My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 67

Everyone was discussing it in the room. They were wondering who was it thaeserved a gift from the KTV that cost more than 10,000 dollars. In fact, the secretary’s eyes were also wandering, searching for this person!
When he was in the office just now, the receptionist told him that the manager of the plaza had been here. He immediately went out to welcome her but Yolanda Lane had left and so he went around to look for her. He was trying to get close with Yolanda. After all, she is the plaza’s new manager, and she was quite influential too since she was in charge of the recent renovation of the plaza. “It would be beneficial for the KTV or himself to befriend her”, thecretary thought.
After he went over, Yolanda did not say much. She only politely thanked him for the arrangement for the students. The secretary was indeed clever, he immediately asked whether there was any rich man kid among the group. Otherwise, why would the managehow up in person? Yolanda was stunned, she nodded while she said yes but she did not reveal who it was.
The secretary had no choice so he came back. After thinking for a moment, he gave the boss a call and informed him that there was a rich second generation where the plaza’s manager even came to serve in person. The rich second generation is very likely was somehow related to the owner of the plaza. He might be the son or nephew of the owner, so they wanted to be extra cautious and polite to him.
The KTV boss knew Wilbur Wendel, and he just happened to be having lunch and drinking with him. After speaking of this matter, Wilbur on the spot asked whachool they were from. The question was transferred back to the secretary, and hnswered that the students were from the Design College.
Wilbur advised the boss to be careful as he knew that Chuck Cannon was also from the Design College. It probably was him that visited. The boss immediately ordered them to follow the VIP’s rule to welcome and serve them!
The secretary immediately did as he said but after looking around for some time, he didn’t feel that there was anyone who looked like a rich second generation. He was helpless and confused. The secretary couldn’t be sure. “Enjoy your food. If you need anything, just let mnow!” he said.
After that, the secretary left. However, when he was turning his head, he saw
Chuck’s strange face in the corner. He then suspected he might be the one.
He took a few more looks at his clothes. If they were an authentic brand, it woulrobably cost more than one hundred thousand dollars. It must be him! He was overjoyed and walked out without saying anything.
“Wow! Who is it that has such honour to be treated so well? Let me take a picturnd post it on my moments. I can’t wait to dig in the Emperor Fruit Platter!” one of the students cackled.
A girl immediately took out her mobile phone for a selfie and took a picture of the huge fruit plate. The other students also followed. They were very happy.
“Haha, I’m going to drink Lafite!” Another boy took a bottle of wine, pouted, and took a selfie….
“I think it must be Lara who made the KTV’s boss treat us. She was able to get the campus belle over, it must be her!” A classmate said enviously.
“I agree! I also think that it’s Lara. She must have known the KTV boss since she opened a store here. Now that the boss found out Lara was coming, he treats her fruit dishes and red wine! It’s such an expensive gift! Lara, it must be the boss making a move! Maybe he was interested in you!” another classmate considered and said.
Several female students were envious.
Lara was surprised too, she suspected that the KTV boss might be the “baller”. So that’s why he sent her such expensive gifts? Lara thought in her mind that it can’t be somebody else. Who among this group other than herself would deserve such an expensive gift?
It must be “baller”. Wow, “baller” is actually the owner of this KTV! How unexpected but awesome! Lara was instantly happy.
She thought that “baller” must be ignoring her to give her this surprise. She liked it very much! “Baller, or the KTV boss, wait for me, I’ll come for you later!” Lara thought in her mind.
Lara was looking forward to it. She coughed and said as if she was the host,
“Everyone, let’s eat and drink as much as you can!”
“Wow, now we have fancy food!” Herr classmate was amazed.
Her classmates were excited and amazed by Lara. Even the KTV boss was into her, how envious!
“Lara, please distribute the wine!” the monitor said.
Lara stood up. Three bottles of wine were really not enough for more than 30 people. Some people managed to get a sip and some didn’t but they can eat more of the Emperor Fruit Platter.
“Lara, I would like to drink some. I have never tried such expensive wine. Can I have a glass?” Several girls surrounded Lara with glasses in their hands.
“Don’t worry! Whoever is close to me will be able to get half a glass of this wine!” Lara started distributing the wine to everyone. Everyone got a little. The few female classmates were so happy that they immediately took selfies with their mobile phones.
However, when it came to Yvette, Lara said that she would pour a whole glass for her. Yvette shook her head and said that she was going to drive so she couldn’t drink.
“Well, the teacher doesn’t drink. Now, this is yours.” Lara added more for the otheoys in the class. When it came to Chuck, she gave Chuck a disdainful look and said, “Bring me your glass. I’ll give you half a glass.”
Chuck shook his head. He was also going to drive. How could he drink?
“’There’s no need for that. You can treat the other students. I won’t drink. I’m going to….” Chuck said.
“’What are you going to do later? Teacher Jordan needs to drive herself back homater, that’s why she doesn’t drink. What a waste, do you know how expensive this wine is? And you’re rejecting it! If you don’t drink it today, I‘m just afraid that you won’t have another chance in the future.” Lara answered in annoyance. She didn’t want to talk to Chuck anymore and just continued to pour wine for Queenie.
Yet, she also shook her head. She never drank and also didn’t want to drink, no matter how expensive it was. “Hmph!”
Lara shook her head and continued to pour wine for the other students. In the end, she filled a full glass for herself. After tasting it happily, she was ready to leave.
“Lara, where are you going?” Her classmates asked.
“Haha, I’ll go look for someone!” A strange smile appeared on Lara’s face. She thepened the door and went out.
Chuck had a strange look on his face too. Who was she looking for? When Chucas still puzzling, the mobile phone in his pocket vibrated. Chuck subconsciouslook out his mobile phone and saw it was from Lara. He clicked on it doubtfully anas immediately stunned.
“Haha, Baller, I’m very satisfied with your arrangement. Now I know who you arnd I’m coming to see you… (Three blushed emojis)” Lara texted.
Chuck was surprised, “Did she really know who I was? How was that possible? Wait! Lara said she was looking for me. Where was she going to look for me? Isn’t that I am in the room already?”
“Lara is looking for the KTV boss!? Are they going to have sex?” Chuck askeimself softly.
“Haha, what do you think? The boss sent such an expensive gift, of course, shhould thank him!” Someone nearby replied.
“I’m really envious. Although Lara’s appearance is not as good as Yolanda’s, she has huge boobs! I’m so envious!” another girl said.
Her classmates showed an expression of understanding. The ladies were envious, and so were the gents. Only Chuck felt strange. He had done so much for a while and now the KTV boss had taken all his effort in an instant. He was unhappy.
Although Chuck wasn’t planning to sleep with Lara, he kept her nudes so that should be obedient in the future. However, Chuck was certainly uncomfortable when she went to another man.
Lara came out from the private room and quickly found the secretary.
When the secretary saw this little beauty in good shape, he asked in confusion, “What can I help you with?”
Lara smiled and said, “I know your boss. Where is he? I have something to ask him.”
“Do you know our boss?” The secretary looked confused.
“Yes, I know him. Please tell me where he is.” Lara answered.
“Give me a moment!” The secretary walked aside and took out his phone to call his boss.
When the phone was connected, a middle-aged man’s voice came through, “How is it? Have you arranged for it?”
“Yes, I’ve arranged it. I know who that person is,” the secretary replied.
“That’s good. Remember, whatever this person wants, you will satisfy him,” the boss ordered.
“Yes… but boss…” The secretary tried to speak.
“Is there anything else?” the boss asked.
“A girl claimed that she knew you and was looking for you.” The secretary glanced at Lara.
“She knows me? What does she look like?” the boss asked again.
“Quite pretty, huge boobs.” the secretary whispered.
“Huge boobs? Bring her to my office. I’ll be back soon.” The middle-aged boshuckled excitedly. He didn’t really care whether he knew her or not. After all, thords “huge boobs” were enough. How could he let go of a girl that took the initiative to meet him!
“Sure!” The secretary obeyed.
After hanging up the phone, the secretary kept his phone away and walked over to
Lara, who was looking forward to meeting her “baller”.
“Our boss said he knew you. He’ll be back soon. You can wait at his office, for now, please follow me,” the secretary said.
“Great!” Lara was surprised and followed the secretary inside. She was proud of herself that she guessed “baller” right. She thought to herself excitedly, “I will allow baller to do whatever he wants later. After all, I’ll need to borrow 10,000 dollars from him. Is he a handsome guy?”

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