My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 670

“Dad, are you letting me enter the family?” Chuckbi has been in the air for a long time. He really didn’t expect that the father who met for the first time would say such things to himself.
Chuck has his own ideas, it is definitely impossible to enter into trouble.
Chuck didn’t have the idea of having no money back then, let alone having money now? ?
“You can think so too.” Zhang Qingyang nodded.
Chuck dumbfounded, stunned, “Dad, why did you let me do this?”
“The strength of the hidden family, you have not really touched, so you are not afraid!” Zhang Qingyang’s tone is very deep!
The world’s three largest secret families have divided the world into three parts, and Wanjia is the most secret family among the secret families. It is also the world’s first family in the true sense!
“I…” Chuck couldn’t refute, he really hasn’t really contacted.
After the first rescue of Wan Ziwen, when Wan Ziwen and Chuck mentioned the four words of the secret family, he really heard it for the first time.
It may be considered to be in contact with the hidden family, but only the people who contacted the hidden family!
As for the last time you wandered around, it was also an “accident!”
If there was no Wan Ziwen to bring Chuck into the family wedding at that time, Chuck wouldn’t say it, but you wouldn’t hear the news that Logan was going to marry You Tianle.
How is it going to happen?
What’s more, the reason why Chuck was able to make a big noise last time was very simple, because he relied on the bomb given by the boss behind the scenes!
Otherwise, Chuck would be taken down by those ten bodyguards!
That was really luck. Chuck himself knew that there were no bombs. Chuck didn’t know how many times he died at the home.
In other words, Chuck has never seen the true strength of this hidden family traveler! !
“Youjia is a family behind the Wanjia family. They started. Your mother is unlikely to protect you, so you have to find your own way!” Zhang Qingyang looked at Chuck seriously and said.
Chuck was speechless.
Yeah, he didn’t see the true strength of Youjia. How can he be sure that his mother can resist it?
The main reason is that his strength is too bad, dragging his mother behind.
Chuck felt guilty.
“Think about it for yourself, wait for you to marry Wan Ziwen, and then seize the opportunity to control Wanjia, you are the real richest man in the world!” Zhang Qingyang said.
“But…” Chuck is in a tangle. What’s the difference between this and eating soft rice? ?
Chuck really couldn’t do it, not to mention that even if he married Wan Ziwen, how could Chuck, an outsider, control Wan Jia?
It’s impossible!
“Think about it yourself.” Zhang Qingyang did not force Chuck.
He has been thinking about this for a long time. He is the descendant of the family with the weakest strength among the three secret families. He knows the true strength of the secret family.
Youjia is really a beast-like family.
In his view, Chuck relies on Wan Ziwen at this stage to be the best solution.
Chuck fell silent.
Maybe after thinking for a long time, Chuck shook his head, “Dad, I really can’t do it…”
First, Chuck really doesn’t like Wan Ziwen’s woman with such strong control, because Chuck feels that women should be as gentle as Logan and Yvette.
Too strong, that is not married, tortured at any time?
Chuck is not masochistic.
Second, Chuck cannot abandon Yvette!
You need to know how much psychological pressure Yvette is under. He is with himself. His mother killed Yvette’s father. Yvette didn’t retaliate against himself, but listened to himself, but cared about himself. .
How do you have the heart to abandon her? ?
Chuck can’t do it!
“Think about it yourself,” Zhang Qingyang was silent for three seconds without saying much.
He didn’t want to force Chuck, but he was also pleased to see Chuck this time. After all, Chuck grew up to the present in just half a year. At this speed, Zhang Qingyang is particularly satisfied!
Chuck sighed, “Dad, I…”
“It’s okay, you just go back and think about it yourself,” Zhang Qingyang shook his head, patted Chuck’s shoulder, his eyes revealed his expectations!
“Well, then I went back,” Chuck wanted to go back, not to think about it.
“Go, that black rose is still waiting for you, yes, this matter, don’t tell your mother first!” Zhang Qingyang said.
Chuck nodded, didn’t wait much, and went out absently.
Ten minutes later, Karen li came to the hut, and Zhang Qingyang had already left.
Seeing the empty house, Karen li sighed.
“What the hell do you want?”
Karen li was helpless.
She couldn’t figure out what Zhang Qingyang was going to do. She was silent for a few seconds, and she was relieved to leave.

When Black Rose saw Chuck, she didn’t know it herself, and there was a reassuring look on her face.
Without saying a word, she actually wanted to ask Chuck what he said to Zhang Qingyang.
But how do you ask? ?
She didn’t want to ask this in a word, as if she seemed to care about him.
Care about him?
Ha ha ha! !
Just kidding, why do you care about him with money?
He just asked himself to eat a meal, and then brought two pieces of mung bean cake before, why should he care about such a person?
Why care about such a person?
Black Rose shook his head by himself.
Follow Chuck to leave.
And Chuck was upset because of what Dad told him, Wan Ziwen?
Chuck didn’t want to see her, how could she still marry her? ?
He sighed, unconsciously, to the destination that came out today, the boss behind the scene.
Of course Black Rose was waiting outside, but she clearly remembered that when Chuck and the behind-the-scenes boss went out last time, Chuck was in front of her family and kissed the behind-the-scenes boss!
The memory of Black Rose is still fresh!
Inexplicably hate such a thing.
She simply closed her eyes and didn’t want to continue to look at it, she didn’t want to see that kind of picture anymore, but she opened her beautiful eyes again and watched her eyes alertly.
What if there is something wrong?
Chuck entered the boss’s private room behind the scenes.
He had planned to come over to see her, it was a thank you, but now, Chuck is in a bad mood, so he went in and sat down and drank a glass of red wine.
“What are you doing, my cup,” the boss behind the scenes recaptured the cup in Chuck’s hands.
Chuck sighed.
“Little lover, what’s wrong with you? Did you have any concerns? Or, who bullied you? Tell me, I’m angry for you.” The boss behind the scene was particularly serious.
Chuck didn’t come over in the past few days, she had no thoughts.
Fortunately, she came suddenly today. She was actually surprised in her heart. Chuck also drank the wine glass she had drunk, so did she kiss again?
What she actually said, since she was at home last time and kissed Chuck, she has been thinking about it.
“No,” Chuck shook his head, feeling powerless!
If the mother really can’t deal with the wandering family, then she must have no choice but to marry Wan Ziwen.
After all, my mother, Yvette, Logan, and father can’t be affected.
“Why not? Seeing you are so unhappy, how can this be done? You are my little lover,” the boss behind the scene said seriously.
Chuck like this, so she has a bit of pain.
“Say, what do you say, don’t you believe me yet?” the boss said.
Yes, Chuck must believe her.
“Say! I order you to say! You have to obey,” the boss behind the scene glared at Ce.
“Well,” Chuck wanted to ask her opinion, “If you are married to someone, you can save your family, what would you do.”
The boss behind the scene was stunned, “Do I like this person?”
“Then I don’t tie,”
“But if you don’t end, your family will be in danger,”
“I will protect them, little lover, I will only marry you, but do you dare?” The boss behind the scene smiled charmingly.
But with a smile, she was silent.
Certainly not.
“I dare not,” Chuck shook his head.
Besides, this woman is just teasing herself, how could she like herself? impossible.
“I knew I didn’t dare… Actually, even if you dare, I wouldn’t dare,” the boss behind the scene whispered slowly.
“Why? Don’t you dare?” Chuck was stunned, and what did she dare to do?
“Well, how can I dare to marry you? First, your mother will definitely not agree. Second, you are younger, and I fight than you. When you are in his prime, and I am getting old, you How dare I say?” the boss behind the scene said very gently.

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