuck actually wanted to see him, but he could only bury it in his heart.
At that time, a call from my mother gave Chuck a new hope. At that time, he was curious, what did his father look like?
Now, there is a little difference from what I think, but there is no delay.
“I… have some things to do, but I know that you have something to do with Wan Ziwen of Wanjia,” Zhang Qingyang said.
“Yes, it does matter,” Chuck thought that his mother should have told him! !
“So what do you think of Wan Ziwen?”
“She, beautiful is beautiful, but people are too controlled, I hate her,” To be honest, Chuck regretted saving her at that time.
Although she wouldn’t be able to save even if she didn’t save, if she didn’t save, she wouldn’t know that kind of person!
“Hate?” Zhang Qingyang shook his head. “That kind of woman is used to change, you know?”
Chuck also shook his head, “I don’t want to see her again.”
“This won’t work,” Zhang Qingyang stood up seriously, and he stopped talking.
“Why? She is a member of the secret family, and she has a high status in the secret family, so…”
“You are right, she has a very high status in Wanjia, and the next head of Wanjia is her!” Zhang Qingyang said slowly.
There are hundreds of children of the Wan family, but Wan Ziwen stands out from so many people. She really fought for her.
Zhang Qingyang knew about Wan Ziwen’s horror, but Chuck didn’t even know it. . Karen li may not know!
Wanjia, but the true first family in the world! !
A woman becomes the new owner, who can do this? ?
“She?” Chuck was stunned. He didn’t hear his mother say this, but he also knew that this Wan Ziwen was amazing!
Others are powerful, Chuckhui will admit, but Chuck will work harder than her! !
“Yes, with her, it means that there are thousands of families to understand?” Zhang Qingyang said.
“Dad, what are you talking about?” Chuck dumbfounded.
“Wan Ziwen fancy you, so I think you can be with her and control Wanjia!” Zhang Qingyang said.
Chuck froze, what? Abandon Yvette and be with Wan Ziwen?
This? Chuck would never do such a thing!
He is already sorry for Yvette, how could he still do such a thing?

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