My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 68

“Please wait for a moment!” the secretary said politely. The secretary took Lara to the boss’s room. It was not an office, more like a room to serve guests. Still, it was very well decorated, looked luxurious. There was a familheatre, and almost everything.
Lara was impressed. She thought to herself, “Baller, you really are rich!”
“When will your boss come back?” Lara asked while she sat on the super comfofa.
“He’ll be back soon,” said the secretary as he poured a glass of red wine for Lara. “Please wait for a while more!”
After the secretary walked out, Lara took a sip of red wine and happily laid on tharge sofa. She was looking forward to it,
“Baller, I hope you’re handsome. It’s best if you look like… Humph, you must at least look better than Chuck that loser. He’s making me so mad. Chuck has turned himself into a handsome and elegant man, but why is he so poor?” Lara talked to herself.
“Baller, I am not asking for anything else. I am satisfied if you just looked like Chuck. Also, don’t be too old. About the same age as Chuck will be great!” she continued.
The more Lara thought about it, the more excited she became. What would she dater?
What was happening to Lara?
Since she had started texting “baller”, she broke her comfort zone again and again.
When she took sexy pictures, she sometimes blushed and felt nervous as if she was having her first boyfriend.
She did sleep with her ex-boyfriend, Conrad Lee, but when Conrad wanted her nude picture, she had always rejected him. She didn’t want to be threatened after they broke up. Now, it seemed like her first attempt to do this was given to “baller”.
Lara was delighted and said, “You have to know that my body in real life is mucore beautiful and my boobs are much bigger than those in the photos… You’rucky, I didn’t eat any chilli today…”
The more Chuck thought about it, the more out of sort he was. “Couldn’t she verify carefully before she does anything stupid?” he said.
After all, Chuck had seen so many sexy photos of Lara. Although he didn’t want to sleep with her, the act of Lara trying to give herself to someone else was jusncomforting. It was like giving the long-baited fish to someone who came with a net and took the shortcut.
No! The man didn’t even bring a net, it was this silly fish that went right into the person’s hand! Chuck shook his head. Thinking that all his previous efforts had gone to waste. He was annoyed, and felt that his things had been taken away by others. It had been more than half an hour since Lara left, and she’s probably already sweating all over……
“Forget it. It’s pointless to think about it now.” Chuck thought and shook his head.
“What’s wrong?” Queenie looked at the irritated Chuck and asked in a low voice.
“It’s nothing.” Chuck shook his head and dispelled the thought but he startehinking if he should go look for her at that time.
It was her stupidity!
“Shall we sing?” Queenie invited him. By that time, almost everyone in the class had sung, except a few. Queenie had eaten some fruit but didn’t drink wine.
While some were already drunk, and some were playing dice loudly. Chuck also wanted to vent his anger, so he requested a song and they began to sing.
Chuck totally had no talent in music. His voice made Queenie blushed and laughed hysterically. He was miserable, was his singing so terrible?
After that song, Chuck was speechless. Queenie smiled and said, “I’m very happy.”
“Well, that’s better. I’m fine to be laughed at.” Chuck thought.
Chuck put down the microphone. When he saw that Yvette hadn’t sung any sonet, he hesitated then walked over and said, “Teacher Jordan, sing us a song.”
When classmates were around, Chuck would not call her Yvette, nor wifey. The students nearby looked at Chuck scornfully. Everyone tried to convince Teacher Jordan to sing but no one succeeded. No one believed he could. As expected, Yvette looked up said in a cold voice, “No thanks, you can sing by yourself.”
Chuck sat beside Yvette helplessly.
“What are you doing? Why are you sitting so close to me?” Yvette questioned and glared at Chuck.
“Yvette, what’s wrong with you?” Chuck asked. It was so noisy in the private room that they could barely hear each other even though they were sitting next to each other.
“Nothing.” Yvette replied.
“It’s you who suggested that we should come here singing to relax ourselves. Why don’t you sing?” Chuck asked.
“I just don’t want to. You can sing with Queenie if you want it so badly.” Yvette said coldly. After that, she picked up a can of beer and walked out.
Chuck didn’t know how to reply to that. “Was there a need to be so angry? I was only not coming in your car. What a small matter…” he thought quietly.
Chuck could only continue to sing with Queenie. Half an hour later, Chuck felt like using the restroom but he suddenly realized a male student and a female student went in the toilet in the private room together when everyone was not paying attention. It was more than ten minutes ago. Were they…..
They probably had drank too much and the alcohol kick came in. There were sany classmates outside. How intense must it be! Chuck was somewhat tempted, he was thinking about pulling Yvette into the toilet with him. But he quickly shook off the idea in his head.
It was a pity that Yvette left in anger. He shook his head and took a seat. Chuck then saw Queenie’s face suddenly turned red, he noticed that he had an erection when he was having his fantasies just now, and Queenie happened to notice it.
Chuck was instantly embarrassed and hurriedly covered it. But every man knew that the more restrained you were, the stronger you would feel. Queenie’s face blushed even redder. She was about to go out for a walk, but God knows why Queenie suddenly asked, “What were you thinking?”
Chuck coughed. What could he be thinking?
“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m going to the bathroom.” Queenie whispered. The blush spread the tip of her ears. She then went to the bathroom after muttering to tell it to Chuck.
Chuck felt helpless. Queenie was so pure-minded that he couldn’t do anything to her.
Chuck couldn’t hold it in any longer so he went out to take a walk. He happened to meet Yvette who was walking out of the toilet. She was blushed, Chuck waurprised to see she was blushing, “Did you drink?”
“Yes, I did,” Yvette admitted.
“Aren’t you driving later?” Chuck asked.
“It’s none of your business.” Yvette shook her head coldly and walked into the private room.
Chuck sighed and thought, “If I had pushed Yvette into the stall just now, what would she do? Would she slap him? Or… would she be angry and scolim? Or would she just be half-declining but half-accepting?” The more Chuck thought about it, the more the response of his body was shown. Then, Queeniame out of the bathroom. When their eyes met, Queenie’s pretty face turned red again in an instant….
Lara Jean was disappointed. The person who came in was a bald man with fats all over his body and face. What was going on? How could it be so different from what she imagined? Lara suddenly felt a little sick. How could she have sent her nudes to this fat bald man?
“I heard that you were looking for me?” the KTV boss asked. The middle-aged man came over with a smile. When he saw Lara’s figure, he was almost excited to death. He works at KTV and has had experience with all kinds of women but Lara in front of him had attracted him with her youth and energy!
“Well, I did look for you,” Lara said softly. She was feeling disgusted inside. She had only slept with Conrad a few times, and now she is going to make out with this man who is as old as her father? Lara’s heart was full of resistance.
However, when she thought about the money she wished to borrow from him, who else can she find for help with other than “baller”?
“What can I do for you?” The middle-aged man asked. His eyes sparkled. This girl smelled so good and he couldn’t wait to throw himself at her directly.

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